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Power Rangers Series 1

#39 - The Z Putty Patrol

#39 The Z Putty Patrol - Card Front.#39 The Z Putty Patrol - Card Back.


Height: varies
Weight: varies


Lord Zedd’s Z Putties are a new and improved version of Rita Repulsa’s clay meanies, but with substantially more power than the originals. Their only weakness appears to be if you hit the Z emblem on their chest which causes them to crumble into pieces and disappear. But exposing this weakness is not as easy as you would think, as the Z Putties are fiercely loyal to their Evil master and are far better fighters than their silly, putty predecessors.

Power Rangers Fact #11: When auditions were held for the Power Rangers, the turnout was tremendous. Now, the young actors who got the starring roles have become incredibly popular with kids.