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Power Rangers Series 1

#4 - Zordon

#4 Zordon - Card Front.#4 Zordon - Card Back.


Ion Tube Height: 20 feet
H.Q.: The Command Center
Location: Somewhere in the California Desert


Many eons ago, Zordon was trapped in an interdimensional time warp by Rita Repulsa, and now he can appear only as a translucent mass of light energy. He and his trusted assistant, Alpha 5, monitor the universe from their sophisticated base of operations known as the Command Center. When Rita escaped from her own captivity, Zordon was forced to create a fighting force from the most ruthless, daring, and underhanded humans in the area, in other words, teenagers. Thus, the Power Rangers were born. Using Power Coins and transmorphers, a universe of power and the fate of the world are in their hands.

Cardzillion Fact #4: This Cardzillion series is based on information starting with episode #86; “The Transfer of Power”. If you collect all 42 cards, you will be a Power Rangers Master!