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Power Rangers Series 1

#42 - Bulk and Skull

#42 Bulk and Skull - Card Front.#42 Bulk and Skull - Card Back.


The Incredible Bulkster
Super Powers: None

Super Skull
Super Powers: Less than none


When the Angel Grove City Officials declared Power Ranger Day and planned a huge gathering in the park, Bulk and Skull decided to take the opportunity to pass themselves off as the new super heroes in town. They took the stage disguised as the Incredible Bulkster and Superskull. But, Bubba, one of Rita’s creations, caused the undynamic duo and the rest of the townspeople to disappear. Only the Power Rangers were able to save the day and return the townspeople to Angel Grove.

Power Rangers Fact #14: The Power Rangers have caused a sensation not only in America, but all over the world! Because of the show, the number of people who are starting to take martial arts classes is increasing rapidly.