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Power Rangers Series 1

#6 - Rocky

#6 Rocky - Card Front.#6 Rocky - Card Back.


Power Ranger: The Red Ranger™
Power Weapon: Power Sword
Ninjazord: Ape


Rocky is the new Red Ranger. Rocky is a good all-around athlete, but he excels in martial arts. He teaches karate classes and also gives private lessons to some advanced students. He is also a great swimmer and works as a lifeguard at the lake. But sports aren’t the only thing Rocky is good at. He is very bright, particularly at math. But his most important activity is fighting evil as the new Red Ranger.

Power Medallion Fact #2: There are five main kinds of Power Medallions; Mighty Morphin Medallions, Power Teens Medallions, Evil Space Aliens Medallions, Bulk and Skull Medallions and Mega Medallions (2 kinds).