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Power Rangers Series 1

#7 - Rocky, The Red Ranger™

#7 Rocky, The Red Ranger™ - Card Front.#7 Rocky, The Red Ranger™ - Card Back.


Power Ranger: The Red Ranger
Power Weapon: Power Sword
Ninjazord: Ape


Rocky knows what an honor it was to be picked by Zordon to replace Jason as the Red Ranger. He wears the flaming red uniform proudly, as he upholds the Power Rangers’ great tradition of teamwork. His exceptional martial arts skills make him a formidable adverssary against the evil forces of Lord Zedd.

Power Medallion Fact #3: There are two kinds of Mega Medallions, Ninja Power Medallions and Evil Power Medallions. They are found on the cards showing combinations of Power Rangers or Evil Space Aliens, respectively.