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Power Rangers Series 2

#47 - In The Cockpit

#47 In The Cockpit - Card Front.#47 In The Cockpit - Card Back.


Back row from left: The BLACK RANGER, the WHITE RANGER, and the BLUE RANGER.
Front row from left: The PINK RANGER, the RED RANGEr, and the YELLOW RANGER.


When things get too hot for the NINJAZORDS, the POWER RANGERS morph their ZORDS into the enormous NINJA MEGAZORD. It takes all 6 POWER RANGERS to operate this mighty ZORD. But once they are in the cockpit, the POWER RANGERS control the greatest fighting machine on Earth.

Cardzillions Fact #5: This card series includes not only POWER RANGERS pictures, but also NINJA RANGERS, ALIEN RANGERS, and POWER RANGERS ZEO pictures!