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Power Rangers Series 2

#58 The BLACK RANGER - Card Front. #58 The BLACK RANGER - Card Back.


Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 158 lbs.
Jumping Range: 125 feet
Speed: 100 yards in 4.2 seconds


Even a whole flock of TENGAS are no match for the mighty BLACK RANGER. He has incredible martial arts skills and is a master as using his special weapon, the POWER AXE. Nevertheless, if things get a little too rough, he can always call on the amazing FROG NINJAZORD to save the day!

Medallion Fact #6: You can play a card game using the balance of powers among the four medallions. The Ninja Mega Power Medallion is the strongest. No other medallion can beat it. is asking all fans for their opinions on 25 years of Power Rangers.
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