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Power Rangers Series 2

#63 The PINK RANGER - Card Front. #63 The PINK RANGER - Card Back.


Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 105 lbs.


The PINK RANGER loves to be side by side with the WHITE RANGER, protecting the Earth from LORD ZEDD and RITA REPULSA. Her gymnastic skills make her a very agile and strong fighter. And with the CRANE NINJAZORD at her beck and call, the PINK RANGER is a tremendous asset to the POWER RANGERS team.

Medallion Fact #11: The Mighty Morphin, EVIL SPACE ALIENS, and Power Teens Medallion form the Triangle of Power. Only the Ninja Mega Power Medallion can beat all three medallions in the Triangle of Power. is asking all fans for their opinions on 25 years of Power Rangers.
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