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Power Rangers Series 2

#67 - The White Stranger

#67 The White Stranger - Card Front.#67 The White Stranger - Card Back.


Height: 6′ 0″
Weight: 167 lbs.
Special Skills: Horseback Riding


When Kimberly is sucked into a time hole by LORD ZEDD and RITA REPULSA, she finds herself in Angel Grove in the year 1880! There, she encounters a whole host of characters that remind her of the people from her own time. When Kimberly sees the Tommy look-alike White Stranger, she faints. She revives in time to save the town from LORD ZEDD and RITA, before being brought back to the present day.

Medallion Poker Rule #4: If there is a tie, leave the cards on the table and play a new round. The winner of this round wins all the cards on the table.