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Power Rangers Series 2

#69 - Center Of Attention

#69 Center Of Attention - Card Front.#69 Center Of Attention - Card Back.


From Left: The RED RANGER, Katherine, the WHITE RANGEr, and the BLACK RANGER


The WHITE RANGER is always at the center of the fight. When LORD ZEDD sends his Garbage Mouth monster down to capture Katherine, the POWER RANGERS morph into action. They form a protective barrier around Katherine, but LORD ZEDD’S monster grows. The POWER RANGERS summon their amazing new SHOGUNZORDS and quickly defeat Garbage Mouth.

Medallion Fact #1: The POWER RANGERS Series 2 cards feature four different gold medallions on the front of the cards: Ninja Mega, EVIL SPACE ALIENS, Power Teens, and Mighty Morphin Medallions.