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Power Rangers Series 2

#73 - NINJOR

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#73 NINJOR - Card Front.#73 NINJOR - Card Back.


Height: 295 feet
Weight: 0-140,000 lbs.
Power: 180,000 megavolts
Top Speed: Mach 2


When the POWER RANGESR lose their powers, they set off in search of the legendary warrior, NINJOR. The mythical figure is rumored to be in possession of POWER COINS with very special powers. But NINJOR proves to have tremendous powers of his own. With the ability to morph from Warrior Mode to Attack Mode, NINJOR becomes a tremendous ally in the fight against the forces of evil.

Medallion Fact #5: The EVIL SPACE ALIENS Medallion is found on the fronts of cards that feature LORD ZEDD, RITA REPULSA, and their many monsters and minions.