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Power Rangers Series 2


#78 SHOGUN MEGAZORD - Card Front.#78 SHOGUN MEGAZORD - Card Back.


Height: 333 feet
Weight: 180,000 lbs.
Power: 500,000 megavolts
Top Speed: Mach 2


When LORD ZEDD found the incredible SHOGUNZORDS on a far off world, he thought he finally had a weapon that could defeat the POWER RANGERS and their NINJAZORDS. But before he could power them up, the POWER RANGESR gained control of the SHOGUNZORDS. When the BLUE, RED, BLACK, YELLOW, and WHITE SHOGUNZORDS morph together, they form the massive SHOGUN MEGAZORD.

Medallion Fact #10: The Teen Power Medallion is stronger than the Mighty Morphin Medallion because the POWER RANGERS draw their power from their mortal personalities.