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Power Rangers Series 2


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#80 ZEO MEGAZORD - Card Front.#80 ZEO MEGAZORD - Card Back.


Height: 334 feet
Weight: 180,000 lbs.
Power: 100 Zeovolts
Top Speed: Mach 4


When the POWER RANGERS reassemble the ZEO CRYSTAL, the new and more powerful ZEO RANGERS are born along with the amazing new ZEO ZORDS. These five ZORDS morph together to form the unbeatable behemoth ZEO MEGAZORD. But despite their new powers, the ZEO RANGERS have their work cut out for them because the evil MACHINE EMPIRE is coming to take over the solar system!

Medallion Poker Rule #1: You can play Medallion Poker by using the relative power of each medallion. You can also use the medallions to determine the value of a card when trading with your friends.