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Power Rangers Zeo Series 1


#14 ZEO MEGAZORD - Card Front.#14 ZEO MEGAZORD - Card Back.

Enemies will be knocked down with a single punch!

Zeo Data Archives Online:

When the power of the five ZEO RANGERS is transferred to each of the ZEO ZORDS, super ZEO power is generated. This new sparkling power strikes fear in enemies as they see their defeat approaching. The super energy is the lifeblood of the ZEO RANGERS powers and key to their defense of earth.

Height: 334 ft.
Weight: 127,000 lbs.
Power: 100 zeovolts
Speed: 4 mach

#14 When a player fights with the battle gage, the player with the higher battle gage always wins the game. Go to #15 or #36.