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Power Rangers Zeo Series 1

#28 - TOMMY

#28 TOMMY - Card Front.#28 TOMMY - Card Back.

A reliable leader, Tommy command the new team of ZEO POWER RANGERS.

Zeo Data Archives Online:

As the natural leader of the POWER RANGERS ZEO, Tommy carefully handles his responsibility. More powerful than ever before, and facing some of their greatest foes to date, the ZEO RANGERS have become more important than ever. They are not only the first line, but the only means of defense for the universe against the MACHINE EMPIRE, and it’s evil minions. Tommy’s powers, as well as his responsibility, are ultimate.

Height: 6′0″
Weight: 167 lbs.

#28 Check all of your cards (the sides with the names of the technics). Be careful not to let other players see your cards.