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Power Rangers Zeo Series 1


#3 MACHINE KING - Card Front.#3 MACHINE KING - Card Back.

MACHINE KING. His heart is as cold as a machine.

Zeo Data Archives Online:

The MACHINE EMPIRE’S goal is to conquer earth. The commander-n-chief of this mechanized terror is MACHINE KING. With his cruel programming, he is quick to punish his troops, and often sets examples by raging in battles unaided. He is considered exceptionally evil.

Height: 6’3″ - 340 ft.
Weight: 200 lbs.
Power 500 machine volts
Speed: slow

#3 You need at least 2 cards to play this game. The player who has a card (or cards) with higher battle level wins the game. Go to #4 or #25.