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Power Rangers Collect-A-Cards
Hobby Edition - Series 1

Hobby Edition - Series 1 - packaging.

Hobby Edition - Series 1 was the first series of Power Rangers trading cards ever released.

The set is comprised of 72 Premium Quality Trading Cards, 72 Dazzling "Power Foil" Etched Subset Cards, and 10 "Power Caps" of the P.R. Rings & Coins. Each package comes with 7 regular cards, 1 foil card, and one milk cap.

The regular cards have a multi-colored front border which fades from purple to red. The foil cards have a multi-colored foiled front border which fades from pink to yellow. All card backs have a multi-colored swirl design.

  • The packs (UPC #2223520100) are purple and red.
  • The display box (UPC #2223520101) is purple and contains 36 packs.
  • The master case (UPC #2223520102) contains 20 display boxes.

Milk Caps