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Power Rangers Collect-A-Cards
Hobby Edition - Series 3

Hobby Edition - Series 3 - packaging.

Hobby Edition - Series 3 was the third series of Power Rangers trading cards ever released.

The set is comprised of 72 Premium Quality Trading Cards, 72 "Power Foil" Etched Subset cards, 8 "Characters" Subset cards, and 3 Bonus cards. Each package comes with 7 regular cards, 1 foil card, and 1 bonus card, with Character cards 1:18 packs. Additionally, there is one Dealer’s Card per case.

The regular cards have NO front border. The foil cards have a rainbow front border.

  • The packs (UPC #2223548001) are purple and pink.
  • The display box (UPC #2223548002) is blue.

"Characters" Subset

Bonus Cards

Dealer’s Card