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Power Rangers Action Card Game

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Power Rangers, Bandai America once again gave Collectible Card Games (CCG) a go with the Power Rangers Action Card Game. Many of these cards once again utilize art from the Rangers Strike series, as well as the popular Japanese game Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O.

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Getting the Most Out of the Cards

Not just a collectible card game, Power Rangers ACG cards can also be used in the Deluxe Gosei Morpher (just like in the show) to unlock hidden sounds.

Additionally, the “Power Rangers Card Scanner” app for both iOS and Android (both no longer available) had two different modes which could interact with the cards:

  • In Gallery Mode, the user could point their phone’s camera at the card and watch a related, action-packed Power Rangers video clip.
  • Card Game Mode was similar to Gallery Mode, but would provide the card’s Power Level number after the video for use during gameplay.
Power Rangers Action Card Game Scanner App