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Power Rangers Action Card Game

Series 3 - Universe of Hope

Released: July 2013

Series 3 - Universe of Hope - features characters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Power Rangers Time Force, Power Rangers Wild Force, Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Power Rangers S.P.D., Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Power Rangers RPM, Power Rangers Samurai, Power Rangers Super Samurai, and Power Rangers Megaforce. Booster pack SRP is $3.99.

Cards 1-90 are available in carded booster packs (#23846), which are themselves available in boxes of 15 packs (#23847), which come 10 per master shipping case.

Cards 91-120 are available in the series’ starter pack (#23848), which are themselves available in larger boxes of 8 packs (#23849). In addition to 40 game cards, the starter pack comes with a game mat, 2 dice, and the the Full Game Manual (version 2.0). Starter pack SRP is $9.99.

Complete Set: 120 cards

Each Collectible Card Pack Includes 10 Randomly Selected Cards:

  • 6 Common Cards (○)
  • 3 Rare Cards (●)
  • 1 Special Insert Card: either a Super Rare Holographic Card (☆) or an Ultra Rare Holographic Card (★)

The starter pack is comprised of 28 different standard cards (◇) and 2 Holographic Cards (◆)

#RarityImageCard NameTypeSeriesRock / Paper / ScissorsCostDamagePower Level 1Power Level 2Power Level 3Power Level 4Power Level 5Power Level 6
3‑001Common3-001 - Red Megaforce RangerRed Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceRock01120140160180200MAX
3‑002Common3-002 - Red Megaforce RangerRed Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforcePaper01130150150160210MAX
3‑003Common3-003 - Red Megaforce RangerRed Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceScissors01150160180190220MAX
3‑004Rare3-004 - Red Ultra Megaforce RangerRed Ultra Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceRock22270290310MAX330MAX
3‑005Common3-005 - Black Megaforce RangerBlack Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforcePaper01160170180190200MAX
3‑006Rare3-006 - Black Ultra Megaforce RangerBlack Ultra Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceScissors22280290310MAX320MAX
3‑007Common3-007 - Blue Megaforce RangerBlue Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceRock01170170180180200MAX
3‑008Rare3-008 - Blue Ultra Megaforce RangerBlue Ultra Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforcePaper22260280320MAX340MAX
3‑009Common3-009 - Yellow Megaforce RangerYellow Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceScissors01160170180190200MAX
3‑010Common3-010 - Robo KnightRobo KnightRangerMegafroceRock12200210240270280MAX
3‑011Common3-011 - Robo KnightRobo KnightRangerMegaforcePaper22250270300330350MAX
3‑012Common3-012 - Gosei JetGosei JetZordMegaforceScissors33300330400450520MAX
3‑013Rare3-013 - Gosei Jet MegazordGosei Jet MegazordMegazordMegaforceRock43410430510530620MAX
3‑014Rare3-014 - Sky MegazordSky MegazordMegazordMegaforcePaper64740810860910980MAX
3‑015Rare3-015 - Gosei Great Grand MegazordGosei Great Grand MegazordMegazordMegaforceScissors75800900110013001500MAX
3‑016Common3-016 - Red Samurai RangerRed Samurai RangerRangerSuper SamuraiRock01160170170190210MAX
3‑017Rare3-017 - Red Super Samurai RangerRed Super Samurai RangerRangerSuper SamuraiPaper22280290310320MAXMAX
3‑018Rare3-018 - Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)RangerSuper SamuraiScissors01140160180200220MAX
3‑019Rare3-019 - Light MegazordLight MegazordMegazordSuper SamuraiRock43380430490550650MAX
3‑020Common3-020 - Red RPM RangerRed RPM RangerRangerRPMPaper01120160180210230MAX
3‑021Rare3-021 - Gold RPM RangerGold RPM Ranger *RangerRPMScissors12180230240260290MAX
3‑022Ultra Rare3-022 - RPM Power RangersRPM Power Rangers *RangerRPMRock63MAX850MAX1150MAXMAX
3‑023Super Rare3-023 - Zenith MegazordZenith MegazordMegazordRPMPaper6450064086011001200MAX
3‑024Common3-024 - Red Jungle Fury RangerRed Jungle Fury Ranger *RangerJungle FuryScissors01140150180210220MAX
3‑025Common3-025 - Blue Jungle Fury RangerBlue Jungle Fury Ranger *RangerJungle FuryRock01130160190210210MAX
3‑026Common3-026 - Yellow Jungle Fury RangerYellow Jungle Fury Ranger *RangerJungle FuryPaper01150150180200220MAX
3‑027Rare3-027 - Jungle Fury Wolf RangerJungle Fury Wolf Ranger *RangerJungle FuryScissors12180210240270300MAX
3‑028Rare3-028 - Jungle Fury Rhino RangerJungle Fury Rhino Ranger *RangerJungle FuryRock12190220230260300MAX
3‑029Super Rare3-029 - Jungle Fury Power RangersJungle Fury Power Rangers *RangerJungle FuryPaper43MAX250MAX500750MAX
3‑030Rare3-030 - Jungle Pride MegazordJungle Pride Megazord *MegazordJungle FuryScissors54500600650750800MAX
3‑031Super Rare3-031 - Omega RangerOmega RangerRangerS.P.D.Rock33280300330370420MAX
3‑032Common3-032 - Shadow S.P.D. RangerShadow S.P.D. Ranger *RangerS.P.D.Paper22210240260290300MAX
3‑033Super Rare3-033 - S.P.D. Power RangersS.P.D. Power Rangers *RangerS.P.D.Scissors63MAX900MAX1100MAXMAX
3‑034Common3-034 - Red Dino Thunder RangerRed Dino Thunder Ranger *RangerDino ThunderRock01120130170180200MAX
3‑035Rare3-035 - Triassic RangerTriassic Ranger *RangerDino ThunderPaper22MAX220250260270MAX
3‑036Ultra Rare3-036 - Triassic Ranger (Battlizer Mode)Triassic Ranger (Battlizer Mode)RangerDino ThunderScissors33MAX310330360MAXMAX
3‑037Common3-037 - Blue Dino Thunder RangerBlue Dino Thunder Ranger *RangerDino ThunderRock01110120150200220MAX
3‑038Common3-038 - Yellow Dino Thunder RangerYellow Dino Thunder Ranger *RangerDino ThunderPaper01140140160170190MAX
3‑039Rare3-039 - Black Dino Thunder RangerBlack Dino Thunder Ranger *RangerDino ThunderScissors22210240260290300MAX
3‑040Rare3-040 - White Dino RangerWhite Dino Ranger *Ranger/VillainDino ThunderRock12150160180190220MAX
3‑041Super Rare3-041 - Dino Thunder Power RangersDino Thunder Power Rangers *RangerDino ThunderPaper53MAX480580640MAXMAX
3‑042Common3-042 - TyrannozordTyrannozordZordDino ThunderScissors33260300330380430MAX
3‑043Common3-043 - TricerazordTricerazordZordDino ThunderRock33280280320370450MAX
3‑044Common3-044 - PterazordPterazordZordDino ThunderPaper33250300320390440MAX
3‑045Rare3-045 - BrachiozordBrachiozordZordDino ThunderScissors43330380470470550MAX
3‑046Rare3-046 - DinostegazordDinostegazordZord/VillainDino ThunderRock43320390460490540MAX
3‑047Rare3-047 - Thundersaurus MegazordThundersaurus Megazord *MegazordDino ThunderPaper54490520580630680MAX
3‑048Common3-048 - Red Ninja Storm RangerRed Ninja Storm Ranger *RangerNinja StormScissors01120140150180210MAX
3‑049Common3-049 - Blue Ninja Storm RangerBlue Ninja Storm Ranger *RangerNinja StormRock01110130160190210MAX
3‑050Common3-050 - Yellow Ninja Storm RangerYellow Ninja Storm Ranger *RangerNinja StormPaper01130130150170220MAX
3‑051Common3-051 - Crimson Ninja Storm RangerCrimson Ninja Storm Ranger *Ranger/VillainNinja StormScissors12170180200210240MAX
3‑052Common3-052 - Navy Ninja Storm RangerNavy Ninja Storm Ranger *Ranger/VillainNinja StormRock12180190200210220MAX
3‑053Super Rare3-053 - Green Samurai Ranger (Super Mode)Green Samurai Ranger (Super Mode)RangerNinja StormPaper33270310340380400MAX
3‑054Super Rare3-054 - Ninja Storm Power RangersNinja Storm Power Rangers *RangerNinja StormScissors43MAX320430MAX550MAX
3‑055Rare3-055 - Storm MegazordStorm Megazord *MegazordNinja StormRock54450510570630740MAX
3‑056Rare3-056 - Storm Megazord (Lightning Mode)Storm Megazord (Lightning Mode)MegazordNinja StormPaper43370400440490MAXMAX
3‑057Common3-057 - Red Wild Force RangerRed Wild Force Ranger *RangerWild ForceScissors01140160180200220MAX
3‑058Common3-058 - Blue Wild Force RangerBlue Wild Force Ranger *RangerWild ForceRock01130150190210220MAX
3‑059Common3-059 - Black Wild Force RangerBlack Wild Force Ranger *RangerWild ForcePaper01150160190190210MAX
3‑060Common3-060 - Yellow Wild Force RangerYellow Wild Force Ranger *RangerWild ForceScissors01150150170200230MAX
3‑061Common3-061 - White Wild Force RangerWhite Wild Force Ranger *RangerWild ForceRock01130150170200250MAX
3‑062Rare3-062 - Lunar Wolf RangerLunar Wolf RangerRangerWild ForcePaper22260280300320340MAX
3‑063Common3-063 - Red Time Force RangerRed Time Force Ranger *RangerTime ForceScissors12190220240260290MAX
3‑064Common3-064 - Blue Time Force RangerBlue Time Force Ranger *RangerTime ForceRock12180210240270300MAX
3‑065Common3-065 - Green Time Force RangerGreen Time Force Ranger *RangerTime ForcePaper12200220230270280MAX
3‑066Common3-066 - Yellow Time Force RangerYellow Time Force Ranger *RangerTime ForceScissors12170200230290310MAX
3‑067Common3-067 - Pink Time Force RangerPink Time Force Ranger *RangerTime ForceRock12210210240260280MAX
3‑068Rare3-068 - Quantum RangerQuantum Ranger *RangerTime ForcePaper22260280310320330MAX
3‑069Rare3-069 - Quantasaurus RexQuantasaurus RexZordTime ForceScissors43410450510550580MAX
3‑070Rare3-070 - Q-Rex MegazordQ-Rex Megazord *MegazordTime ForceRock54520650680700750MAX
3‑071Rare3-071 - Red Lightspeed Rescue RangerRed Lightspeed Rescue Ranger *RangerLightspeed RescuePaper12160180220280360MAX
3‑072Rare3-072 - Magna DefenderMagna Defender *RangerLost GalaxyScissors22240270290330370MAX
3‑073Super Rare3-073 - Silver Space RangerSilver Space Ranger *RangerSpaceRock22260260280320380MAX
3‑074Common3-074 - Red Zeo RangerRed Zeo Ranger *RangerZeoPaper01130140160170200MAX
3‑075Common3-075 - Green Zeo RangerGreen Zeo Ranger *RangerZeoScissors01140150160160190MAX
3‑076Common3-076 - Blue Zeo RangerBlue Zeo Ranger *RangerZeoRock01120140150180210MAX
3‑077Common3-077 - Yellow Zeo RangerYellow Zeo Ranger *RangerZeoPaper01140140150170200MAX
3‑078Common3-078 - Pink Zeo RangerPink Zeo Ranger *RangerZeoScissors01110130150190220MAX
3‑079Super Rare3-079 - Gold Zeo RangerGold Zeo RangerRangerZeoRock22200230260290320MAX
3‑080Ultra Rare3-080 - Zeo Power RangersZeo Power Rangers *RangerZeoPaper63MAX700MAX1000MAXMAX
3‑081Common3-081 - Black Mighty Morphin RangerBlack Mighty Morphin RangerRangerMighty MorphinScissors12140170200230260MAX
3‑082Common3-082 - Yellow Mighty Morphin RangerYellow Mighty Morphin RangerRangerMighty MorphinRock12160170180220270MAX
3‑083Rare3-083 - Green Mighty Morphin RangerGreen Mighty Morphin RangerRangerMighty MorphinPaper12170180190210250MAX
3‑084Ultra Rare3-084 - Mighty Morphin Power RangersMighty Morphin Power RangersRangerMighty MorphinScissors74MAX1000MAX1200MAXMAX
3‑085Super Rare3-085 - Dino MegazordDino Megazord *MegazordMighty MorphinRock54530590650710820MAX
3‑086Rare3-086 - Dai ShiDai ShiVillainJungle FuryPaper33280310330370410MAX
3‑087Common3-087 - CamilleCamilleVillainJungle FuryScissors12160180210220230MAX
3‑088Rare3-088 - LothorLothorVillainNinja StormRock43310360400430500MAX
3‑089Common3-089 - ZeltraxZeltraxVillainDino ThunderPaper22190240260290320MAX
3‑090Ultra Rare3-090 - Lord ZeddLord Zedd *VillainMighty MorphinScissors43330350400450470MAX
3‑091Standard3-091 - Light MegazordLight MegazordMegazordSuper SamuraiPaper42400430500520650MAX
3‑092Standard3-092 - Lion FoldingzordLion FoldingzordZordSamuraiRock33330380450490550MAX
3‑093Standard3-093 - Gold Samurai RangerGold Samurai Ranger *RangerSuper SamuraiPaper12200210230260300MAX
3‑094Standard3-094 - Samurai BattlewingSamurai BattlewingZordSamuraiScissors647508008509001000MAX
3‑095Standard3-095 - Red Super Samurai RangerRed Super Samurai Ranger *RangerSuper SamuraiScissors22MAX260270300370MAX
3‑096Standard3-096 - Blue Super Samurai RangerBlue Super Samurai Ranger *RangerSuper SamuraiPaper22MAX260280300360MAX
3‑097Standard3-097 - Pink Super Samurai RangerPink Super Samurai Ranger *RangerSuper SamuraiRock22MAX250260330360MAX
3‑098Standard3-098 - Green Super Samurai RangerGreen Super Samurai Ranger *RangerSuper SamuraiRock22MAX240290300370MAX
3‑099Standard3-099 - Yellow Super Samurai RangerYellow Super Samurai Ranger *RangerSuper SamuraiScissors22MAX260280310350MAX
3‑100Standard3-100 - Red Samurai RangerRed Samurai Ranger *RangerSamuraiScissors01150160170210210MAX
3‑101Standard3-101 - Blue Samurai RangerBlue Samurai Ranger *RangerSamuraiPaper01160170180190200MAX
3‑102Standard3-102 - Pink Samurai RangerPink Samurai Ranger *RangerSamuraiRock01130160180210220MAX
3‑103Standard3-103 - Green Samurai RangerGreen Samurai Ranger *RangerSamuraiRock01140160180200220MAX
3‑104Standard3-104 - Yellow Samurai RangerYellow Samurai Ranger *RangerSamuraiScissors01150150190190220MAX
3‑105Holographic3-105 - Samurai Power RangersSamurai Power RangersRangerSamuraiPaper63MAX5508501100MAXMAX
3‑106Standard3-106 - Gosei Tiger MechazordGosei Tiger MechazordZordMegaforceRock33290340380450540MAX
3‑107Standard3-107 - Lion MechazordLion MechazordZordMegaforcePaper33300320360460560MAX
3‑108Standard3-108 - Red Ultra Megaforce RangerRed Ultra Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceRock22MAX270290310330MAX
3‑109Standard3-109 - Red Megaforce RangerRed Megaforce Ranger *RangerMegaforceRock01120150190210230MAX
3‑110Standard3-110 - Pink Ultra Megaforce RangerPink Ultra Megaforce Ranger *RangerMegaforcePaper22MAX270300310320MAX
3‑111Standard3-111 - Black Ultra Megaforce RangerBlack Ultra Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceScissors22MAX250290320340MAX
3‑112Standard3-112 - Black Megaforce RangerBlack Megaforce Ranger *RangerMegaforcePaper01130150180220220MAX
3‑113Standard3-113 - Yellow Ultra Megaforce RangerYellow Ultra Megaforce Ranger *RangerMegaforceRock22MAX240280330350MAX
3‑114Standard3-114 - Blue Ultra Megaforce RangerBlue Ultra Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceScissors22MAX250300320330MAX
3‑115Standard3-115 - Blue Megaforce RangerBlue Megaforce Ranger *RangerMegaforceScissors01120140200200240MAX
3‑116Standard3-116 - Robo KnightRobo Knight *RangerMegaforceRock12180220240260300MAX
3‑117Standard3-117 - Gosei Grand MegazordGosei Grand Megazord *MegazordMegaforceScissors647307908509301000MAX
3‑118Standard3-118 - Pink Megaforce RangerPink Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceScissors01140140190210220MAX
3‑119Standard3-119 - Yellow Megaforce RangerYellow Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforcePaper01120150190210230MAX
3‑120Holographic3-120 - Megaforce Power RangersMegaforce Power RangersRangerMegaforcePaper63MAX700850950MAXMAX


All barcodes depicted on the cards in this guide are generic and do not reflect those printed on the actual released cards.

* = Card designs that were re-used in a final, limited release series in Europe are denoted with an asterisk.