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Power Rangers Action Card Game

Series 4 - Legends Unite

Released: November 2013

Series 4 - Legends Unite - features characters from all Power Rangers series from Mighty Morphin to Megaforce.

All 120 cards are available in carded booster packs (#23850), which are themselves available in boxes of 15 packs (#23851), which come 10 per master shipping case. Booster pack SRP is $3.99.

Complete Set: 120 cards

Each Collectible Card Pack Includes 10 Randomly Selected Cards:

  • 6 Common Cards (○)
  • 3 Rare Cards (●)
  • 1 Special Insert Card: either a Super Rare Holographic Card (☆) or an Ultra Rare Holographic Card (★)
#RarityImageCard NameTypeSeriesRock / Paper / ScissorsCostDamagePower Level 1Power Level 2Power Level 3Power Level 4Power Level 5Power Level 6
4‑001Common4-001 - Red Megaforce RangerRed Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceRock12200220240260280MAX
4‑002Rare4-002 - Red Ultra Megaforce RangerRed Ultra Megaforce Ranger *RangerMegaforcePaper22230240260MAX270MAX
4‑003Rare4-003 - Blue Megaforce RangerBlue Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceScissors01100130180220270MAX
4‑004Rare4-004 - Blue Ultra Megaforce RangerBlue Ultra Megaforce Ranger *RangerMegaforceRock22220230260MAX290MAX
4‑005Rare4-005 - Black Ultra Megaforce RangerBlack Ultra Megaforce Ranger *RangerMegaforceScissors22160200270MAX370MAX
4‑006Rare4-006 - Yellow Ultra Megaforce RangerYellow Ultra Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforcePaper22240250250MAX260MAX
4‑007Rare4-007 - Pink Ultra Megaforce RangerPink Ultra Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceRock22230240250MAX280MAX
4‑008Rare4-008 - Black & Yellow Megaforce RangersBlack & Yellow Megaforce RangersRangerMegaforcePaper22MAX220240260280MAX
4‑009Rare4-009 - Gosei Ultimate MegazordGosei Ultimate MegazordMegazordMegaforceScissors8570012001800MAXMAXMAX
4‑010Common4-010 - Robo Knight & Red Megaforce RangerRobo Knight & Red Megaforce RangerRangerMegaforceRock33290310340360MAXMAX
4‑011Rare4-011 - Red Super Samurai RangerRed Super Samurai RangerRangerSuper SamuraiRock22260310310320MAXMAX
4‑012Ultra Rare4-012 - Red Samurai Ranger (Shark Attack Mode)Red Samurai Ranger (Shark Attack Mode)RangerSuper SamuraiPaper33MAX370390440MAXMAX
4‑013Common4-013 - Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)RangerSuper SamuraiScissors12120160230310380MAX
4‑014Rare4-014 - Red Super Samurai Ranger (Lauren)Red Super Samurai Ranger (Lauren)RangerSuper SamuraiRock22280300300320MAXMAX
4‑015Rare4-015 - Green Samurai Ranger (Shark Attack Mode)Green Samurai Ranger (Shark Attack Mode)RangerSuper SamuraiPaper33MAX380400420MAXMAX
4‑016Ultra Rare4-016 - Samurai Shark GigazordSamurai Shark GigazordMegazordSuper SamuraiScissors86MAX6001900MAXMAXMAX
4‑017Rare4-017 - Red Samurai Ranger & Red RPM RangerRed Samurai Ranger & Red RPM RangerRangerSamurai | RPMRock22MAX210250260280MAX
4‑018Ultra Rare4-018 - Red RPM Ranger (Shark Attack Mode)Red RPM Ranger (Shark Attack Mode)RangerRPMPaper33380MAX400420MAXMAX
4‑019Common4-019 - Green & Black RPM RangersGreen & Black RPM RangersRangerRPMScissors23MAX170230280320MAX
4‑020Rare4-020 - Red, Blue, & Yellow RPM RangersRed, Blue, & Yellow RPM RangersRangerRPMRock43400MAXMAX500600MAX
4‑021Rare4-021 - Gold & Silver RPM RangersGold & Silver RPM RangersRangerRPMPaper33MAX350370380400MAX
4‑022Rare4-022 - Bear CrawlerBear CrawlerZordRPMScissors22200240270340450MAX
4‑023Super Rare4-023 - RPM UltrazordRPM UltrazordMegazordRPMRock85120014001700MAXMAXMAX
4‑024Common4-024 - Wolf & Blue Jungle Fury RangersWolf & Blue Jungle Fury RangersRangerJungle FuryPaper33360MAX360390390MAX
4‑025Rare4-025 - Red Jungle Fury Ranger (Jungle Master Mode)Red Jungle Fury Ranger (Jungle Master Mode) *RangerJungle FuryScissors22MAX200270330400MAX
4‑026Rare4-026 - Blue Jungle Fury Ranger (Jungle Master Mode)Blue Jungle Fury Ranger (Jungle Master Mode) *RangerJungle FuryRock22MAX270290310330MAX
4‑027Rare4-027 - Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger (Jungle Master Mode)Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger (Jungle Master Mode) *RangerJungle FuryPaper22MAX210230270290MAX
4‑028Common4-028 - Bat Spirit RangerBat Spirit RangerRanger/VillainJungle FuryScissors12130160220330360MAX
4‑029Common4-029 - Elephant Spirit RangerElephant Spirit RangerRanger/VillainJungle FuryRock12210230240250270MAX
4‑030Common4-030 - Shark Spirit RangerShark Spirit RangerRanger/VillainJungle FuryPaper12210230240250270MAX
4‑031Common4-031 - Red Overdrive RangerRed Overdrive Ranger *RangerOperation OverdriveScissors0190120160240290MAX
4‑032Rare4-032 - Red Overdrive Ranger (Defender Vest)Red Overdrive Ranger (Defender Vest)RangerOperation OverdriveRock22230230MAX270270MAX
4‑033Super Rare4-033 - Red Sentinel RangerRed Sentinel Ranger *RangerOperation OverdrivePaper33MAX310MAX330360MAX
4‑034Common4-034 - Red Overdrive Ranger & Sentinel KnightRed Overdrive Ranger & Sentinel KnightRangerOperation OverdriveScissors23100140260300MAXMAX
4‑035Common4-035 - Blue Overdrive RangerBlue Overdrive Ranger *RangerOperation OverdriveScissors01100120170210300MAX
4‑036Common4-036 - Black Overdrive RangerBlack Overdrive Ranger *RangerOperation OverdriveRock01150170180190210MAX
4‑037Common4-037 - Yellow Overdrive RangerYellow Overdrive Ranger *RangerOperation OverdrivePaper01160170180190200MAX
4‑038Common4-038 - Pink Overdrive RangerPink Overdrive Ranger *RangerOperation OverdriveScissors01110120150240280MAX
4‑039Common4-039 - Mercury Overdrive RangerMercury Overdrive Ranger *RangerOperation OverdriveRock12190210250260290MAX
4‑040Rare4-040 - Sentinel KnightSentinel Knight *Ranger/SupportOperation OverdrivePaper12180190200210220MAX
4‑041Rare4-041 - Red & Pink Overdrive RangersRed & Pink Overdrive RangersRangerOperation OverdriveScissors22MAX140190240330MAX
4‑042Super Rare4-042 - Operation Overdrive Power RangersOperation Overdrive Power RangersRangerOperation OverdriveRock53MAX400MAX700900MAX
4‑043Common4-043 - Drivemax MegazordDrivemax Megazord *MegazordOperation OverdrivePaper54450480510520540MAX
4‑044Common4-044 - Red Mystic Force RangerRed Mystic Force RangerRangerMystic ForceScissors12140180230280370MAX
4‑045Common4-045 - Green Mystic Force RangerGreen Mystic Force RangerRangerMystic ForceRock12220220240250270MAX
4‑046Rare4-046 - Blue Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode)Blue Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode) *RangerMystic ForcePaper22270300310320MAXMAX
4‑047Rare4-047 - Yellow Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode)Yellow Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode) *RangerMystic ForceScissors22220260320400MAXMAX
4‑048Rare4-048 - Pink Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode)Pink Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode) *RangerMystic ForceRock22210230270290MAXMAX
4‑049Super Rare4-049 - Mystic Force Power Rangers (Legend Mode)Mystic Force Power Rangers (Legend Mode) *RangerMystic ForcePaper74MAX1100MAX1400MAXMAX
4‑050Common4-050 - Solaris KnightSolaris KnightRangerMystic ForceScissors12150190220290350MAX
4‑051Super Rare4-051 - Wolf WarriorWolf Warrior *Ranger/VillainMystic ForceRock12170180190220240MAX
4‑052Rare4-052 - Mystic PhoenixMystic PhoenixZordMystic ForcePaper33360380400420440MAX
4‑053Rare4-053 - Solar Streak MegazordSolar Streak MegazordMegazordMystic ForceScissors43300350500600750MAX
4‑054Common4-054 - Red S.P.D. RangerRed S.P.D. Ranger *RangerS.P.D.Rock01140150170210230MAX
4‑055Common4-055 - Red S.P.D. Ranger & R.I.C.Red S.P.D. Ranger & R.I.C.RangerS.P.D.Paper12180190200230MAXMAX
4‑056Ultra Rare4-056 - Red S.P.D. Ranger (Sonic Mode)Red S.P.D. Ranger (Sonic Mode)RangerS.P.D.Scissors33MAX200MAX300500MAX
4‑057Rare4-057 - Pink & Green S.P.D. RangersPink & Green S.P.D. RangersRangerS.P.D.Rock22MAX220240260280MAX
4‑058Rare4-058 - Omega S.P.D. RangerOmega S.P.D. Ranger *RangerS.P.D.Paper12170190190220230MAX
4‑059Rare4-059 - Delta Runner 1Delta Runner 1ZordS.P.D.Scissors43280340410490680MAX
4‑060Rare4-060 - Delta Squad MegazordDelta Squad Megazord *MegazordS.P.D.Rock54800250800250800MAX
4‑061Common4-061 - White Dino RangerWhite Dino RangerRanger/VillainDino ThunderPaper22250250260260280MAX
4‑062Common4-062 - Mezodon MegazordMezodon MegazordMegazordDino ThunderScissors43320370470620720MAX
4‑063Rare4-063 - Valkasaurus MegazordValkasaurus MegazordMegazordDino ThunderRock75900100011501250MAXMAX
4‑064Rare4-064 - Crimson & Navy Thunder RangersCrimson & Navy Thunder RangersRanger/VillainNinja StormPaper23MAX190230270310MAX
4‑065Common4-065 - Thunder MegazordThunder MegazordMegazord/VillainNinja StormScissors54340450560700850MAX
4‑066Rare4-066 - Thunderstorm MegazordThunderstorm MegazordMegazordNinja StormRock64600650750800900MAX
4‑067Super Rare4-067 - Hurricane MegazordHurricane MegazordMegazordNinja StormPaper758009509501000MAXMAX
4‑068Common4-068 - Red Wild Force RangerRed Wild Force RangerRangerWild ForceScissors12100100300300400MAX
4‑069Common4-069 - Lunar Wolf RangerLunar Wolf Ranger *RangerWild ForceRock33300340400430530MAX
4‑070Super Rare4-070 - Wild Force Power RangersWild Force Power Rangers *RangerWild ForcePaper63MAX900MAXMAX1100MAX
4‑071Common4-071 - Wild Force MegazordWild Force Megazord *MegazordWild ForceScissors543805006407801000MAX
4‑072Rare4-072 - Blue Wild Force Ranger & Yellow Lightspeed Rescue RangerBlue Wild Force Ranger & Yellow Lightspeed Rescue RangerRangerWild Force | Lightspeed RescueRock22MAX200240260300MAX
4‑073Common4-073 - Red Time Force RangerRed Time Force RangerRangerTime ForcePaper01170170180190190MAX
4‑074Common4-074 - Blue & Yellow Time Force RangersBlue & Yellow Time Force RangersRangerTime ForceScissors23MAX150180250320MAX
4‑075Common4-075 - Green & Pink Time Force RangersGreen & Pink Time Force RangersRangerTime ForceRock23MAX200220230250MAX
4‑076Super Rare4-076 - Time Force Power RangersTime Force Power Rangers *RangerTime ForcePaper53640MAX660700MAXMAX
4‑077Common4-077 - Red & Blue Lightspeed Rescue RangersRed & Blue Lightspeed Rescue RangersRangerLightspeed RescueScissors23MAX160190240310MAX
4‑078Common4-078 - Green & Yellow Lightspeed Rescue RangersGreen & Yellow Lightspeed Rescue RangersRangerLightspeed RescueRock23MAX190220240250MAX
4‑079Common4-079 - Pink Lightspeed Rescue RangerPink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger *RangerLightspeed RescuePaper12200220250260270MAX
4‑080Super Rare4-080 - Titanium RangerTitanium Ranger *RangerLightspeed RescuePaper22270290300310330MAX
4‑081Super Rare4-081 - Lightspeed Rescue Power RangersLightspeed Rescue Power Rangers *RangerLightspeed RescueScissors53400600MAX1000MAXMAX
4‑082Common4-082 - Blue & Green Galaxy RangersBlue & Green Galaxy RangersRangerLost GalaxyScissors23110170MAX260360MAX
4‑083Common4-083 - Yellow & Pink Galaxy RangersYellow & Pink Galaxy RangersRangerLost GalaxyRock23170200MAX250280MAX
4‑084Super Rare4-084 - Lost Galaxy Power RangersLost Galaxy Power Rangers *RangerLost GalaxyScissors53350MAX550MAX1100MAX
4‑085Rare4-085 - Red Space Ranger & Red Galaxy RangerRed Space Ranger & Red Galaxy RangerRangerSpace | Lost GalaxyScissors23MAX130160210300MAX
4‑086Common4-086 - Red Space RangerRed Space Ranger *RangerSpacePaper01150160190190210MAX
4‑087Super Rare4-087 - Silver Space RangerSilver Space RangerRangerSpaceScissors33240280380470630MAX
4‑088Super Rare4-088 - Space Power RangersSpace Power Rangers *RangerSpaceRock63800MAX1200MAXMAXMAX
4‑089Common4-089 - Astro MegazordAstro Megazord *MegazordSpacePaper54420490520530540MAX
4‑090Common4-090 - Red Turbo RangerRed Turbo Ranger *RangerTurboScissors01100140170220270MAX
4‑091Common4-091 - Blue Turbo RangerBlue Turbo Ranger *RangerTurboRock01160170170190210MAX
4‑092Common4-092 - Green Turbo RangerGreen Turbo Ranger *RangerTurboPaper01160160180200200MAX
4‑093Common4-093 - Yellow Turbo RangerYellow Turbo Ranger *RangerTurboScissors01120130160200290MAX
4‑094Common4-094 - Pink Turbo RangerPink Turbo Ranger *RangerTurboRock01140140180190250MAX
4‑095Common4-095 - Red & Green Turbo RangerRed & Green Turbo RangerRangerTurboPaper23MAX210220230240MAX
4‑096Common4-096 - Blue & Pink Turbo RangerBlue & Pink Turbo RangerRangerTurboScissors23MAX140180230350MAX
4‑097Common4-097 - Green & Yellow Turbo RangerGreen & Yellow Turbo RangerRangerTurboRock23MAX210210220260MAX
4‑098Rare4-098 - Blue SenturionBlue Senturion *Ranger/SupportTurboPaper33340370410430450MAX
4‑099Super Rare4-099 - Turbo Power RangersTurbo Power RangersRangerTurboScissors53450600MAXMAX950MAX
4‑100Common4-100 - Red Zeo RangerRed Zeo RangerRangerZeoRock12230230240240260MAX
4‑101Common4-101 - Blue & Green Zeo RangersBlue & Green Zeo RangersRangerZeoPaper23MAX200210240250MAX
4‑102Common4-102 - Yellow & Pink Zeo RangersYellow & Pink Zeo RangersRangerZeoScissors23MAX150200260290MAX
4‑103Rare4-103 - Gold Zeo RangerGold Zeo Ranger *RangerZeoRock33310350410440490MAX
4‑104Rare4-104 - Red Alien Ranger & Red Zeo RangerRed Alien Ranger & Red Zeo RangerRangerAlien Rangers | ZeoPaper22MAX220250260270MAX
4‑105Common4-105 - Red Alien RangerRed Alien Ranger *RangerAlien RangersScissors12130180230300360MAX
4‑106Common4-106 - Blue Alien RangerBlue Alien Ranger *RangerAlien RangersRock12170190230280330MAX
4‑107Common4-107 - Black Alien RangerBlack Alien Ranger *RangerAlien RangersPaper12220220230250280MAX
4‑108Common4-108 - Yellow Alien RangerYellow Alien Ranger *RangerAlien RangersScissors12120180240290370MAX
4‑109Common4-109 - White Alien RangerWhite Alien Ranger *RangerAlien RangersRock12190200240270300MAX
4‑110Rare4-110 - Red Mighty Morphin RangerRed Mighty Morphin RangerRangerMighty MorphinPaper33300310340350MAXMAX
4‑111Ultra Rare4-111 - Green Mighty Morphin RangerGreen Mighty Morphin Ranger *RangerMighty MorphinScissors22140190260300410MAX
4‑112Ultra Rare4-112 - Retro RangersRetro RangersRangerOperation OverdriveRock55MAX300400MAX600MAX
4‑113Common4-113 - Dr. KDr. KSupportRPMPaper0231415MAX
4‑114Super Rare4-114 - Lord ZeddLord ZeddVillainMighty MorphinRock43350MAX410440500MAX
4‑115Common4-115 - Red Psycho RangerRed Psycho RangerVillainSpacePaper12190190200210210MAX
4‑116Common4-116 - Blue Psycho RangerBlue Psycho RangerVillainSpaceScissors12110160210240280MAX
4‑117Common4-117 - Black Psycho RangerBlack Psycho RangerVillainSpaceRock12180180200210230MAX
4‑118Common4-118 - Yellow Psycho RangerYellow Psycho RangerVillainSpacePaper12160190200220230MAX
4‑119Common4-119 - Pink Psycho RangerPink Psycho RangerVillainSpaceScissors12130150180220320MAX
4‑120Ultra Rare4-120 - Psycho RangersPsycho RangersVillainSpaceScissors63MAXMAX7001000MAXMAX


All barcodes depicted on the cards in this guide are generic and do not reflect those printed on the actual released cards.

* = Card designs that were re-used in a final, limited release series in Europe are denoted with an asterisk.