Power Rangers DinoThunder

Series 1

Power Rangers DinoThunder Series 2 Packaging

Basic Set: 46 cards

Complete Set: 90 cards

Each Collectible Card Pack (#14192) Includes:

  • 7 randomly selected game cards (4 common C, 2 uncommon U, 1 rare R)
  • Special Holographic game card randomly inserted (1:3 packs)
  • Gold Stamp game card G randomly inserted (1:11 packs)
  • Super Rare trading cards SR randomly inserted (1:15 packs)
MR 03MR 03Thundersaurus MorphersR
MR 04MR 04Brachio MorpherR
MR 05MR 05Thundersaurus MorpherC
MR 06MR 06Thundersaurus MorpherC
MR 07MR 07Thundersaurus MorpherC
MZ 07MZ 07Thundersaurus MegazordC
MZ 08MZ 08Thundersaurus MegazordR
MZ 09MZ 09Thundersaurus MegazordU
MZ 10MZ 10Thundersaurus MegazordG
MZ 11MZ 11Dino StegazordC
MZ 12MZ 12Dino StegazordC
MZ 13MZ 13Dino StegazordU
MZ 14MZ 14Dino StegazordR
MZ 15MZ 15Dino Rage MegazordG
PR 14PR 14Red Power RangerU
PR 15PR 15Blue Power RangerC
PR 16PR 16Yellow Power RangerC
PR 17PR 17Black Power RangerU
PR 18PR 18Group - Red and BlueU
PR 19PR 19Group - Black, Red, BlueG
PR 20PR 20Group - Black, Red, BlueG
PR 21PR 21Group - Black, Red, Blue, YellowC
PR 22PR 22White Power RangerG
PR 23PR 23Group - Red, Blue, YellowSR
VC 06VC 06Red Raptor RiderC
VC 07VC 07Red Raptor RiderG
VC 08VC 08Blue Raptor RiderC
VC 09VC 09Black Raptor RiderG
VC 10VC 10Blue Raptor RiderU
VC 11VC 11Yellow Raptor RiderU
WP 04WP 04Z-Rex BlasterG
WP 05WP 05Brachio StaffR
WP 06WP 06Ptera GripsC
WP 07WP 07Thundermax SaberC
WP 08WP 08White Drago SwordR
WP 09WP 09White Drago SwordU
WP 10WP 10Tricera ShieldR
ZD 07ZD 07Tricera ZordR
ZD 08ZD 08Tricera ZordC
ZD 09ZD 09Parasaur ZordC
ZD 10ZD 10Tricera ZordU
ZD 11ZD 11Brachio ZordR
ZD 12ZD 12Parasaur ZordR
ZD 13ZD 13Ptera ZordC
ZD 14ZD 14Tyranno ZordU
ZD 15ZD 15Tyranno, Tricera and Ptera ZordsSR