Power Rangers Dino Thunder Series 1

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Series 1 packaging.

Basic Set: 36 cards

Complete Set: 72* cards

Each Collectible Card Pack (#14191) Includes:

  • 7 randomly selected game cards (4 common, 2 uncommon, 1 rare)
  • Special Holographic game card randomly inserted (1:3 packs)
  • Gold Stamp game card randomly inserted (1:11 packs)

* Note: Each pack states that there are 72 cards in the series, but each card is believed to have both a Special Holographic and Gold Stamp counterpart, resulting in a total of 108 cards. At least 79 cards are verified to exist.

#ImageNameRarity **
Evil AlienEA 01EA 01ZeltraxCommon
MorpherMR 01MR 01Thundersaurus MorpherUncommon
MorpherMR 02MR 02Brachio MorpherCommon
MegazordMZ 01MZ 01Thundersaurus MegazordCommon
MegazordMZ 02MZ 02Thundersaurus MegazordUncommon
MegazordMZ 03MZ 03Thundersaurus MegazordRare
MegazordMZ 04MZ 04Dino StegazordCommon
MegazordMZ 05MZ 05Dino StegazordRare
MegazordMZ 06MZ 06Dino Rage MegazordUncommon
RangerPR 01PR 01Red Power RangerUncommon
RangerPR 02PR 02Blue Power RangerUncommon
RangerPR 03PR 03Yellow Power RangerUncommon
RangerPR 04PR 04Black Power RangerCommon
RangerPR 05PR 05Red Power RangerCommon
RangerPR 06PR 06Blue Power RangerRare
RangerPR 07PR 07Yellow Power RangerRare
RangerPR 08PR 08Black Power RangerCommon
RangerPR 09PR 09Group - Red and BlueCommon
RangerPR 10PR 10Group - Red, Blue, YellowCommon
RangerPR 11PR 11Group - Black, Red, Blue, YellowRare
RangerPR 12PR 12Group - Black, Red, Blue, YellowRare
RangerPR 13PR 13Group - Black, Red, BlueRare
VehicleVC 01VC 01Red Raptor RiderRare
VehicleVC 02VC 02Blue Raptor RiderCommon
VehicleVC 03VC 03Black Raptor RiderUncommon
VehicleVC 04VC 04Red Raptor RiderUncommon
VehicleVC 05VC 05Black Raptor RiderCommon
WeaponWP 01WP 01Thundermax SaberCommon
WeaponWP 02WP 02Thundermax SaberRare
WeaponWP 03WP 03Ptera GripsUncommon
ZordZD 01ZD 01Tyranno ZordRare
ZordZD 02ZD 02Ptera ZordCommon
ZordZD 03ZD 03Tricera ZordCommon
ZordZD 04ZD 04Brachio ZordUncommon
ZordZD 05ZD 05Stega ZordCommon
ZordZD 06ZD 06Ptera ZordCommon

** All rarities listed on this page are unofficial and were determined via a scientific test of over 65 actual blister packs.