Power Rangers Dino Thunder Series 3

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Series 3 packaging.

Basic Set: 46 cards

Complete Set: 90 cards*

Each Collectible Card Pack (#14194) Includes:

  • 7 randomly selected trading cards (4 common, 2 uncommon, 1 rare)
  • Special Holographic trading card randomly inserted (1:3 packs)
  • Gold Stamp trading card randomly inserted (1:11 packs)
  • Super Rare trading cards randomly inserted (1:15 packs)

* Note: Each pack states that there are 90 cards in the series and each non-Super Rare card is believed to have a Special Holographic counterpart, resulting in a total of 90 cards. At least 75 cards are verified to exist.

#ImageNameRarity **
Evil AlienEA 02EA 02ZeltraxRare
Evil AlienEA 03EA 03Evil Space AlienCommon
Evil AlienEA 04EA 04TyrannodronesCommon
Evil AlienEA 05EA 05MesogogUncommon
MorpherMR 08MR 08Drago MorpherUncommon
MorpherMR 09MR 09Triassic MorpherUncommon
MorpherMR 10MR 10Triassic MorpherUncommon
MegazordMZ 16MZ 16Dino Rage MegazordRare
MegazordMZ 17MZ 17Blizzard Force MegazordCommon
MegazordMZ 18MZ 18Blizzard Force MegazordCommon
MegazordMZ 19MZ 19Blizzard Force MegazordUncommon
MegazordMZ 20MZ 20Dino StegazordRare
MegazordMZ 21MZ 21Dino StegazordCommon
MegazordMZ 22MZ 22Thundersaurus MegazordCommon
MegazordMZ 23MZ 23Thundersaurus MegazordGold Stamp
MegazordMZ 24MZ 24Dino Rage MegazordGold Stamp
MegazordMZ 25MZ 25Mezodon MegazordUncommon
MegazordMZ 26MZ 26Triceramax MegazordsSuper Rare
RangerPR 24PR 24Red Power RangerCommon
RangerPR 25PR 25Red Power RangerRare
RangerPR 26PR 26Triassic Power RangerGold Stamp
RangerPR 27PR 27Blue Power RangerCommon
RangerPR 28PR 28Blue Power RangerCommon
RangerPR 29PR 29Yellow Power RangerCommon
RangerPR 30PR 30Yellow Power RangerCommon
RangerPR 31PR 31Black Power RangerUncommon
RangerPR 32PR 32Group - Red, Blue, YellowUncommon
RangerPR 33PR 33Group - Black, Red, Blue, YellowGold Stamp
RangerPR 34PR 34Group - Red, Blue, And YellowSuper Rare
VehicleVC 12VC 12Red Raptor RiderGold Stamp
VehicleVC 13VC 13Black Raptor RiderUncommon
VehicleVC 14VC 14Red Raptor RiderUncommon
VehicleVC 15VC 15Blue Raptor RiderCommon
WeaponWP 11WP 11Brachio StaffUncommon
WeaponWP 12WP 12Z-Rex BlasterGold Stamp
WeaponWP 13WP 13Thundermax SaberRare
WeaponWP 14WP 14Tricera ShieldCommon
WeaponWP 15WP 15Ptera GripsCommon
WeaponWP 16WP 16Drago SwordUncommon
WeaponWP 17WP 17Tyranno StaffGold Stamp
ZordZD 16ZD 16Brachio ZordUncommon
ZordZD 17ZD 17Dimetro ZordUncommon
ZordZD 18ZD 18Tyranno ZordUncommon
ZordZD 19ZD 19G-Rex ZordCommon
ZordZD 20ZD 20Ptera ZordCommon
ZordZD 21ZD 21Tyranno ZordGold Stamp

** All rarities listed on this page are unofficial and were determined via a scientific test of over 80 actual blister packs.