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VR Troopers Puzzle Packs

Manufactured by an unidentified company directly for Saban International, four different VR Troopers puzzle packs were released in 1995. By combining the five cards in each pack, you can complete one of two different puzzles for each character.

Each display box (UPC #028074035292) contains 135 blister-packs (UPC #028074035285).

Ryan Steel

Blister Pack

Ryan Steel Puzzle (front)Ryan Steel Puzzle (front)

J.B. Reese

Blister Pack

J.B. Reese Puzzle (front)J.B. Reese Puzzle (back)

Kaitlin Hall

Blister Pack

Kaitlin Hall Puzzle (front)Kaitlin Hall Puzzle (front)


Blister Pack

Jeb Puzzle (front)Jeb Puzzle (front)