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Fleer Ultra MMPR: The Movie

Card Catalog Guide to Fleer Ultra MMPR: The Movie

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Picture Card Number Card Name Type
The Power Is On 1 The Power Is On Ultra
White Ranger 1 White Ranger Power Pop-Up
The White Ninja 1 The White Ninja Hologram
Falcon Ninja Zord 1 Falcon Ninja Zord Holofoil
White Ranger 2 White Ranger Ultra
Yellow Ranger 2 Yellow Ranger Power Pop-Up
The Yellow Ninja 2 The Yellow Ninja Hologram
Bear Ninja Zord 2 Bear Ninja Zord Holofoil
Yellow Ranger 3 Yellow Ranger Ultra
Red Ranger 3 Red Ranger Power Pop-Up
The Red Ninja 3 The Red Ninja Hologram
Ape Ninja Zord 3 Ape Ninja Zord Holofoil
Red Ranger 4 Red Ranger Ultra
Pink Ranger 4 Pink Ranger Power Pop-Up
The Pink Ninja 4 The Pink Ninja Hologram
Crane Ninja Zord 4 Crane Ninja Zord Holofoil
Pink Ranger 5 Pink Ranger Ultra
Blue Ranger 5 Blue Ranger Power Pop-Up
The Blue Ninja 5 The Blue Ninja Hologram
Wolf Ninja Zord 5 Wolf Ninja Zord Holofoil
Blue Ranger 6 Blue Ranger Ultra
Black Ranger 6 Black Ranger Power Pop-Up
The Black Ninja 6 The Black Ninja Hologram
Frog Ninja Zord 6 Frog Ninja Zord Holofoil
Black Ranger 7 Black Ranger Ultra
Tommy 7 Tommy Power Pop-Up
Ivan Ooze 7 Ivan Ooze Hologram
Ninja Megazord 7 Ninja Megazord Holofoil
Alpha 5 8 Alpha 5 Ultra
Aisha 8 Aisha Power Pop-Up
Rita Repulsa 8 Rita Repulsa Hologram
Ninja Megafalconzord 8 Ninja Megafalconzord Holofoil
Zordon 9 Zordon Ultra
Rocky 9 Rocky Power Pop-Up
Lord Zedd 9 Lord Zedd Hologram
Dulcea 10 Dulcea Ultra
Kimberly 10 Kimberly Power Pop-Up
Bulk & Skull 10 Bulk & Skull Hologram
Ivan Ooze 11 Ivan Ooze Ultra
Billy 11 Billy Power Pop-Up
Dulcea 11 Dulcea Hologram
Lord Zedd 12 Lord Zedd Ultra
Adam 12 Adam Power Pop-Up
Tengu Warrior 12 Tengu Warrior Hologram
Rita Repulsa 13 Rita Repulsa Ultra
Ivan Ooze 13 Ivan Ooze Power Pop-Up
Goldar 14 Goldar Ultra
Rita Repulsa 14 Rita Repulsa Power Pop-Up
Mordant 15 Mordant Ultra
Lord Zedd 15 Lord Zedd Power Pop-Up
Alien Line-Up 16 Alien Line-Up Ultra
Goldar 16 Goldar Power Pop-Up
Goldar & Mordant 17 Goldar & Mordant Ultra
Mordant 17 Mordant Power Pop-Up
Tengu Warriors 18 Tengu Warriors Ultra
Hyperlock Chamber 18 Hyperlock Chamber Power Pop-Up
Ooze Man 19 Ooze Man Ultra
Dulcea 19 Dulcea Power Pop-Up
Tommy 20 Tommy Ultra
Alpha 5 20 Alpha 5 Power Pop-Up
Aisha 21 Aisha Ultra
Tengu Warrior 21 Tengu Warrior Power Pop-Up
Rocky 22 Rocky Ultra
White Ninja 22 White Ninja Power Pop-Up
Kimberly 23 Kimberly Ultra
Pink Ninja 23 Pink Ninja Power Pop-Up
Billy 24 Billy Ultra
Rollin’ Rocky 24 Rollin’ Rocky Power Pop-Up
Adam 25 Adam Ultra
Bulk & Skull 26 Bulk & Skull Ultra
Tommy Rules! 27 Tommy Rules! Ultra
“Oh, Chute!” 28 “Oh, Chute!” Ultra
In-Line Fun 29 In-Line Fun Ultra
Goofballs 30 Goofballs Ultra
Grand Opening 31 Grand Opening Ultra
Bosom Buddies 32 Bosom Buddies Ultra
Rocky Rolls 33 Rocky Rolls Ultra
Hyperlock Chamber 34 Hyperlock Chamber Ultra
Rotten Egg 35 Rotten Egg Ultra
Purple Pain 36 Purple Pain Ultra
Ooze Loves Ya, Baby 37 Ooze Loves Ya, Baby Ultra
Nice To Meet You 38 Nice To Meet You Ultra
Welcoming Committee 39 Welcoming Committee Ultra
“Ay, Yi, Yi!” 40 “Ay, Yi, Yi!” Ultra
Group Concern 41 Group Concern Ultra
Ivan & The Ooze Men 42 Ivan & The Ooze Men Ultra
Finger-Pointer 43 Finger-Pointer Ultra
Ivan’s Woe 44 Ivan’s Woe Ultra
Sour Note 45 Sour Note Ultra
Trashed! 46 Trashed! Ultra
“Zordon Needs Us!” 47 “Zordon Needs Us!” Ultra
Unhappy Couple 48 Unhappy Couple Ultra
“I’m Home!” 49 “I’m Home!” Ultra
Two Angry Aliens 50 Two Angry Aliens Ultra
Double Crossed 51 Double Crossed Ultra
Point of No Return 52 Point of No Return Ultra
Snowed In 53 Snowed In Ultra
Global Terror 54 Global Terror Ultra
Evil Stands Alone 55 Evil Stands Alone Ultra
Lackey Charms 56 Lackey Charms Ultra
The Master’s Plan 57 The Master’s Plan Ultra
Welcome to Phaedos 58 Welcome to Phaedos Ultra
On the Horizon 59 On the Horizon Ultra
Strange Discovery 60 Strange Discovery Ultra
Flesh & Bones 61 Flesh & Bones Ultra
Nasty Bird 62 Nasty Bird Ultra
Rocky & Adam 63 Rocky & Adam Ultra
Heads Up! 64 Heads Up! Ultra
Whatta Kick! 65 Whatta Kick! Ultra
Double-Teamed 66 Double-Teamed Ultra
Swift Kick 67 Swift Kick Ultra
Two to Tengu 68 Two to Tengu Ultra
Bird Brain 69 Bird Brain Ultra
Rocky’s Ready 70 Rocky’s Ready Ultra
Tengu Control 71 Tengu Control Ultra
Friend or Foe? 72 Friend or Foe? Ultra
Tengu Control 73 Tengu Control Ultra
Misunderstanding 74 Misunderstanding Ultra
Master Warrior 75 Master Warrior Ultra
The Way to Power 76 The Way to Power Ultra
Magic Dust 77 Magic Dust Ultra
Dulcea’s Wisdom 78 Dulcea’s Wisdom Ultra
Ninjetti Stone 79 Ninjetti Stone Ultra
White Ninja 80 White Ninja Ultra
Yellow Ninja 81 Yellow Ninja Ultra
Red Ninja 82 Red Ninja Ultra
Pink Ninja 83 Pink Ninja Ultra
Blue Ninja 84 Blue Ninja Ultra
Black Ninja 85 Black Ninja Ultra
Goodbye Dulcea! 86 Goodbye Dulcea! Ultra
To the Monolith 87 To the Monolith Ultra
Ooze Pusher 88 Ooze Pusher Ultra
Wicked Wizard 89 Wicked Wizard Ultra
Ooze Salute 90 Ooze Salute Ultra
Born Oozers 91 Born Oozers Ultra
Bulk Sulks 92 Bulk Sulks Ultra
Goo Gobbling 93 Goo Gobbling Ultra
Purple Haze 94 Purple Haze Ultra
The Oozeman Cometh 95 The Oozeman Cometh Ultra
Fred 96 Fred Ultra
Zombie Moms 97 Zombie Moms Ultra
To the Great Power! 98 To the Great Power! Ultra
On Their Way 99 On Their Way Ultra
Jungle Quest 100 Jungle Quest Ultra
Boneyard 101 Boneyard Ultra
Un-Funny Bone 102 Un-Funny Bone Ultra
Ninja Leader 103 Ninja Leader Ultra
Two To Go 104 Two To Go Ultra
No Fear! 105 No Fear! Ultra
Distraction 106 Distraction Ultra
Tommy’s Plan 107 Tommy’s Plan Ultra
Tower of Power 108 Tower of Power Ultra
Gargoyle Guard 109 Gargoyle Guard Ultra
Ninjetti Time! 110 Ninjetti Time! Ultra
Rocky Rules! 111 Rocky Rules! Ultra
Power Struggle 112 Power Struggle Ultra
Black Attack 113 Black Attack Ultra
Upper Decker 114 Upper Decker Ultra
Lucky Duck 115 Lucky Duck Ultra
Twist and Shout 116 Twist and Shout Ultra
Triple Threat 117 Triple Threat Ultra
Swing Shift 118 Swing Shift Ultra
Coffee Break 119 Coffee Break Ultra
Bird Dropping 120 Bird Dropping Ultra
Lyin’ Eyes 121 Lyin’ Eyes Ultra
Fried Chicken 122 Fried Chicken Ultra
Truth Seeker 123 Truth Seeker Ultra
Party’s Over 124 Party’s Over Ultra
Erector Set 125 Erector Set Ultra
Used & Abused 126 Used & Abused Ultra
Ready Freddy 127 Ready Freddy Ultra
Ooze On First 128 Ooze On First Ultra
Ooze of Life 129 Ooze of Life Ultra
Thumbs Up! 130 Thumbs Up! Ultra
Time to Fly 131 Time to Fly Ultra
Winged Lord 132 Winged Lord Ultra
Silent But Deadly 133 Silent But Deadly Ultra
Tongue Tied 134 Tongue Tied Ultra
Megazord Cockpit 135 Megazord Cockpit Ultra
Victory At Last! 136 Victory At Last! Ultra
Fallen Leader 137 Fallen Leader Ultra
Too Late? 138 Too Late? Ultra
Down, Not Out 139 Down, Not Out Ultra
Antyhing’s Possible 140 Antyhing’s Possible Ultra
Zordon’s Alive! 141 Zordon’s Alive! Ultra
General Assembly 142 General Assembly Ultra
Casting Call 143 Casting Call Ultra
Casting Call 144 Casting Call Ultra
Casting Call 145 Casting Call Ultra
Casting Call 146 Casting Call Ultra
Casting Call 147 Casting Call Ultra
Casting Call 148 Casting Call Ultra
Checklist 1 149 Checklist 1 Ultra
Checklist 2 150 Checklist 2 Ultra

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