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Collect-A-Card Series 1 (Walmart)

Card Catalog Guide to Collect-A-Card Series 1 (Walmart)

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Picture Card Number Card Name Type
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Standard
Good Friends 2 Good Friends Standard
Summoned By Zordon 3 Summoned By Zordon Standard
Zordon’s Proposal 4 Zordon’s Proposal Standard
Zordon 5 Zordon Standard
Alpha 5 6 Alpha 5 Standard
Rita Repulsa 7 Rita Repulsa Standard
Power Morphers 8 Power Morphers Standard
Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur 9 Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Standard
Triceratops Dinosaur 10 Triceratops Dinosaur Standard
Pterodactyl 11 Pterodactyl Standard
Mammouth Mastodon 12 Mammouth Mastodon Standard
Sabertooth Tiger 13 Sabertooth Tiger Standard
Strange Surroundings 14 Strange Surroundings Standard
Attack Of The Putties 15 Attack Of The Putties Standard
Karate Kick 16 Karate Kick Standard
Time To Morph 17 Time To Morph Standard
A Mighty Force 18 A Mighty Force Standard
Secret Communicator 19 Secret Communicator Standard
Jason 20 Jason Standard
Billy 21 Billy Standard
Zack 22 Zack Standard
Kimberly 23 Kimberly Standard
Trini 24 Trini Standard
The Red Ranger 25 The Red Ranger Standard
The Blue Ranger 26 The Blue Ranger Standard
The Pink Ranger 27 The Pink Ranger Standard
The Yellow Ranger 28 The Yellow Ranger Standard
The Black Ranger 29 The Black Ranger Standard
Bulk and Skull 30 Bulk and Skull Standard
The Juice Bar 31 The Juice Bar Standard
Finster 32 Finster Standard
Squatt 33 Squatt Standard
Baboo 34 Baboo Standard
Goldar 35 Goldar Standard
Billy’s Garage 36 Billy’s Garage Standard
The Putty Patrol 37 The Putty Patrol Standard
Putty Trouble 38 Putty Trouble Standard
Chunky Chicken 39 Chunky Chicken Standard
On Guard 40 On Guard Standard
Fried Chicken 41 Fried Chicken Standard
School Principal 42 School Principal Standard
Rita Attacks 43 Rita Attacks Standard
Tommy 44 Tommy Standard
The Green Ranger 45 The Green Ranger Standard
Good Vs. Evil 46 Good Vs. Evil Standard
Welcome Aboard 47 Welcome Aboard Standard
Eyeguy 48 Eyeguy Standard
Rescue Time 49 Rescue Time Standard
Karate Chop 50 Karate Chop Standard
Battle Bike 51 Battle Bike Standard
Pie Fight 52 Pie Fight Standard
Jason Vs. Goldar 53 Jason Vs. Goldar Standard
Putty Clown 54 Putty Clown Standard
Pudgy Pig 55 Pudgy Pig Standard
Snizzard Lips 56 Snizzard Lips Standard
Battle Action 57 Battle Action Standard
Mud Bath 58 Mud Bath Standard
Shellshock 59 Shellshock Standard
Pig Fight 60 Pig Fight Standard
Zordon’s Briefing 61 Zordon’s Briefing Standard
Gnarly Gnome 62 Gnarly Gnome Standard
Ticklesneezer 63 Ticklesneezer Standard
Troll Thief 64 Troll Thief Standard
Searching For Clues 65 Searching For Clues Standard
Zack & Billy 66 Zack & Billy Standard
A Great Group 67 A Great Group Standard
The Rad Bug 68 The Rad Bug Standard
In Trouble Again 69 In Trouble Again Standard
Bulk The Dancer 70 Bulk The Dancer Standard
Power Force 71 Power Force Standard
Power Rangers Checklist 72 Power Rangers Checklist Standard
Rita Repulsa 1 of 12 Rita Repulsa Power Foil
Goldar 2 of 12 Goldar Power Foil
Squatt 3 of 12 Squatt Power Foil
Baboo 4 of 12 Baboo Power Foil
King Sphinx 5 of 12 King Sphinx Power Foil
Megazord 6 of 12 Megazord Power Foil
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 7 of 12 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Power Foil
Tyrannosaurus Dinozord 8 of 12 Tyrannosaurus Dinozord Power Foil
Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord 9 of 12 Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord Power Foil
Mammoth Mastodon Dinozord 10 of 12 Mammoth Mastodon Dinozord Power Foil
Triceratops Dinozord 11 of 12 Triceratops Dinozord Power Foil
Pterodatyl Dinozord 12 of 12 Pterodatyl Dinozord Power Foil

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