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Collect-A-Card Series 2 (Walmart)

Card Catalog Guide to Collect-A-Card Series 2 (Walmart)

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Picture Card Number Card Name Type
Field Trip 73 Field Trip Standard
Rope Climb 74 Rope Climb Standard
Miss Appleby 75 Miss Appleby Standard
Quagmire 76 Quagmire Standard
Teamwork 77 Teamwork Standard
Gung Ho 78 Gung Ho Standard
Goldar 79 Goldar Standard
Bulk & Skull 80 Bulk & Skull Standard
Jason 81 Jason Standard
Zack 82 Zack Standard
Kimberly 83 Kimberly Standard
Billy 84 Billy Standard
Trini 85 Trini Standard
Frankenstein 86 Frankenstein Standard
Monster Chase 87 Monster Chase Standard
Costume Party 88 Costume Party Standard
Zack & Trini 89 Zack & Trini Standard
Super Putties 90 Super Putties Standard
Genius At Work 91 Genius At Work Standard
Surrounded 92 Surrounded Standard
Clay Monster 93 Clay Monster Standard
Hobby Week 94 Hobby Week Standard
Crisis Situation 95 Crisis Situation Standard
The Green Ranger 96 The Green Ranger Standard
Swivel Hips 97 Swivel Hips Standard
Power Rangers Day 98 Power Rangers Day Standard
Break Time 99 Break Time Standard
Ay, Yi, Yi 100 Ay, Yi, Yi Standard
Power Punch 101 Power Punch Standard
Squatt 102 Squatt Standard
Terror Toad 103 Terror Toad Standard
Rescue Time 104 Rescue Time Standard
Under Rita’s Spell 105 Under Rita’s Spell Standard
Human Whipsaw 106 Human Whipsaw Standard
Go Go Power Rangers 107 Go Go Power Rangers Standard
Ninja Finals 108 Ninja Finals Standard
Trouble Makers 109 Trouble Makers Standard
Space Explorarion 110 Space Explorarion Standard
Rita’s View 111 Rita’s View Standard
Command Center 112 Command Center Standard
Rita’s Prison 113 Rita’s Prison Standard
Baboo 114 Baboo Standard
Giant Goldar 115 Giant Goldar Standard
Zordon 116 Zordon Standard
The Red Ranger 117 The Red Ranger Standard
The Yellow Ranger 118 The Yellow Ranger Standard
The Black Ranger 119 The Black Ranger Standard
The Pink Ranger 120 The Pink Ranger Standard
The Blue Ranger 121 The Blue Ranger Standard
The Green Ranger 122 The Green Ranger Standard
Surprise Party 123 Surprise Party Standard
Flying Ranger 124 Flying Ranger Standard
Power Block 125 Power Block Standard
Trick Or Treat 126 Trick Or Treat Standard
Emergency Briefing 127 Emergency Briefing Standard
Game Show 128 Game Show Standard
Lunchtime 129 Lunchtime Standard
Decision Time 130 Decision Time Standard
Left In The Dust 131 Left In The Dust Standard
Vanna Elvira 132 Vanna Elvira Standard
Madame Woe 133 Madame Woe Standard
Outnumbered 134 Outnumbered Standard
Unbeatable 135 Unbeatable Standard
Slippery Shark 136 Slippery Shark Standard
Surprise Encounter 137 Surprise Encounter Standard
Pumpkin Points 138 Pumpkin Points Standard
Food Fight 139 Food Fight Standard
Good Work 140 Good Work Standard
Trapped 141 Trapped Standard
The Rad Bug 142 The Rad Bug Standard
Super Heroes 143 Super Heroes Standard
Checklist 144 Checklist Standard

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