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Collect-A-Card Series 2 (Jumbo)

Card Catalog Guide to Collect-A-Card Series 2 (Jumbo)

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Picture Card Number Card Name Type
Field Trip 1 Field Trip Standard
Go Go Power Rangers 1 Go Go Power Rangers Power Foil
Rope Climb 2 Rope Climb Standard
Ninja Finals 2 Ninja Finals Power Foil
Miss Appleby 3 Miss Appleby Standard
Trouble Makers 3 Trouble Makers Power Foil
Quagmire 4 Quagmire Standard
Rita’s Prison 4 Rita’s Prison Power Foil
Teamwork 5 Teamwork Standard
Zordon 5 Zordon Power Foil
Gung Ho 6 Gung Ho Standard
Surprise Party 6 Surprise Party Power Foil
Goldar 7 Goldar Standard
Flying Ranger 7 Flying Ranger Power Foil
Bulk & Skull 8 Bulk & Skull Standard
Madame Woe 8 Madame Woe Power Foil
Jason 9 Jason Standard
Slippery Shark 9 Slippery Shark Power Foil
Zack 10 Zack Standard
Trick Or Treat 10 Trick Or Treat Power Foil
Kimberly 11 Kimberly Standard
Surprise Encounter 11 Surprise Encounter Power Foil
Billy 12 Billy Standard
Pumpkin Points 12 Pumpkin Points Power Foil
Trini 13 Trini Standard
Frankenstein 14 Frankenstein Standard
Monster Chase 15 Monster Chase Standard
Costume Party 16 Costume Party Standard
Zack & Trini 17 Zack & Trini Standard
Super Putties 18 Super Putties Standard
Genius At Work 19 Genius At Work Standard
Surrounded 20 Surrounded Standard
Clay Monster 21 Clay Monster Standard
Hobby Week 22 Hobby Week Standard
Crisis Situation 23 Crisis Situation Standard
Shut Down 24 Shut Down Standard
Swivel Hips 25 Swivel Hips Standard
Power Rangers Day 26 Power Rangers Day Standard
Break Time 27 Break Time Standard
Ay, Yi, Yi 28 Ay, Yi, Yi Standard
Power Punch 29 Power Punch Standard
Squatt 30 Squatt Standard
Terror Toad 31 Terror Toad Standard
Rescue Time 32 Rescue Time Standard
Under Rita’s Spell 33 Under Rita’s Spell Standard
Human Whipsaw 34 Human Whipsaw Standard
Go Go Power Rangers 35 Go Go Power Rangers Standard
Ninja Finals 36 Ninja Finals Standard
Trouble Makers 37 Trouble Makers Standard
Space Explorarion 38 Space Explorarion Standard
Rita’s View 39 Rita’s View Standard
Command Center 40 Command Center Standard
Rita’s Prison 41 Rita’s Prison Standard
Baboo 42 Baboo Standard
Giant Goldar 43 Giant Goldar Standard
Zordon 44 Zordon Standard
The Red Ranger 45 The Red Ranger Standard
The Yellow Ranger 46 The Yellow Ranger Standard
The Black Ranger 47 The Black Ranger Standard
The Pink Ranger 48 The Pink Ranger Standard
The Blue Ranger 49 The Blue Ranger Standard
The Green Ranger 50 The Green Ranger Standard
Surprise Party 51 Surprise Party Standard
Flying Ranger 52 Flying Ranger Standard
Power Block 53 Power Block Standard
Trick or Treat 54 Trick or Treat Standard
Emergency Briefing 55 Emergency Briefing Standard
Game Show 56 Game Show Standard
Lunchtime 57 Lunchtime Standard
Decision Time 58 Decision Time Standard
Left In The Dust 59 Left In The Dust Standard
Vanna Elvira 60 Vanna Elvira Standard
Madame Woe 61 Madame Woe Standard
Outnumbered 62 Outnumbered Standard
Unbeatable 63 Unbeatable Standard
Slippery Shark 64 Slippery Shark Standard
Surprise Encounter 65 Surprise Encounter Standard
Pumpkin Points 66 Pumpkin Points Standard
Food Fight 67 Food Fight Standard
Good Work 68 Good Work Standard
Trapped 69 Trapped Standard
The Rad Bug 70 The Rad Bug Standard
Super Heroes 71 Super Heroes Standard
Checklist 72 Checklist Standard

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