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Power Rangers Action Card Game - Series 3 - Universe of Hope

Card Catalog Guide to Power Rangers Action Card Game - Series 3 - Universe of Hope

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Picture Card Number Card Name Type
Red Megaforce Ranger 3-001 Red Megaforce Ranger Common
Red Megaforce Ranger 3-002 Red Megaforce Ranger Common
Red Megaforce Ranger 3-003 Red Megaforce Ranger Common
Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger 3-004 Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger Rare
Black Megaforce Ranger 3-005 Black Megaforce Ranger Common
Black Ultra Megaforce Ranger 3-006 Black Ultra Megaforce Ranger Rare
Blue Megaforce Ranger 3-007 Blue Megaforce Ranger Common
Blue Ultra Megaforce Ranger 3-008 Blue Ultra Megaforce Ranger Rare
Yellow Megaforce Ranger 3-009 Yellow Megaforce Ranger Common
Robo Knight 3-010 Robo Knight Common
Robo Knight 3-011 Robo Knight Common
Gosei Jet 3-012 Gosei Jet Common
Gosei Jet Megazord 3-013 Gosei Jet Megazord Rare
Sky Megazord 3-014 Sky Megazord Rare
Gosei Great Grand Megazord 3-015 Gosei Great Grand Megazord Rare
Red Samurai Ranger 3-016 Red Samurai Ranger Common
Red Super Samurai Ranger 3-017 Red Super Samurai Ranger Rare
Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren) 3-018 Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren) Rare
Light Megazord 3-019 Light Megazord Rare
Red RPM Ranger 3-020 Red RPM Ranger Common
Gold RPM Ranger 3-021 Gold RPM Ranger Rare
RPM Power Rangers 3-022 RPM Power Rangers Ultra Rare
Zenith Megazord 3-023 Zenith Megazord Super Rare
Red Jungle Fury Ranger 3-024 Red Jungle Fury Ranger Common
Blue Jungle Fury Ranger 3-025 Blue Jungle Fury Ranger Common
Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger 3-026 Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger Common
Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger 3-027 Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger Rare
Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger 3-028 Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger Rare
Jungle Fury Power Rangers 3-029 Jungle Fury Power Rangers Super Rare
Jungle Pride Megazord 3-030 Jungle Pride Megazord Rare
Omega Ranger 3-031 Omega Ranger Super Rare
Shadow S.P.D. Ranger 3-032 Shadow S.P.D. Ranger Common
S.P.D. Power Rangers 3-033 S.P.D. Power Rangers Super Rare
Red Dino Thunder Ranger 3-034 Red Dino Thunder Ranger Common
Triassic Ranger 3-035 Triassic Ranger Rare
Triassic Ranger (Battlizer Mode) 3-036 Triassic Ranger (Battlizer Mode) Ultra Rare
Blue Dino Thunder Ranger 3-037 Blue Dino Thunder Ranger Common
Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger 3-038 Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger Common
Black Dino Thunder Ranger 3-039 Black Dino Thunder Ranger Rare
White Dino Ranger 3-040 White Dino Ranger Rare
Dino Thunder Power Rangers 3-041 Dino Thunder Power Rangers Super Rare
Tyrannozord 3-042 Tyrannozord Common
Tricerazord 3-043 Tricerazord Common
Pterazord 3-044 Pterazord Common
Brachiozord 3-045 Brachiozord Rare
DinoStegazord 3-046 DinoStegazord Rare
Thundersaurus Megazord 3-047 Thundersaurus Megazord Rare
Red Ninja Storm Ranger 3-048 Red Ninja Storm Ranger Common
Blue Ninja Storm Ranger 3-049 Blue Ninja Storm Ranger Common
Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger 3-050 Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger Common
Crimson Ninja Storm Ranger 3-051 Crimson Ninja Storm Ranger Common
Navy Ninja Storm Ranger 3-052 Navy Ninja Storm Ranger Common
Green Samurai Ranger (Super Mode) 3-053 Green Samurai Ranger (Super Mode) Super Rare
Ninja Storm Power Rangers 3-054 Ninja Storm Power Rangers Super Rare
Storm Megazord 3-055 Storm Megazord Rare
Storm Megazord (Lightning Mode) 3-056 Storm Megazord (Lightning Mode) Rare
Red Wild Force Ranger 3-057 Red Wild Force Ranger Common
Blue Wild Force Ranger 3-058 Blue Wild Force Ranger Common
Black Wild Force Ranger 3-059 Black Wild Force Ranger Common
Yellow Wild Force Ranger 3-060 Yellow Wild Force Ranger Common
White Wild Force Ranger 3-061 White Wild Force Ranger Common
Lunar Wolf Ranger 3-062 Lunar Wolf Ranger Rare
Red Time Force Ranger 3-063 Red Time Force Ranger Common
Blue Time Force Ranger 3-064 Blue Time Force Ranger Common
Green Time Force Ranger 3-065 Green Time Force Ranger Common
Yellow Time Force Ranger 3-066 Yellow Time Force Ranger Common
Pink Time Force Ranger 3-067 Pink Time Force Ranger Common
Quantum Ranger 3-068 Quantum Ranger Rare
Quantasaurus Rex 3-069 Quantasaurus Rex Rare
Q-Rex Megazord 3-070 Q-Rex Megazord Rare
Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger 3-071 Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger Rare
Magna Defender 3-072 Magna Defender Rare
Silver Space Ranger 3-073 Silver Space Ranger Super Rare
Red Zeo Ranger 3-074 Red Zeo Ranger Common
Green Zeo Ranger 3-075 Green Zeo Ranger Common
Blue Zeo Ranger 3-076 Blue Zeo Ranger Common
Yellow Zeo Ranger 3-077 Yellow Zeo Ranger Common
Pink Zeo Ranger 3-078 Pink Zeo Ranger Common
Gold Zeo Ranger 3-079 Gold Zeo Ranger Super Rare
Zeo Power Rangers 3-080 Zeo Power Rangers Ultra Rare
Black Mighty Morphin Ranger 3-081 Black Mighty Morphin Ranger Common
Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger 3-082 Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger Common
Green Mighty Morphin Ranger 3-083 Green Mighty Morphin Ranger Rare
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3-084 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultra Rare
Dino Megazord 3-085 Dino Megazord Super Rare
Dai Shi 3-086 Dai Shi Rare
Camille 3-087 Camille Common
Lothor 3-088 Lothor Rare
Zeltrax 3-089 Zeltrax Common
Lord Zedd 3-090 Lord Zedd Ultra Rare
Light Megazord 3-091 Light Megazord Standard
Lion Foldingzord 3-092 Lion Foldingzord Standard
Gold Samurai Ranger 3-093 Gold Samurai Ranger Standard
Samurai Battlewing 3-094 Samurai Battlewing Standard
Red Super Samurai Ranger 3-095 Red Super Samurai Ranger Standard
Blue Super Samurai Ranger 3-096 Blue Super Samurai Ranger Standard
Pink Super Samurai Ranger 3-097 Pink Super Samurai Ranger Standard
Green Super Samurai Ranger 3-098 Green Super Samurai Ranger Standard
Yellow Super Samurai Ranger 3-099 Yellow Super Samurai Ranger Standard
Red Samurai Ranger 3-100 Red Samurai Ranger Standard
Blue Samurai Ranger 3-101 Blue Samurai Ranger Standard
Pink Samurai Ranger 3-102 Pink Samurai Ranger Standard
Green Samurai Ranger 3-103 Green Samurai Ranger Standard
Yellow Samurai Ranger 3-104 Yellow Samurai Ranger Standard
Samurai Power Rangers 3-105 Samurai Power Rangers Holographic
Gosei Tiger Mechazord 3-106 Gosei Tiger Mechazord Standard
Lion Mechazord 3-107 Lion Mechazord Standard
Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger 3-108 Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger Standard
Red Megaforce Ranger 3-109 Red Megaforce Ranger Standard
Pink Ultra Megaforce Ranger 3-110 Pink Ultra Megaforce Ranger Standard
Black Ultra Megaforce Ranger 3-111 Black Ultra Megaforce Ranger Standard
Black Megaforce Ranger 3-112 Black Megaforce Ranger Standard
Yellow Ultra Megaforce Ranger 3-113 Yellow Ultra Megaforce Ranger Standard
Blue Ultra Megaforce Ranger 3-114 Blue Ultra Megaforce Ranger Standard
Blue Megaforce Ranger 3-115 Blue Megaforce Ranger Standard
Robo Knight 3-116 Robo Knight Standard
Gosei Grand Megazord 3-117 Gosei Grand Megazord Standard
Pink Megaforce Ranger 3-118 Pink Megaforce Ranger Standard
Yellow Megaforce Ranger 3-119 Yellow Megaforce Ranger Standard
Megaforce Power Rangers 3-120 Megaforce Power Rangers Holographic

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