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CardZillion Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1

Card Catalog Guide to CardZillion Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1

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Picture Card Number Card Name Type
The 5 Power Rangers 1 The 5 Power Rangers Ultra
5 Mighty Warriors 2 5 Mighty Warriors Ultra
The 6 Power Rangers 3 The 6 Power Rangers Ultra
Zordon 4 Zordon Standard
Alpha 5 5 Alpha 5 Standard
Jason 6 Jason Standard
Jason, The Red Ranger 7 Jason, The Red Ranger Standard
The Red Ranger 8 The Red Ranger Standard
Trini 9 Trini Standard
Trini, The Yellow Ranger 10 Trini, The Yellow Ranger Standard
The Yellow Ranger 11 The Yellow Ranger Standard
Zack 12 Zack Standard
Zack, The Black Ranger 13 Zack, The Black Ranger Standard
The Black Ranger 14 The Black Ranger Standard
Kimberly 15 Kimberly Standard
Kimberly, The Pink Ranger 16 Kimberly, The Pink Ranger Standard
The Pink Ranger 17 The Pink Ranger Standard
Billy 18 Billy Standard
Billy, The Blue Ranger 19 Billy, The Blue Ranger Standard
The Blue Ranger 20 The Blue Ranger Standard
Tommy 21 Tommy Standard
Tommy, The Green Ranger 22 Tommy, The Green Ranger Standard
The Green Ranger 23 The Green Ranger Standard
The White Ranger 24 The White Ranger Ultra
Bulk and Skull 25 Bulk and Skull Standard
The Red Dragon Thunderzord 26 The Red Dragon Thunderzord Standard
The Griffin Thunderzord 27 The Griffin Thunderzord Standard
The Lion Thunderzord 28 The Lion Thunderzord Standard
The Firebird Thunderzord 29 The Firebird Thunderzord Standard
The Unicorn Thunderzord 30 The Unicorn Thunderzord Standard
The White Tigerzord 31 The White Tigerzord Standard
The Thunder Megazord 32 The Thunder Megazord Ultra
Lord Zedd 33 Lord Zedd Standard
Lord Zedd 34 Lord Zedd Ultra
Goldar 35 Goldar Standard
Lord Zedd and Goldar 36 Lord Zedd and Goldar Standard
Rita Repulsa 37 Rita Repulsa Standard
Baboo and Squatt 38 Baboo and Squatt Standard
The Z Putty Patrol 39 The Z Putty Patrol Standard
The Pirahntis Head 40 The Pirahntis Head Standard
The Primator 41 The Primator Standard
The Saliguana 42 The Saliguana Standard

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