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CardZillion Sailor Moon Series 2

Card Catalog Guide to CardZillion Sailor Moon Series 2

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Picture Card Number Card Name Type
Sailor Moon™ 43 Sailor Moon™ Ultra
Sailor Mercury™ 44 Sailor Mercury™ Ultra
Sailor Mars™ 45 Sailor Mars™ Ultra
Sailor Jupiter™ 46 Sailor Jupiter™ Ultra
Sailor Venus™ 47 Sailor Venus™ Ultra
Tuxedo Mask™ 48 Tuxedo Mask™ Ultra
Serena 49 Serena Standard
Amy 50 Amy Standard
Raye 51 Raye Standard
Lita 52 Lita Standard
Mina 53 Mina Standard
Darien 54 Darien Standard
Luna & Artemis 55 Luna & Artemis Standard
Queen Beryl™ 56 Queen Beryl™ Standard
Jedite 57 Jedite Standard
Neflite 58 Neflite Standard
Zoycite 59 Zoycite Standard
Malachite 60 Malachite Standard
Alan & Anne 61 Alan & Anne Standard
Moonlight Knight 62 Moonlight Knight Standard
Rini & Luna Sphere 63 Rini & Luna Sphere Standard
Rubbeus 64 Rubbeus Standard
The Four Sisters 65 The Four Sisters Standard
Serena & Luna 66 Serena & Luna Standard
A Moon Star is Born 67 A Moon Star is Born Standard
Popular Genius 68 Popular Genius Standard
Sailor Mars Revealed 69 Sailor Mars Revealed Standard
Fun in the Sun 70 Fun in the Sun Standard
Jupiter’s Arrival 71 Jupiter’s Arrival Standard
Moon Healing Activation 72 Moon Healing Activation Standard
Sailor Scouts 73 Sailor Scouts Standard
Forever Serena’s Love 74 Forever Serena’s Love Standard
Twins? Mina & Serena! 75 Twins? Mina & Serena! Standard
Sailor Scouts 76 Sailor Scouts Standard
Sailor Scouts 77 Sailor Scouts Standard
Darien’s Gift 78 Darien’s Gift Standard
Sailor Moon vs. Queen Beryl™ 79 Sailor Moon vs. Queen Beryl™ Standard
Sailor Moon Returns 80 Sailor Moon Returns Standard
Sailor Scouts 81 Sailor Scouts Standard
Moon Scepter Eliminator 82 Moon Scepter Eliminator Standard
Heroic Darien 83 Heroic Darien Standard
The kid from the sky 84 The kid from the sky Standard

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