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CardZillion Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 2

Card Catalog Guide to CardZillion Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 2

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Picture Card Number Card Name Type
Jason: Red Ranger 1 Jason: Red Ranger Ultra
Power Punch 2 Power Punch Standard
Karate Teacher 3 Karate Teacher Standard
Martial Arts Expert 4 Martial Arts Expert Standard
Morphing Time! 5 Morphing Time! Standard
Red Ranger 6 Red Ranger Standard
Power Sword 7 Power Sword Standard
Trini: Yellow Ranger 8 Trini: Yellow Ranger Ultra
Lightning Kick 9 Lightning Kick Standard
Generous Friend 10 Generous Friend Standard
Doll Collector 11 Doll Collector Standard
Morphing Time! 12 Morphing Time! Standard
Yellow Ranger 13 Yellow Ranger Standard
Power Daggers 14 Power Daggers Standard
Zack: Black Ranger 15 Zack: Black Ranger Ultra
Fancy Footwork 16 Fancy Footwork Standard
Let’s Dance! 17 Let’s Dance! Standard
Desktop Shredder 18 Desktop Shredder Standard
Morphing Time! 19 Morphing Time! Standard
Black Ranger 20 Black Ranger Standard
Power Axe 21 Power Axe Standard
Kimberly: Pink Ranger 22 Kimberly: Pink Ranger Ultra
Light As A Butterfly 23 Light As A Butterfly Standard
Generous Advisor 24 Generous Advisor Standard
Dance Virtuoso 25 Dance Virtuoso Standard
Morphing Time! 26 Morphing Time! Standard
Pink Ranger 27 Pink Ranger Standard
Power Bow 28 Power Bow Standard
Billy: Blue Ranger 29 Billy: Blue Ranger Ultra
Spin Kick 30 Spin Kick Standard
Determined White Belt 31 Determined White Belt Standard
Amazing Inventor 32 Amazing Inventor Standard
Morphing Time! 33 Morphing Time! Standard
Blue Ranger 34 Blue Ranger Standard
Power Lance 35 Power Lance Standard
Tommy: White Ranger 36 Tommy: White Ranger Ultra
Aerial Attack 37 Aerial Attack Standard
Puppet Ranger 38 Puppet Ranger Standard
Peaceful Mind 39 Peaceful Mind Standard
Morphing Time! 40 Morphing Time! Standard
White Ranger 41 White Ranger Standard
Dragon Dagger 42 Dragon Dagger Standard

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