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CardZillion Power Rangers All-Stars

Card Catalog Guide to CardZillion Power Rangers All-Stars

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Picture Card Number Card Name Type
Rocky 1 Rocky Standard
One-Man Wrecking Crew 2 One-Man Wrecking Crew Standard
Karate Expert 3 Karate Expert Standard
Snake Attack 4 Snake Attack Standard
Going My Way? 5 Going My Way? Ultra
It’s Morphin Time! 6 It’s Morphin Time! Standard
The Red Ranger 7 The Red Ranger Standard
Aisha 8 Aisha Standard
Put Up Your Dukes 9 Put Up Your Dukes Standard
Active Student! 10 Active Student! Standard
Speed Skater 11 Speed Skater Standard
Back Off! 12 Back Off! Ultra
It’s Morphin Time! 13 It’s Morphin Time! Standard
The Yellow Ranger 14 The Yellow Ranger Standard
Adam 15 Adam Standard
Self-Made Warrior 16 Self-Made Warrior Standard
School Fever 17 School Fever Standard
Blade Runner 18 Blade Runner Standard
Ready, Willing, and Able 19 Ready, Willing, and Able Ultra
It’s Morphin Time! 20 It’s Morphin Time! Standard
The Black Ranger 21 The Black Ranger Standard
Kimberly 22 Kimberly Standard
Light As a Butterfly 23 Light As a Butterfly Standard
Loving Friend 24 Loving Friend Standard
Grace Under Fire 25 Grace Under Fire Standard
A Moment of Relaxation 26 A Moment of Relaxation Ultra
It’s Morphin Time! 27 It’s Morphin Time! Standard
The Pink Ranger 28 The Pink Ranger Standard
Billy 29 Billy Standard
On the Defense 30 On the Defense Standard
Karate Student 31 Karate Student Standard
World Teen Summit 32 World Teen Summit Standard
Fashionably Casual 33 Fashionably Casual Ultra
It’s Morphin Time! 34 It’s Morphin Time! Standard
The Blue Ranger 35 The Blue Ranger Standard
Tommy 36 Tommy Standard
Aerial Attack 37 Aerial Attack Standard
Schoolmates 38 Schoolmates Standard
Practice Makes Perfect 39 Practice Makes Perfect Standard
Ready for Action 40 Ready for Action Ultra
It’s Morphin Time! 41 It’s Morphin Time! Standard
The White Ranger 42 The White Ranger Standard

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