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The insects of the world all swarm in response to an unknown menace. To investigate this, Kai Takuya of the Earth Academia journeys into the jungle and meets the insect elder Guru in a cave. Guru tells him that invaders from another dimension are coming to take over the Earth, and that the insects are fighting to protect it. Takuya says humans will fight too. The evil army Jamahl arrives in the Jamahl fortress. Their leader Gaohm sends his generals and soldiers to Earth to start enslaving mankind. Katagiri Daisaku and Hayama Rei save a girl from Jamar soldiers, but are captured. Meanwhile, at the Earth Academia, Professor Mukai and Takuya are working on 3 prototype armor suits to help combat Jamahl. Guru appears there and sends 3 insects into the armor to infuse them with life. The armors shrink and enter the 3 Bee Commanders, and Guru tels them to select 3 warriors to fight Gaohm. One chooses Takuya, transforming him into Blue Beet when he opens the Bee Commander and cries "Juukou!", and the others fly off to Daisaku and Rei. They change into G.Stag and Reddle, and when Blue Beet arrives the 3 of them fight off the Jamahl forces.

With their new-found power, the Beetle Fighters fight to drive back Jamahl's forces. Using their versatile Input Magnums and their powerful Stinger Weapons, they force the Jamahl troops to retreat. Jamahl, however, is too strong to be beaten so easily, and continues to set into motion plans for its world conquest. Its 3 generals Gigaro, commander of the synthetic beast army; Jera, commander of the paid soldier army; and Schwartz, commander of the combat mecha army, send monster after monster after the Beetle Fighters, but all of them are destroyed. Even Gaohm is apparently killed by Blue Beet, but returns soon after in a stronger form. The Beetle Fighters also meet their share of comrades against Gaohm, including: Larla, a scientist from the Aroa dimension who falls in love with Takuya; Sinbad, the sole survivor of his own dimension whose plans to assassinate Gaohm are tragically cut short; Kaori, a ghost called forth by one of Jera' soldiers who breaks free of his control and helps fight against him; and Kabuto, the son of Guru who brings with him the legendary Beet Ingram, paving the way for Blue Beet's evolution into the more powerful Super Blue Beet.

In a daring plan, Gaohm commands the evil insect sorcerer Jagul to create an evil B-Fighter. Jagul sends a long-horned beetle to bite Takuya and take a sample of his cells. From the beetle and Takuya's cells, Jagul creates the enigmatic Shadow, who has the power to transform into the evil B-Fighter, Black Beet, by raising his Black Commander and shouting "Jakou!". Black Beet proves to be one of the Beetle Fighters' deadliest enemies, and they are even more shocked when it is revealed that Shadow is a clone of Takuya. Because of this, Shadow cannot oexist with Takuya, and when one is hurt the other also feels pain. Shadow desperately begins searching for a way to stay alive.

Rei leaves the team to go to the South American branch of the Earth Academia. At the same time, a shipment of new weapons, the Pulsabers, is being sent to the team but it is shot down by Jamahl aircraft. They are found by Takatori Mai, who takes them to the Earth Academia and is chosen by the insect power in Rei's Bee Commander to be the new Reddle. With their new weapons and a new mecha, the giant Mega Heracles, the Beetle Fighters are complete once more.

The mysterious alien known as Muscle arrives on Earth with a shining feather that belongs to the legendary creature known as Saint Papilia. Saint Papilia is a "butterfly of life" who restores life to dead planets and can grant the gift of immortality. Muscle was healed once by Saint Papilia and has followed the clues about her to Earth. Muscle is killed, though, and Black Beet gains possession of the feather. He realizes that Saint Papilia can give him the life he craves, and begins to search for a way to achieve his goal.

But Gaohm has seen these events and he also wants to gain the gift of eternal life. He plans to destroy all life on earth so that Saint Papilia will come to revive it, and then to capture her and take his gift of immortality. Gaohm's ultimate plan is the Jamahl Hole, a rift in space that will suck the life-giving atmosphere from the earth. To complete this device, Gaohm begins gathering as much energy as he can. Preparing for the final battle, Gigaro powers himself up into Final Gigaro and attacks the Beetle Fighters, but is killed by his own master Gaohm, who needs his life-energy to speed up the Jamahl Hole's completion. Schwartz also launches a series of attacks but his body is destroyed and his head is sent into eternal orbit around the Earth. Jera, seeing Gaohm's treachery against Gigaro, defects from Jamahl and joins with Black Beet in the search for Saint Papilia. Gaohm uses th warrior Hidra to capture Guru and force him to call the insects to lend their energy to the Jamahl Hole, completing it. Jera sneaks into Gaohm's private chamber and sees his *true* form, and is killed for her knowledge, but not before telling the Beetle Fighters of the secret room. The Beetle Fighters begin their final attack on the Jamahl Fortress and break their way into Gaohm's secret chamber. Here they see Gaohm's true form -- a small embryonic creature in a liquid-filled glass tank, born from a space warp and now wanting immortality. The Beetle Fighters eventually destroy the Jamahl Fortress and Gaohm is killed when it crashes to Earth.

The Jamahl Hole is still active, however, and it is up to G. Stag and Reddle in the Mega Heracles to stop it. Meanwhile, Blue Beet and Black Beet prepare for their own final battle. In the duel, Blue Beet is badly wounded but counterattacks and kills Black Beet, who disintegrates into a pile of black ash. But Blue Beet also dies from his wounds, and is found by Daisaku and Mai, returning from destroying the Jamahl Hole. Saint Papilia appears overhead and bathes Takuya in a rainbow-colored light, bringing him back to life, saying that the world needs him. Peace has returned to the world at last...or has it?

Kabuto calls the Beetle Fighters, along with the previous "metal heroes" Blue SWAT and Janperson, to put on a show for the children at a carnival. But their plans are cut short when Jagul, who has survived, begins kidnapping young women and resurrects several defeated monsters to battle the heroes. Sara (of Blue SWAT) and Mai are taken captive by Jagul, who plans to drain their and the other women's life energy to revive the ultimate evil. Mai and Sara escape, but not before Jagul has gained some of the evil power she was after, changing into a new form with the heads of various Blue SWAT, Janperson, and Beetle Fighter enemies on her. She traps the metal heroes in a pocket dimension but Blue Beet manages to escape and finds Jagul's weak point. Blue Beet kills her and the heroes give a spectacular show for the children at the carnival.


The Beetle Fighters change from human to their armored forms using the Bee Commanders, handheld devices that look like the top view of a beetle. They have different horns at the top of the Commander depending on which Fighter's one it is. Upon shouting the command, "Juukou!" (Heavy shell), the Bee Commanders' "wings" open to reveal their insect armor, miniaturized, inside. The armor then attaches itself to each fighter.

All of the Beetle Fighters have a set of basic weapons. The most often used is a gun known as the Input Magnum. It has a 10- key numeric pad on the side, and by keying in different combinations of 3 numbers the gun can fire a variety of different projectiles. (not all of these were used on the show)

110: Beam Mode

010: Freezing Beam

108: Supersonic Soundwaves

119: Fire Extinguishing Gas

289: Magnetic Beam

818: Flamethrower

964: Destructive Bullets

264: Flash Bullets

305: Torimochi Bullets (?)

967: Anti-gravity Beam

049: Rescue Signal

088: Laughing Gas

409: Anesthetic

054: Recovery

026: Boiling Water

In episode #22, each of the Beetle Fighters gets a short sword with a gold blade called the Pulsaber. With this each fighter can execute the PulSlash, a diagonal slash with the Pulsaber. The Pulsaber can also attach to the top of the Input Magnum to form the Saber Magnum, which can fire a more powerful beam of energy, the Maxim Beam. (also input # 110)

Blue Beet:

The leader of the Beetle Fighters is Blue Beet. His Insect Armor is modeled after a kabutomushi ("helmet beetle"), and has one large horn on its forehead.. His Stinger Weapon is the Stinger Blade, a triangular swordlike weapon. When the turbine inside the Stinger Blade spins, the blade revolves and gains extra power, allowing him to perform the deadly Beele Break, a diagonal slash trailing blue energy behind it. In episode #21, Blue Beet receives an augmented Stinger Weapon, the Stinger Drill, a large drill that attaches to his wrist. The front and back halves of the drill rotate in opposite directions, and his attack with it is the Strike Blast, a charging stab that bores a hole through his enemies.

Blue Beet receives an additional weapon in episode #35, a red and white semi-automatic-like double-barreled gun called the Beet Ingram. The Beet Ingram is a legendary gun that is said can only be used by a great hero. The top of the Beet Ingram can fold forward and over the barrels so that they are covered by a single barrel with two pincerlike armatures protruding from it. The Beet Ingram in this mode can be combined with Blue Beet's Pulsaber by attaching the Pulsaber to the top, to create the Beet Ingram Final Mode. In episode #36, Blue Beet also evolves to be able to become Super Blue Beet, with four metallic insectoid wings extending from his back and Plasma Dischargers, looking like exhaust pipes, growing from his wrists and ankles. He transforms to Super Blue Beet with the command "Metarufooze!" (Metal-Phose), and in this mode he can employ the full power of the Beet Ingram. Energy is collected in his wings and is then transferred to the Beet Ingram Final Mode, releasing a powerful blast of energy, the Super Final Blow.

Blue Beet's Beet Machine is the Beetluder, which looks like a kabutomushi on 6 wheels. From the two tips of its horn it can fire bolts of blue energy (the Beet Blazer), and it can attach the Magne Attachment concealed within G. Stag's Stagger Tank onto its horn also. With the magnet in place, the Beetluder can fire a powerful attractive magnetic beam, the Beetractor.

Blue Beet's human identity is Kai Takuya (23 years old), an insect researcher at the Earth Academia. The evil sorcerer Jagul uses a kamikirimushi (long-horned beetle) to take a sample of Takuya's cells, and uses it to create a clone of hm. This clone is known as Shadow, and can become the evil Black Beet (see below)

G. Stag:

The most physically powerful of the Beetle Fighters is G. Stag, whose armor is modeled after a kuwagata-mushi, or stag beetle, and has two horns on its head. G. Stag is strong enough to lift the Jamar soldiers and toss them around like rag dolls. His Stinger Weapon is the Stinger Claw, a large yellow pincerlike claw that he can use to crush enemies or grab them and throw them aside. When the turbine inside it spins, the entire claw spins to give it added crushing power. G. Stag also can lift enemies captured in the claw above his head and when the turbine activates, they spin around in his grip and he throws them to the ground. His deadly attack with the claw is the Raging Slash, a horizontal slice trailing green energy behind it. The claw can also detach and be thrown like a projectile, the Stinger Boomerang.

G. Stag's Beet Machine is the Stagger Tank, which looks like a stag beetle on treads. It has a double-barreled cannon on top (the Stag Buster) which fires bolts of green energy. By using the Stagger Scissors technique, the Stagger Tank grabs Jamar soldiers or planes in its pincers and the top of the tank spins around, tossing them off into a cliff or rock face. The Stagger Tank can use the Drill Attachment concealed in the Beetluder, a two-drill weapon that can be held in the Stagger Tank's jaws and be used to burrow underground.

G. Stag's human form is Katagiri Daisaku (23 years old), an impetuous but nature-loving man who is a tree doctor and claims to be able to hear trees and plants when they are dying. He was afraid of the water but overcomes his fear to save his father Katagiri Daitetsu, a fisherman, from a trap laid by the gouseijuu Ebigaanya, in episode #26.


The only female Beetle Fighter is Reddle, modeled after a female kabutomushi. Her armor has two small horns on its head. Reddle is the fastest and most nimble of the Beetle Fighter. Reddle's Stinger Weapon is the Stinger Plasmar, an array of four red beam emitters that fire powerful beams of red ion energy. She can use this energy to capture her enemies in energy ropes and drag them across the ground or throw them through the air. If the internal turbine is activated the array spins at high speed and Reddle can utilize the Tornado Spark, firing her beams in a wide circular pattern.

Reddle's Beet Machine is the Red Gyro, which looks something like a ladybug with jet engines on its sides. Its primary weapon is the Red Pulsar, a blast from the two cannons located on its front. By directing its engines downward, the Red Gyro can use the Gyro Typhoon to create strong winds to blow enemies around or to put out fires. The back of the Red Gyro can open like a beetle's wings to reveal booster engines for added speed. From its underside the Red Gyro can lower the Wire Hand, a claw on a wire that can be used to pick up objects and carry them. It can also pick up the Magne Attachment and use it to attract and carry metallic objects.

The first Reddle was Hayama Rei (22 years old), an animal instructor at an aquarium. In episode #22, however, she leaves the team to go to the South American branch of the Earth Academia, to do research and help with protecting the animals there. She is soon replaced by Takatori Mai (19 years old), a young and cheerful girl who is "chosen" by the Pulsabers as the next Reddle.

Mega Heracles:

The largest insect mecha is the black and yellow Mega Heracles, a giant mechanical Hercules Beetle with jointed legs, which first appeared in episode #24. The Mega Heracles can run on autopilot, although it requires the Pulsabers to be set into it first, and its horn is a gigantic cannon known as the Mega Cannon. The horn is actually a minijet, the Jet Heracles, and can separate and attack on its own with someone piloting it, while the remaining Land Heracles fights on its own.

The back of the Mega Heracles opens up to revea a landing pad where the 3 other Beet Machines can land and be locked in place by docking clamps, in the Mega Beet Formation. By combining all of the insect power, the Mega Heracles can use the full power of its cannon, the Mega Beet Cannon, the most powerful weapon at the Beetle Fighters' disposal.

Other characters:

The homebase leader of the Beetle Fighters is Professor Mukai Kenzou, an old man dedicated to the pursuit of justice. He fell in love with Sayuri, a plant researcher, many years ago, but left her. She returns to help him defeat the gouseijuu Razuberuga in episode #38.

Guru is an elder of the insect tribe, and looks like a big brown kabutomushi beetle with a yellow mustache and beard. He carries a staff with a curled top and was the one who gave the Beetle Fighters their powers. Guru possesses great mystical power of his own.

Kabuto is the son of Guru. He is a white robotic-looking humanoid who left his father 100 years ago and has been traveling across the dimensions as a supplier of weaponry and equipment. He returns to earth in episode #35, to visit the grave of his mother, bringing with him a legendary gun that can only be wielded by a great hero. Blue Beet is that hero, and the gun is the Beet Ingram.

Saint Papilia is a legendary "butterfly of life" who can grant immortality. She is a humanoid with butterfly wings and white armor, and appears when the life on a world has been destroyed. She then revives the world by giving it new life. Saint Papilia already appeared once on Earth, after the Ice Age, and revived the Earth so the life of today could be born. Both Gaohm and Black Beet sought Saint Papilia in the hopes of obtaining the gift of eternal life. After Blue Beet's duel with Black Beet in episode #51, Takuya is severely wounded and, although he has beaten Shadow, dies also. Saint Papilia appears above him and resurrects him, saying that the world needs him.


The enemies of the Beetle Fighters were the evil army Jamahl, who came from another dimension to take over the earth.

The highest leader of Jamahl was the mysterious Gaohm, who first appeared as a tall figure with a white and purple robe and chitinous face. He was supposedly killed in episode #18, but returned soon after in a new, stronger form. The new Gaohm was only a gigantic torso floating in space, with an exposed purple heart, only one arm (the right one) and wires running here and there on his body. In the end, however, it was revealed that even this was not actually Gaohm's true form -- he was actually a small embryonic alien creature in a tank of liquid. He was born from a space warp and wandered in space until he gained enough power to become Jamahl's commander, and sought the legendary life-giver Saint Papilia to give him eternal life. He was killed in episode #50, however, when the Beetle Fighters destroyed the Jamahl fortress and it crashed to earth and exploded.

Gaohm could send his warriors to the "Gaohm Zone", another dimension in which they had added power. Several times, when a battle was going badly, Gaohm grabbed both his warrior and the Beetle Fighters in a giant hand and set them down in a Gaohm Zone designed for that warrior. Each Zone was a blank place with a few ornaments in the ceiling or walls that reflected the warrior there. For example, Hammerkong's zone had giant nails stuck in the floor, and Gari-rat's had large pieces of cheese and stylized rat faces. When the monster was destroyed, the Gaohm Zone vanished and the Beetle Fighters were returned to our dimension.

There were 3 'generals" in Jamahl, each commanding an army of different types of monsters:

Gigaro was a creature composed of various animal parts. He had white scallop shell plating, a crustacean-shell covered left hand and right leg, and the top of his head resembled a whale's mouth. He also wore a cape and green armor. Gigaro commanded the Gouseijuu gundan (synthetic beast army), composed of humanoid monsters with th characteristics of animals. Gigaro was originally a skeletal creature on a desert planet in the Garo dimension, hunted for unknown reasons by humanoids. Exhausted and near death, Gaohm gave him a new powerful body and recruited him into Jamahl. Gigaro used a white bonelike sword and his head could open to reveal a gun. He could also fire spiderweb-like threads from his head, the Giga Thread. In episode #46, Gigaro imbued himself with life energy to power-up into Final Gigaro, a red and white version of himself with more power. He was ultimately killed by his master Gaohm who needed his life energy to hasten completion of the Jamahl Hole.

Jera was a female warrior who wore a red robe and had a white mannequinlike facemask and a red beret. She used a whip that she could charge with energy as a weapon. Jera commanded the youhei gundan (paid soldier army), composed of mercenary warriors from various dimensions. In battle, Jera discarded her robe to reveal a leotardlike red and pink costume. She turned against Gaohm when she learned of his killing of Gigaro, and joined forces with Black Beet against Gaohm. She discovered Gaohm's true form and was fatally wounded for it, but before she died she was found by the Beetle Fighers and her mask was removed. Jera was revealed to actually be a Caucasian woman with blond hair.

Schwartz was actually a computer virus given a living body. He wore a white lab coat and his body was robotic. He had black glasses and tubelike hair, and commanded the sentou meka gundan (combat mecha army), composed of robots designed for battle. Schwartz could fire electrical bolts from his hands and created many powerful weapons for use against his enemies. He had an older brother named Macho Number 5 who was actually created by Schwartz himself. In episode #41, Macho joined forces with Schwartz literally -- Schwartz was enclosed within Macho's hulking body after an injury during the initial battle with the Beetle Fighters damaged him. Blue Beet killed Macho wth the Super Final Blow, but before exploding he pulled Schwartz out of him and threw him aside to safety. Schwartz later changed into a tanklike mode in episode #47 but was apparently destroyed by the Mega Beet Cannon. However, his head survived and, joining with mannequins in the city, captured several people in an attempt to fatally squeeze out their fat to use for lubrication for his machine "friends". Schwartz himself had been damaged in the explosion and had gone mad. He even tried to put Jera into his fat-extracting chamber, but she was saved by Black Beet. When the Beetle Fighters found him, Schwartz joined with a bulldozer and, later, a giant stone statue, but was finally destroyed by the Mega Beet Cannon. Or was he? Schwartz's head survived again, but was blasted into the earth's orbit, where he will remain, alive but bodiless, for eternity.

The Jamar were faceless soldiers that served Gaohm and were employed in menial tasks. They were yellow and brown with yellow ridged featureless faces, and used swords in battle that could convert to machine guns. In episode #50, the elite Jamar who guarded Gaohm were shown. These were red versions of the normal Jamar and were able to continue fighting even after their heads had been severed, shooting energy beams from their decapitated heads.

The Jamahl fortress was a flying behemoth that looked like an outstretched hand. It had an opening where the palm would be, where the Jamahl fighter jets emerged from and where Jamahl's new super-weapons were located.

The evil insect sorcerer Jagul used the power of a kamikirimushi (long-horned beetle) and a cell sample from Kai Takuya to create Black Beet, an evil B-Fighter. Black Beet had items analogous to the Beetle Fighters': to transform, he used his Black Commander and cried "Jakou!" (Evil Shell). He had a gun known as the Jamming Magnum and his Stinger Weapon was the Stinger Byoot ("byuuto" is the sound effect of something like a whip whizzing through the air), whih had two forms. In Wire Mode it was a claw on a long wire, that could be used to grab long-distance things or to strangle people. In Saber mode, the wire retracted and hardened into a long thin blade with the claw on the end, and could be used much like a sword. Black Beet's human form was Shadow, a man always dressed in black with a black coat and black hat that hid his face. In episode #43, it was revealed that Black Beet was a clone of Takuya, and looked exactly like him. Because he was a clone, he could not survive on his own and sought Saint Papilia's gift of eternal life. He was killed in episode #51 in a duel with Blue Beet, blasted by the Super Final Blow, and disintegrated into a pile of black ash.


(Japanese name is first, then translated name in parentheses, followed by an indication of which army they belong to:

GSJ - Gigaro's synthetic beast (gouseijuu) army

YH - Jera's paid soldier (youhei) army

SM - Schwartz's combat mecha (sentou meka) army

Then the episode number and title are given, followed by a translation of the title and then a description of the monster.

Also: some of the monsters' names just don't sound right translated, so in those cases the Japanese names are used in the description. Hope this doesn't cause too much confusion.

This is not a complete title list or episode guide. This is only a description of the monsters in the show, and since some episodes didn't feature a monster, they are not included here.

(But for those of you who want a full episode list, I have appended Cory's older episode list at the end. - AT)

Saaberaiza (Saberiza) - YH

1. "Konchuu Senshi da!" (Insect Warriors!)

Saberiza was a swordsman who wore silver chest and shoulder armor plates, black pants, and red gloves. The right half of his head was covered by a metallic plate and his nose and mouth were covered by a black scarf. He carried a large sword that he used as a weapon, and was the first of Jamahl's monsters that the Beetle Fighters battled against.

Hebizuneeku (Snakez'nake) - GSJ

2. "Odoru Ningen Gari!" (The Dancing Human Hunt!)

Heizuneeku looked like a humanoid body with a long snake draped over the head area so that the head and tail became his arms. His body was green with diamond-shaped markings and his chest area was red with white veinlike marks on it. His right arm was the head of the large snake and his left arm was its tail, and both sides were long enough to be used like whips or to strangle his enemies. In battle with the Beetle Fighters, the snake was destroyed to reveal a second head and arms underneath. The second head was a red snake's head and the arms were green humanoid arms. He could fire beams from the eyes of his second head.

Hanmakongu (Hammer Kong) - SM

3. "Deta!! Konchuu Meka" (They Appeared!! The Insect Mecha)

Hammer Kong was a silver and gold robot with giant hammers on his hands and a head in the shape of a hammer head with the striking surface being his face. He could pound his hammer hands on the ground to create explosive shockwaves (Hammer Crush), or toss them like giant boomerangs (Hammer Boomerang). He could also fire an energy beam from his one eye (Kong Beam) and spit giant nails to pin his enemies to the wall (Kugi Attaku - Nail Attack). He was killed by Reddle's Tornado Spark.

Desuranchaa (Death Launcher) - SM

4. "Chou Mashin Oo Abare" (Super Machine Great Riot)

Death Launcher was a green robot with missile launchers on his shoulders and gun batteries on his wrists, which were his major weapons. His body was covered in green armor plating and his head looked something like a green gas mask with yellow oval eyes. He was killed by the Beetle Break.

Baguma Birusu (Bagma Virus) - GSJ

5. "Juukou Jakku!!" (Heavyshell-Jack)

Bagma Virus was a light blue creature with a segmented body. His arms were pink and ended in two claws, and he had two shorter arms sprouting from his waist. He had a large head with a row of giant teeth running across it, and two feathery antennae. There were also white spikes on his head, and two orange circles on his chest. He could shrink to microscopic size and infiltrate the Beetle Figher Insect Armor and control them to move as he wished, and could split himself so as to control more than one Beetle Fighter at once. He could also extend two long tentacles ending in spikes from the two circles on his chest.

Zaikingu (Zyking) - YH

6. "Mori no Sakebi o Kike" (Listen to the Forest's Cry)

Zyking was a warrior with silver and gold armor, a red cloth wrapped around his neck and extending like a loincloth, a white cape, and gold spikes on his shoulders. He used a round shield with gold trim and small gold spikes around it, and a black axe with a spiked head. His head was somewhat like a cow's skull, but longer and with two black horns. Zyking could fire blasts from his axe and from his eyes, and could detach his head from his body, the head flying around on its own and attacking. Zyking was killed by the Raging Slash.

Gamerio (Gamerio) - SM

7. "Nazo no Gekishaman!!" (The Mysterious Violent Photographer)

Gamerio was a black camera-based robot with a lens on his chest and eyes that looked like flashbulbs. His shoulders were large metallic blocks that resembled the sides of a camera. Gamerio disguised himself as a photographer, and when he took pictures of people they were transported to a Jamahl slave quarry to work for Jamahl. His transport could be interfered with by high-frequency soundwaves, such as those emitted by a dog whistle. Gamerio had three small guns on each shoulder that fired explosive bullets, and could fire an energy whirlwind from the lens on his chest. He could also become invisible, and could replace his head with a metallic block covered in small red lenses, which could fire energy beams.

Barudasu (Bardas) - YH

8. "Onegai!! Mahouseki" (Please!! Evil Jewel)

Bardas was an otherdimensional warrior who got his power from a jewel called the Pholonjewel (Foronjueru), which fit inside his head. Bardas had a black body with jagged purple stripes covering it. He had blac boots and gloves, and a black cape with yellow trim that came around to cover his shoulders, wrapped around his neck, and ended in a point below his knees in the back. His head was a white distorted cubelike structure with a black circle on each face. With his jewel he could fire energy blasts and was nearly unstoppable, but the Beetle Fighters destroyed it and killed him with the Beetle Break.

Garineezu (Gari-Rat) - GSJ

9. "Toraneko Dakkai Sakusen" (The Tabby-Cat Recovery Operation)

Garineezu was a hunchbacked gray-furred rat monster with sharp gnawing teeth. His mission was to gnaw through underground power cables to create a mass panic. He could breathe fire and change into a large ball to roll over his enemies. However, he had a phobia of cats, so severe that he abandoned a battle he was winning after seeing a cat nearby. To cure this, Gigaro forced Garineezu to run through a maze with Jamar soldiers holding cats behind every corner, 100 times. After the 100th time, his fear was gone, but he was still beaten by the Beetle Break.

Baara & Burakku Doragon (Barla & Black Dragon) - YH

10. "Gekitou!! Ryuu no Kenshi" (A Violent Fight!! The Dragon Swordsman)

Barla was a friend of Jera's who wore a living armored chestplate, the Black Dragon, which was made from a monster by that name that Jera and Barla defeated. Barla also wore black pants and armored boots, a black helmet with gold trim, and a black cape. She used a sword as a weapon, and could change into a whirlwind, attacking rapidly with her sword while spinning, and could become invisible. The Black Dragon could fire a jet of flame, explosive bullets, a fireball, and an energy beam from its mouth. Eventually, however, the armor turned on Barla and possessed her, turning her face into a grotesque dragonlike image and using her as a puppet to attack Jera. Barla finally broke free of its control and stabbed it -- and herself, with a dagger. Near death but free of the Dragon and still a warrior, Barla challengedBlue Beet to a duel and was killed.

Ikari Bonba (Anger Bomber) - SM

11. "Ikari Robo Dai Bousou" (The Great Reckless Run of the Anger Robot)

Anger Bomber was a walking purple hand grenade with arms and legs and blue and green camouflage markings. His head was silver and shaped like the top of a grenade. When he got mad, his arms and legs folded in so that he looked like a giant grenade, the meter on the left side of his head went into the red zone, the pin on his head flew off and he exploded with tremendous power. His hands were flat with rows of four small cannons that fired explosive projectiles. He was destroyed when Reddle used the Wire Hand with the Magne Attachment to pick up Anger Bomber off the ground, and blown up by the Beetluder and Stagger Tank's guns.

Namakeruge (Sloth-eruge) - GSJ

12. "Yaruki o Ubae!!" (Steal the Motivation!!)

A yellow and brown-furred sloth with long arms that ended in two black hooklike claws, he had a long black horn on his head and a red pouch with black spikes on his back. He had a long tongue with a sucker on the end that he could use to steal the motivation from people, making them lazy and inactive. The stolen motivation was collected in the pouch on his back. He was able to steal the motivation of both Takuya and Daisaku, but the insect power of their Bee Commanders brought them back to their senses. He was killed when G. Stag sliced the pouch open to restore everyone's motivation, leaving them free to finish him off.

Gagamiraa (Gaga-Mirror - also a pun on "kagami" or mirror) - SM

13. "Ayaushi Juukou Kichi" (The Heavyshell Base is in Danger)

Gaga-Mirror was a white robot with a domelike head and a rounded chest. His chest could split and swing open to reveal a large mirror, and anyone whose reflection he captured in the mirror could be trapped inside, and Gagamirror could assume their shape. Gaga-Mirror had two red spikes on the mirror cover on his chest, and his arms ended in clawlike hands that could open o reveal a green lens that could fire energy blasts. He had diamond-shaped spikes on his head, two concave eyes, and thick gray pipes protruding from his back. He absorbed Takuya into his mirror and disguised himself as Takuya to infiltrate the Heavyshell Base, but was eventually discovered and killed by the Beetle Break.

Buubuubuu (Bububu) - GSJ

15. "Tonda Aidoru" (The Idol Who Flew)

Bububu was a light tan skinned pig monster with a dark brown chest and gray hooflike feet. He had floppy ears and two cracked tusks. He could breathe a white gas that stole human voices, rendering people unable to make any noises but pig noises ("buhi buhi buhi"). He could also fire energy beams from his nose (Hana Biimu - Nose Beam) and eyes, and could breathe fire.

Iruba (Ilba) - YH

16. "Honoo no Choujigen Shoujo" (The Flaming Super-dimensional Maiden)

Ilba was a warrior with gold armor plates with silver trim on his shoulders and hips, a gold helmet, and a white cloth with strange black markings hanging from his face. His major power was that he could cast illusions, with the eye on his sword as the source of his power. His sword had a long flat blade and an eye on the hand-guard, and the hilt was segmented like a rattlesnake rattle. Ilba turned the sword upside down and faced the eye at his enemy, the hilt writhed back and forth, and an illusion was created. He could also fire energy beams from the sword. However, if the eye was destroyed Ilba was virtually powerless. Ilba was sent to kill Mina, the last survivor of the Botania Dimension that Jamahl had destroyed. Her father sent her to our dimension with the seeds of the Botania tribe, and erased her memory, accompanied by the robot Guardy to act as her mother. After Ilba was destroyed, Mina returned to her dimension with the seeds, to build it anew.

Desu Maruto (Death Mult) -

17. "Shitou!! Gattai Kaijin" (Death Fight!! The Combined Monster)

Death Mult was originally one of Jera's youhei, a warrior with green and silvr armor and a faceplate like a bird's beak. He used a silver boomerang but was killed by the Beetle Fighters easily. After this, Jera retrieved his body and the three generals decided to turn him into a combination of all 3 of their armies. The rebuilt Death Mult had red and silver armor and had aspects of all 3 generals' types of monsters. He kept the armor and faceplate of the original Death Mult except it was now red; his arms and legs were like a layered shell, he had a segmented scorpion's tail, two folding wings on his back, and spiky red feathers covering his head; on his right shoulder was a red and silver cannon with a barrel like a bird's head, and on his left was a similar one with a barrel like a dragon's head. He could fire rings of energy from the bird's head cannon and explosive bullets from the dragon's head one. He used a sword and could fire explosive gas from pipes on his arms. He could also fly with his wings and shoot a beam of energy that he could use to capture his enemies with like a rope. Death Mult was just about to finish off the Beetle Fighters when the 3 generals started arguing about what method he should use to deliver the final blow. Jera wanted him to use his sword, Gigaro wanted him to use his tail stinger, and Schwartz wanted him to use a machine gun in his body. Overwhelmed by conflicting orders, Death Mult was distracted long enough for the Beetle Fighters to counterattack and kill him.

Kamazakiraa (Kamazakiller) - GSJ

21. "Gokuaku Konchuu Taggu" (Atrocious Insect Tag)

Kamazakiller was a praying mantis monster with turquoise armor plated arms and legs. One hand was a normal hand with a large curved blade at the wrist, and the other was a long double sickle-like claw. He had two orange areas on his chest, under which were two sets of small insect legs. He also had an orange bump on each shoulder, with a longer insect leg protruding from it. His head was triangular with the point facing downwards, with two long antennae and spikes around it. He hd two green compound eyes and small mandibles. Kamazakiller's mission was to spread its eggs throughout the city, injecting them into people using his long, spiked tongue. The eggs would then grow and hatch his offspring inside their hosts. Kamazakiller was killed by Blue Beet's new weapon, the Stinger Drill, using the Strike Blast.

Gorugodaru (Gorgodal) - YH

23. "Kaijin ni Hanataba o..." (A Bouquet for a Monster...)

Gorgodal was one of Jera's mercenaries who switched sides and paid for it. He wore red chest armor and black pants. His headpiece was a large red helmet that covered his shoulders with a hole for his face, and extended upwards to end in a long point. His face was painted black and he used a 4-pointed giant shuriken weapon. However, after Mai gave him a scolding for following Jera just for the money, Gorgodal decided to quit and tried to return the money he had been paid. But Gaohm didn't accept this and damaged Gorgodal's brain so that he would become a raging monster. Mai tried to talk to him again, but he could barely remember her name. Gorgodal eventually had to be destroyed, but was given a burial and his grave was marked with his shuriken weapon.

Dangaa (Dangar) - SM

25. "Utsukushiki Toubousha!!" (The Beautiful Runaway)

Dangar was a blue robot with red circles on his chest, elbows, and shoulders, and black spikes on his arms, legs, and head. He had four-pointed small wheels on his hips and a face something like a gas mask, with 5 black spikes along the top of his head. Dangar could fire off the spikes on his wrists as darts and the spikes on his shoulders as missiles, and could shoot an energy beam from his hand. Dangar's mission was to kill the escapee Lala (Raara), who had been forced to help build the Death Gaohm, a powerful cannon that could destroy all of Japan with one blast, but had run away. Lala was actually a scientist from the Aroa dimension and although she fell in love with Takuya, she returned home after Dangar and the Death Gohm were destroyed.

Ebigaanya (Shrimpcraabya) - GSJ

26. "Kani to Mizugi to Oyaji" (Crabs and Swimsuits and Dad)

Ebigaanya was a red-shelled combination crab and shrimp monster. His chest was covered with plates of red and white shell, and he had two crab claws coming from his shoulders. His arms ended in the same kind of claws, red with a white inner edge. His legs were black and his feet were like shrimp facing upwards -- their tails were his feet and their heads were at his knees. He had two white eyestalks that ended in black eyes and a large red shell with white markings on his back, shaped like an oval with pointed ends. Ebigaanya could emit a liquid that turned ordinary water into poison. He could also fire jets of water or binding rope from his claws, reflect the Beetle Fighters' attacks with his back shell, and create illusions when around a body of water. After Daisaku's father tried to stop him from polluting the water, Ebigaanya set him adrift with a bomb in his boat. Daisaku overcame his fear of the water and saved his father, and returned to battle Ebigaanya. He was killed by a hot water blast from the Beetle Fighters' Input Magnums, which cooked him and rendered him incapacitated for G. Stag to finish him off with the Raging Slash.

Ikari Bonba 2 (Anger Bomber 2) - SM

27. "Yomigaeru Toragari Tamashii" (Revive the Haircutting Soul (?))

Anger Bomber 2 looked basically like the first version except instead of purple, he was now orange. His head was cylindrical now and had silver pipes protruding in back. Anger Bomber 2 could also self-explode but in addition, when the Beetle Fighters blew him up he could bring his pieces back together and regenerate himself. However, during a battle at a junkyard, he accidentally fused himself with a thrown-away hair clipper, which grafted itself onto his left hand. Overcome by the hair clipper's desire to cut hair and to get back at those who had discarded it when it was still usable, Anger Bomber went on a rampage, shavingthe heads of everyone in the city he came across. He kept being blown up and coming back together until finally the Beetle Fighters destroyed his pieces before they could rejoin each other.

Shinigamian (Deathgodian) - YH

28. "Manatsu no Junjou Yuurei" (The Pure-Hearted Ghost of Summer)

Shinigamian was a youhei who looked much like the Grim Reaper. He had a hooded black tattered cape and a large scythe. At the top of the scythe 4 rings were attached, so by striking the scythe on the ground he could make the rings jingle and activate his powers. He had a black body with white bonelike ornaments, and white gloves and boots. His face was a skull with one eye in its socket. Shinigamian could raise the spirits of the dead and control them, unless they had things they wanted to accomplish on Earth, which made them able to resist his control. These ghosts could turn invisible and move objects telekinetically. Shinigamian could fire binding ropes of energy from his scythe and grow a spiraling white horn from his forehead, which he used as a stabbing weapon. One of the ghosts who Shinigamian raised was a young girl named Kaori who wanted to fall in love before she died, and this desire let her resist Shinigamian's control. She fell in love with Takuya and helped him fight Shinigamian by helping the other ghosts realize they were just being used. Blue Beet broke off Shinigamian's horn, impaled him with his own scythe, and finished him off with the Beetle Break, freeing the ghosts although Kaori was able to go on a date with Takuya before she faded away.

Shinbaddo (Sinbad) - YH

30. "13 Kaijin Dai Butoukai" (The 13 Monsters Great Combat Meet)

Sinbad was a warrior who wore white pants, a blue shirt with white stripes, and a black cape. He had a helmet that looked like a bird's head, and covered his nose and mouth with a black cloth. His weapon was a curved sword, from which he could fire an energy beam, and he also used small grenades. He was a part of the Combat Meet that Jamahl ad kidnapped the Beetle Fighters and forced them to participate in, and at first Sinbad was thought to be one of Jera's youhei. Later, however, G. Stag found out that he was actually infiltrating Jamahl in an attempt to assassinate Gaohm. Gaohm had destroyed his home dimension's people, and Sinbad was out for revenge. Gaohm learned of this, however, and sent a resurrected Death Mult to kill Sinbad and the Beetle Fighters. Realizing that the only way for the Beetle Fighters to return home (the meet was held in another dimension) was by the explosion caused by Death Mult's demise, Sinbad hurled himself at Death Mult and killed him. Death Mult exploded and Sinbad was killed, but the Beetle Fighters managed to return, after promising a dying Sinbad that they would surely defeat Gaohm.

Masukuudaa (Maskuder) - GSJ

31. "Abunai Ojousama" (A Dangerous Young Lady)

Maskuder was supposedly based on an amoeba, although he didn't look much like it. He had a small gold central face from which extended in all directions rows of faces nested on each other, extending in a starlike pattern. Two thick blue tentacles and several thin red ones hung down from his waist. His arms and legs were blue with a veinlike pattern on them. Maskuder disguised himself as a plastic surgeon able to make anyone beautiful if they used his special masks. The masks gave his customers the face of the famous model Shiratori Misuzu, who happened to be a childhood friend of Mai's. But the masks actually were explosive control devices that let Maskuder control the wearers and detonate them when he broke the mask he wore, which was his central gold face. Under the gold mask he wore was a single eye. Maskuder could also cause explosions on command.


32. "Koi Suru Tsukemono!!" (Loving Pickles!!)

Babamba first appeared as an old woman in a brown kimono with a brown cloth over her head and a wooden cask on her back. She could suck people inside the cask, which she used to turn them into tsukemono (pickled vegetabes) which she sold to creatures in other dimensions. She later revealed her true form, which was a creature with clawed hands and feet and a long, demonic face with sharp teeth and long white hair. Babamba was not truly evil, however, and although Jera tried to trick her into fighting the Beetle Fighters, an old man who had befriended her convinced her that she didn't need to fight anymore. She decided to stay in this dimension with him, and shattered her cask, freeing the people inside.

Naito Baikaa (Night Biker) - YH

33. "Seigi no Hikou Shoujo" (The Delinquent Girl of Justice)

Night Biker wore a black outfit with some red areas, and a helmet with black and red layers and spikes. He had wires running from his waist to his back. His main weapon was a black lance with a red line running down it, from which he could fire energy blasts or a rope of energy to bind his victims. He rode a black and red motorcycle with a fairing that looked like a bird's head, which could fire missiles. Night Biker was actually an unwilling youhei, for he was really a human, Iwata Kazuma, who was brainwashed and changed into an evil warrior by a machine used by Jera. The control device was in the bike's fairing, and when that was destroyed, Night Biker changed back into Kazuma safe and back to normal.

Mojanga (Mojanga) - GSJ

34. "Kowa~i Petto" (A Scaaaary Pet)

Mojanga was the collected form of a species of otherdimensional creatures known as Moja, which looked like balls of brown fur with black beady eyes. Gigaro gave them to several children, with the instructions that if they started to act up, to hit them with a special stick he gave them. When they did this, the Moja turned fierce and absorbed the children's consciousness, then collected together to form Mojanga, a creature with blue arms and legs, a large blue head with long pointed ears, and brown and white fur around his head. He also had two brown tails and two white tufts of fur on top of his head. The children's consciousness ws trapped inside Mojanga, and could see the outside world. So when the Beetle Fighters came to try and help, the children, led by Gigaro in his disguise as the Moja seller, tried to support them, telling htem to transform and fight. But Mojanga could bring about exactly the reverse of what the consciousness trapped inside him said, so when the children told the Beetle Fighters to transform, they couldn't. Mojanga could also breathe fire. Eventually Daisaku entered Mojanga and freed the children, so Mojanga could be killed.

Gagamosu (Gagamoth) - GSJ

36. "Miyo Juukou Chou Shinka" (Look - the Heavyshell Super Evolution)

Gagamoth first appeared as a yellow caterpillar-based monster with small spines on his chest and larger ones on his shoulders. His head looked somewhat like a caterpillar's, and his mouth could open very wide since he could eat the weapons of his enemies and then spit back their attacks. He could also fire energy blasts from his fingers, which were also tipped with short spines. When Gagamoth absorbed the energy of the Beet Ingram, it turned into a red mothlike form, with large wings covered with yellow designs. Its head was mothlike with two feathery antennae and a long proboscis. His right hand was fused with an Input Magnum and his left with the Stinger Blade, which he could use freely as weapons. By flapping his wings he could release a cloud of yellow pollen that set fire to what was caught inside it. To combat Gagamoth, Blue Beet metamorphosed into Super Blue Beet for the first time, and killed it with the Super Final Blow.

Nero (Nero)

37. "Sagiru na Youjinbou" (Don't Swindle Us, Bodyguard)

Nero was a so-called bodyguard from another dimension who wore a black leatherlike outfit with red gloves, silver boots, a silver cowboylike hat, and a brown scarf which covered his nose and mouth. He used a silver pistol, smoke grenades, and could control his cape independently as a flying weapon. He appeared during a fight and offered Jera his services,but in the fight he missed the Beetle Fighters and escaped back to Jamahl for his pay. Later, he approached the Beetle Fighters and claimed that he was just trying to infiltrate Jamahl so he could kill Gaohm, and if they paid him he would do just that. Mai believed him and scrounged up enough to pay him. Nero was planning to take the money from both sides and leave this dimension, when Mai found out that he had Jamahl money. Jera also appeared, having discovered his secret, and Jera impaled Nero. Meanwhile, Mai had scanned Nero's gun and found out that it was designed to miss. Nero hated war, and never meant to kill anyone. He died after telling Mai to hurry and end the fight, because war is a terrible thing.

Razuberuga (Rasbelga) - GSJ

38. "Hakase!! Ai no Juukou" (Professor!! The Heavyshell of Love)

Rasbelga was a monster created from the fictional Rasbel flower, a carnivorous plant that could move on its own and fed on small animals. Rasbelga had a giant mouth with three orange petals with teeth around it, and many thin strings hanging from them. His arms were brown crooked poles that reached the ground, and inside his mouth were two rows of sharp teeth. His body was covered with small thorns. Rasbelga could spray a poison pollen that could corrode the Beetle Fighters' Insect Armor and render them helpless. He could also suck people inside of him to be digested, using a long tongue to drag them in. Rasbelga's only weakness was the fruit of a tree discovered by an old girlfriend of Mukai's, which made him spit out the people in him and robbed him of his pollen spray so he could be defeated.

Faiga (Fyga)

39. "Shounen BF no Bouken" (Adventure of the Junior BF)

Fyga was a legendary flame beast who was fossilized and unable to move. Gigaro had Schwartz use a youth-restoring machine to bring back Fyga, but Schwartz set it too high and the Fyga that came out was a child who breathed fire at anyone around him, including Gigaro. It was a creature covered in large red scalesbut with a cublike face with short spikes around it. While trying to stop it, Blue Beet tackled Fyga and was hit by residual youth energy that was in it and turned into a child himself. Gigaro and Schwartz eventually recaptured Fyga and tried to age it to its proper age, but overdid it and the Fyga that came out this time was blackened and burnt. Blue Beet also used this chance to restore his own age, then killed Fyga with the Super Final Blow.

Matcho Nanba 5 (Macho Number 5)

41. "Aniki wa Mukimuki" (My Older Brother is

Macho #5 was Schwartz's older brother, who Schwartz actually built himself. He was a muscular robot with blue and white armor plating and a face like Schwartz's, with yellow eyes and tubelike hair. He possessed great strength and could fire energy beams from his chest and hair. He was injured in a battle with the Beetle Fighters, however, and to save him, Schwartz joined himself with Macho, going inside Macho's body. The two together were a formidable enemy, and Macho's final plan to get rid of the Beetle Fighters was a self-destruct switch he had installed in himself. He activated it and planned to take the Beetle Fighters with him when he exploded, and so he told Schwartz to get out of his body. Schwartz refused, since they were brothers, and the two rushed at the Beetle Fighters. Blue Beet used his Super Final Blow to stop Macho, however, but before he exploded Macho opened himself up and pulled Schwartz out, throwing him to safety. A frantic Schwartz ran to where Macho's pieces lay, clutching Macho's eyepiece as a memento of his brother.

Gigatsukinowa (Giga-Moonhalo) - GSJ

42. "Uramiguma BF Gari" (The Spiteful Bear's BF Hunt)

Gigatsukinowa was a black-furred bear monster with spiraling white spikes on his knees, shoulders, and back, and giant balls and chains shackled to his wrists. He had a black chestpiece with a large eye and small red and white plates on it. He was the spirit of a bear who was hunted and killed in the mountains and Gigaro rekindled his hatred of man to turn him into a monster. He could fire the claws on his hands as darts and the spikes on his knees as missiles. Gigaro used Gigatsukinowa to lure the Beetle Fighters into a hunt on a mountainside, just as he was hunted on his home planet. His name means, literally "Giga Moon-Halo", because there is some connection in Japanese with bears and the moon that I haven't been able to figure out yet.

Hidora (Hidra) - YH

49. "Kumo Onna Hijou no Honoo" (The Spider Woman's Unfeeling Flame)

Hidra was a youhei under Jera's command who was known as the "Spider of Flame". She had a black outfit with red boots and gloves, and a red spider-shaped ornament on her chest, whose legs curled around her shoulders and waist. Her headpiece was a red headband with a golden frame to fit her head and gold spider's legs curling to the front. The headpiece also had red plates to cover her cheeks and gold spider's legs curling to the front from there also. Hidra could spray webbing from her mouth and breathe fire, and used a sword as a weapon. She could also disappear in a cloud of sparking smoke. Hidra was assigned the job of capturing Guru so Gaohm could use him to gather the energy of the insects on the planet to complete the Jamahl Hole. Gaohm promised Hidra command of the youhei army if she succeeded, and when she did he gave her a silver armband to signify her new rank. Hidra then went to kill Jera and the Beetle Fighters, but during the fight Jera realized that Hidra's armband was actually a bomb. Jera was too late, and the bomb exploded. Before dying, Hidra told the Beetle Fighters to defeat Gaohm.

Dorago (Drago) - YH

Juukou Bii Faitaa (Movie)

Drago was one of Jera's youhei who wore a simple black tunic, a white shirt and pants, and

armored boots. His face was exposed and he wore a black headband. Drago used a sword and could spin like a whirlwind, slicing with his sword and spinning along the ground. He also used "taketonbo" ("bamboo dragonfly"- bamboo propeller toys) as weapons. While fighting Blue Beet, a dragonfly-shaped mark on Drago's arm began to glow, and Blue Beet realized that Drago was an insect warrior just like him. Drago's memory returned to him, and he joined forces against Jamahl, helping to kill Hellsgyra, before changing into a dragonfly-like energy shape and flying back to his own dimension.

Heruzugaira (Hellsgyra) - GSJ

Juukou Bii Faitaa (Movie)

Hellsgyra was one of Gigaro's gouseijuu, whose body was covered in bony plates. He had a large skeletal face on his chest, bony protrusions on his shoulders, and a skeletal face with large bony ears. He used a large five-pointed shuriken-like weapon which he could throw, and could fire an energy beam from his chest. He could also control the bones that lay strewn around his island, extending them and using them to capture the Beetle Fighters. Hellsgyra was beaten by Drago and Blue Beet.

Episode list (by Cory Machida, from version 1.0 of this page):

(SM means the monster is from Schwartz's sentou meka gundan (combat mecha army), GSJ means Gigaro's gouseijuu gundan (synthetic beast army), and YH means Jera's youhei gundan (paid soldier army))

1. Konchuu Senshi da!!
Insect Warriors!!
Saaberaiza (Saberiza) - YH

2. Odoru Ningen Gari!!
The Dancing Human Hunt!!
Hebiizuneeku (Snakez'nake) - GSJ

3. Deta Konchu Meka!!
They Appeared - The Insect Mecha!!
Hanmakongu (Hammerkong) - SM

4. Chou Mashin Oo Abare
Super Machine Great Riot
Desuranchaa (Death Launcher) - SM

5. Juukou Jakku!!
Bagumabirusu (Bagma Virus) - GSJ

6. Mori no Sakebi o Kike
Listen to the Forest's Cry
Zaikingu (Zyking) - YH

7. Nazo no Gekishaman!!
The Mysterious Violent Photographer!!
Gamerio (Gamerio) - SM

8. Onegai!! Mahouseki
Please!! Evil Jewel
Barudasu (Bardas) - YH

9. Toraneko Dakkai Sakusen
The Tabby-cat Recovery Operation
Garineezu (Garirat) - GSJ

10. Gekitou!! Ryuu no Kenshi
A Violent Fight!! The Dragon Swordsman
Baara & Burakku Doragon (Barla and Black Dragon) - YH

11. Ikari Robo Dai Bousou
The Great Reckless Run of the Anger Robot
Ikaribonba (Anger Bomber) - SM

12. Yaruki o Ubae!!
Steal the Motivation!!
Namakeruge (Sloth-eruge) - GSJ

13. Ayaushi Juukou Kichi
The Heavyshell Base is in Danger
Gagamiraa (Gagamirror) - SM

14. Hissatsu Jigoku no Meikyuu
The Deadly Maze of Hell

15. Tonda Aidoru
The Idol who Flew
Buubuubuu (Bububu) - GSJ

16. Honoo no Choujigen Shoujo
The Flaming Super-dimensional Girl
Iruba (Ilba) - YH

17. Shitou!! Gattai Kaijin
Death Fight!! The Combined Monster
Desu Maruto (Death Mult) - first a YH, then rebuilt into a combo of all 3 types of monsters

18. Daishuryou Shisu!!
The Great Leader Dies!!

19. Tanjou Yami no Shin Senshi
Birth of the New Warrior of Darkness
Jaguuru (Jagul) - evil sorcerer

20. Gekitotsu!! Kuro no Kyoufu
Crash!! The Black Terror
Jaguuru (Jagul) - evil sorcerer

21. Gokuaku Konchuu Taggu
Atrocious Insect Tag
Kamazakiraa (Kamazakiller) - GSJ

22. Hiroin Hatsutaiken
First Experience as a Heroine

23. Kaijin ni Hanataba o...
A Bouquet for a Monster...
Gorugodaru (Gorgodal) - YH

24. Toujou Kyodai Kabuto
Enter the Giant Beetle

25. Utsukushiki Toubousha!!
The Beautiful Runaway!!
Dangaa (Dangar) - SM

26. Kani to Mizugi to Oyaji
Crabs and Swimsuits and Dad
Ebigaanya (Shrimpcraabya) - GSJ

27. Yomigaeru Toragari Tamashii
Revive the Bad-Haircutting Soul
Ikaribonba 2 (Anger Bomber 2) - SM

28. Manatsu no Junjou Yuurei
The Pure-hearted Ghost of Summer
Shinigamian (Deathgodian) - YH

29. Raibaru Dai Gekitotsu
Great Crash of the Rivals

30. 13 Kaijin Dai Butoukai
The 13 Monsters Great Combat Meet
Revived: Hanmakongu, Desuranchaa, Bagumabirusu, Zaikingu, Gamerio, Garineezu, Namakeruge, Buubuubuu, Iruba, Desu Maruto, Kamazakiraa, Dangaa New: Shinbaddo (Sinbad) - YH but then revealed to be good

31. Abunai Ojousama
A Dangerous Young Lady
Masukuudaa (Maskuder) - GSJ

32. Koi Suru Tsukemono!!
Loving Pickles!!
Babanba (Babamba) - no affiliation, just an otherdimensional creature

33. Seigi no Hikou Shoujo
The Delinquent Girl of Justice
Naitobaikaa (Night Biker) - YH

34. Kowa~i Petto
A Scaaary Pet
Mojanga (Mojanga) - GSJ

35. Kabuto-kun Maido
Kabuto, Thank You (??)

36. Miyo Juukou Chou Shinka
Look - the Heavyshell Super Evolution
Gagamosu (Gagamoth - had larva and moth forms) - GSJ

37. Sagiru na Youjinbou
Don't Swindle us, Bodyguard
Nero (Nero) - no affiliation, just another otherdimensional creature

38. Hakase!! Ai no Juukou
Professor!! The Heavyshell of Love
Razuberuga (Rasbelga) - GSJ

39. Shounen BF no Bouken
Adventure of the Junior BF
Faiga (Fyga) - legendary monster revived by Gigaro, not actually a GSJ

40. Shinshou Inochi no Chou
A New Chapter - the Butterfly of Life
Massuru (Muscle) - not a real bad guy, more like a guest character

41. Aniki wa Mukimuki
My Older Brother is ?????
Matcho Nanba 5 (Macho Number 5) - Schwartz's big brother

42. Uramiguma BF Gari
The Spiteful Bear's BF Hunt
Gigatsukinowa (Giga-moonhalo) - GSJ

43. Mita!! Burakku no Sugao
I Saw It!! Black's Unadorned Face

44. Inochi no Chou Arawaru!!
The Butterfly of Life Appears!!

45. Seiya no Memorii
A Christmas Eve Memory

46. Zetsubou!! Juukou Funou
Despair!! Heavyshell Impossible

47. Shouri e no Fukkatsu!!
Revival to Victory!!

48. Fumetsu Gattai Hashiru Kubi
The Immortal Combination Rushing Head

49. Kumo Onna Hijou no Honoo
The Spider Woman's Unfeeling Flame
Hidora (Hidra) - YH

50. Totsunyuu!! Yousai Kessen
Rush!! Final Battle in the Fortress

51. Hikari to Kage no Piriodo
The Period of Light and Shadow

#52 and #53 are a team-up of the B-Fighters with the previous 2 "metal hero" shows - Janperson and Blue SWAT, and enemies from those 2 shows are resurrected as well as some B-Fighter monsters.

52. Shuuketsu!! San Dai Hiiro
Assemble!! 3 Great Heroes
Jaguuru (Jagul) - evil sorcerer
Resurrected: Kuiin (Queen - from Blue SWAT), Birugorudi (Billgoldy - from Janperson), Iruba, Gagamosu (larva) and assorted aliens from Blue SWAT

53. Habatake!! Hiirotachi
Flap Your Wings!! Heroes
Same monsters as above

Juukou Bii Faitaa
Heavyshell B-Fighter

Heruzugaira (Hellsgyra) - GSJ
Dorago (Drago) - YH, then turned good

Song lyrics:


(Beetle Fighter Opening)

Kanjigarame no wana o,


Hametsu o takuramu no wa,

Dare da.

Me ni wa me o, ha ni wa ha o,

Ruuru mushi no yatsura ni,

Ai no okite de tatakau,


Kedakai sugata o, kimi wa mita ka?

Shinpi no bodi ga,

Hikari o hanatteru.

Sono na wa,

Bii Faitaa,

Juukou Bii Faitaa.

Sasayaka ni ikiteiru,

Mono ga.

Hontou wa chikyuu no shuyaku,

Na no sa.

Omoiyari koso ga pawaa,

Kiken o mono tomosezu,

Seigi no tame ni tatakau,


Kirei na namida o, kimi wa mita ka?

Minna no shiawase,

Inotte nagasu no sa.

Sono na wa,

Bii Faitaa,

Juukou Bii Faitaa.

Muteki no,

Bii Faitaa,

Juukou Bii Faitaa.


(Beetle Fighter Ending)

Kono daichi to,

Kono midori to,

Kono asahi to,

Kono shizen o,

Kokoro kara,

Aishiteiru no sa,


Kono jiyuu to,

Kono jidai to,

Kono rekishi to,

Kono kurashi o,

Inochi kake,

Mamoritai no sa.

Chikyuu wa, haha naru hoshi dakara,

Kata o,

Tataku you ni,

Taisetsu ni shitai.

Kono yuuki to,

Kono kibou to,

Kono wakasa to,

Sore ga areba,

Bokura ni wa,

Kowai mono nanka,

Nai sa.

Ano namida to,

Ano fuan to,

Ano nayami wa,


Yuujou ga,

Aikotoba da ne.

Chikyuu wa, chichi naru hoshi dakara,

Koko de,

Umareta koto,

Hokori ni shiyou.

Chikyuu ni, ikiteiru kagiri wa,


Ai no hadou,

Kanjiteiru no sa.

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