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Summary (incomplete):

Several years after the destruction of Jamahl, Earth has returned to peace again. The Earth Academia has become the Cosmo Academia, a scientific research organization, where Kai Takuya, the original Blue Beet, works with the insect elder Guru on a new generation of Insect Armor in the event of another threat to the Earth. A Cosmo Academia exploration submarine comes across a fissure in the ocean floor, out of which rises a huge flying fortress. The ancient tribe Melzard has awakened from its millions of years of sleep, and seeks to destroy mankind. The giant Mother Melzard, ruler of the Melzard Tribe, speaks to her sons, the Dinosaur Warrior Raija and the Deep-Sea Fish Man Dezzle, telling them that Melzard will triumph. Mother gives birth to the mammoth beast Elebammoth, and commands him to freeze the Earth and kill all of humankind. Elebammoth begins freezing everything in his path. At the Cosmo Academia homebase, Guru infuses the new Insect Armor with Insect Power, creating the three Command Voicers to link three humans with the armor. Tachibana Kengo and Ayukawa Ran, who have been selected to wear the new armor, ready themselves and become B-Fighter Kuwagaa and B-Fighter Tentou. But the person to become B-Fighter Kabuto has not been chosen yet. The remaining Command Voicer flies out the window, with Ran and Kengo following it. Meanwhile, Toba Kouhei is at school. He is a str athlete and is looked up to by many of his classmates. He and his younger sister Yui walk together when they are attacked by Elebammoth. Yui is frozen solid and Kouhei attacks Elebammoth. He is losing badly when the last Command Voicer flies into his hand. Kengo and Ran are shocked that this highschool student is to be B-Fighter Kabuto, but they go to him and tell him how to transform. He changes into Kabuto and the three of them attack Elebammoth and several henchmen. Using their Input Cardguns and Finish Weapons, the three beat all but Elebammoth. Kabuto uses the Cavalier Lancer attack, riding his Road Kabuto and spearing Elebammoth with his Kabuto Lancer like a jousting knight, slamming him into a wall and then tossing him aside. Elebammoth is killed, but Mother Melzard vows to be victorious.

Mother Melzard continues her attacks, sending forth either Raija or Dezzle (who are always quarreling with each other). Raija and his comrade Miorla command land-dwelling animal monsters while Dezzle and his companion Dord command sea-dwelling animal monsters. The B-Fighters are based at the Cosmo Academia homebase, under the guidance of Professor Osanai. They also have a valuable ally in the intelligent computer Bitto, and gain powerful vehicles, the Neo Beet Machines, to fight against Melzard's hordes of caterpillar-like Gidorba and aerial Fly Gidorba fighters.

When Mother Melzard's most powerful child Hebyuuza proves to be too much for the B-Fighters, the first generation B-Fighters return to help them. But Hebyuuza infects all six of them with her special cells before she is destroyed, and as the cells invade their Insect Armor the B-Fighters are controlled into battling one another. Taking advantage of this, Raija sends a monster created from a piece of himself, Driceraija, to attack the helpless B-Fighters. To prevent them from killing themselves, the B-Fighters un-transform and Osanai and Bitto work on finding a way to kill the cells, which are active in the Command Voicers, as the B-Fighters try to stay alive. They finally discover that cold will drive the cells out of the armor, and once they are driven out and contained, the B-Fighters transform again and kill Driceraija. Raija, enraged at this defeat, challenges Kabuto to a duel and is beaten by Kabuto's Liner Blast. His body turns to stone and Miorla takes it back to the Melzard fortress.

With that done, Takuya reveals his true reason for returning. Eight golden medals have fallen to different areas of the Earth, and are brimming with power. (More to come)

Major Characters:

B-Fighters and friends:

B-Fighter Kabuto aka Toba Kouhei

Toba Kouhei is a highschool student who is a star athlete and is chosen by the Command Voicers to be B-Fighter Kabuto. He is a very courageous fighter, although he sometimes leaps into a fight without thinking. His parents are away, so he and his younger sister Yui live alone. Kouhei cares for Yui very well

B-Fighter Kabuto has gold armor and a single horn on his helmet, modeled after a kabutomushi beetle. His Finish Weapon is a long with a triangular point at both ends, the Kabuto Lancer. With the Kabuto Lancer, he can perform the deadly Liner Blast, a horizontal slash trailing gold energy behind it. His Road Beetle motorcycle is the Road Kabuto, and while riding it he can use his Kabuto Lancer to perform the Cavalier Lancer attack, spearing his enemy through the chest and ramming him into a wall, then tossing him to the ground. B-Fighter Kabuto is the only one who can use the Astral Saber to become one with and control the Great God Kabuterios, a giant gold and black robot.

B-Fighter Kuwagaa aka Tachibana Kengo

Tachibana Kengo originally disliked Kouhei because he had wanted to be B-Fighter Kabuto, and couldn't believe that a highschool student was chosen. But they soon came to be friends, although Kengo is a much more serious person than Kouhei is. He is very conscious of the B-Fighters' duty and even when on vacation, thought only about getting back to work.

B-Fighter Kuwager wears black and silver armor with two horns on his helmet, modeled after a stag beetle ("kuwagata-mushi"). His Finish Weapon is a long rod with a pincerlike claw on the end, the Kuwager Chopper, that he can use to grab his enemy and toss him around. His deadly attack is the Gravity Crush, a downward blow with the Kuwager Chopper. Kuwager's Road Beetle is the Road Kuwaga. At the end of the series, Kuwager is able to use the Geist Axe to take control of the giant green robot Kuwaga Titan, which was formerly being used by Melzard but was not actually evil.

B-Fighter Tentou aka Ayukawa Ran

Ayukawa Ran is a computer expert, who sometimes thinks too much about the mechanical side of things and ignores the natural side. She learned this when she met Julio Rivera aka B-Fighter Genji, who taught her to appreciate nature. Ran fell in love with Julio but has yet to confess her feelings to him. Ran loves to eat and is skilled at playing the shamisen, a stringed Japanese instrument.

B-Fighter Tentou has purple and silver armor with four small horns on her helmet, modeled after a ladybug ("tentou-mushi"). Her specialty is using the Beet Scan scanning capacity in her armor to determine her enemies' weak points. Her Finish Weapon is the Tentou Spear, a spear with two four-pointed tips at each end. With this she can perform the Crossway Slicer, an X-shaped double diagonal slash. She rides the Road Tentou.

B-Fighter Yanma aka Mac Windy

Mac Windy is from the New York branch of the Cosmo Academia, and often speaks in broken English phrases. He is a very outgoing man, flirting with Japanese girls at every chance and pigging out on sushi. He is the owner of the dragonfly medal.

B-Fighter Yanma, the "Warrior of the Wind", has blue and green armor, modeled after a dragonfly. His attacks include the Spinning Bomber, a jumping spinning punch; and the Dragon Flying, in which he spins at high speeds like a tornado and zips past his enemies attacking as he flies by. Hisweapon is the Tonbou Gun ("tonbou" means "dragonfly"), a gun that fires powerful energy blasts. The Tonbou Gun becomes part of the powerful Input Rifle.

B-Fighter Genji aka Julio Rivera

Julio Rivera is from the South American Cosmo Academia branch, and is a nature-loving man who taught Ran the beauty of the natural world. He played a reed flute which he gave to Ran to remember him by. He has the firefly medal.

B-Fighter Genji, the "Warrior of Light", has red and silver armor and is modeled after a firefly. He can create blinding flashes of light, the Max Flasher, and uses a large cannon that fits over his forearm, the Lightning Cannon. He can place one of several types of capsules in the Lightning Cannon to vary its power. Genji also created the Bright Pointer, a small handheld device that can fire the Impact Flash, a flash of light that can stun enemies. The Bright Pointer is part of the Input Rifle.

B-Fighter Min aka Li Wen

Li Wen is a Chinese man from the Peking branch of Cosmo Academia. He loves children and often puts on magic shows in parks for children to see, and is also a very good cook. He is a very peaceful man who hates the fight between the B-Fighters and Melzard, and at first refused to cooperate with the B-Fighters. However, Kengo made him realize that the B-Fighters fight in order to stop the fighting, and so he agreed to help. He owns the cicada medal.

B-Fighter Min, the "Warrior of Sound", has orange and silver armor and is modeled after a cicada. His chest plates can open to reveal miniature speakers that fire powerful sound waves, called the Sonic Pressure. He uses two swords called the Ringer Swords, that vibrate at high speeds to cut through objects. Min brought with him the Semission Magazine ("semi" means "cicada"), a device that can attach to the back of the Input Cardguns and give them elemental powers including flame and lightning. The Semission Magazine is a part of the Input Rifle.

B-Fighter Ageha aka Sophie Villeneuve

Sophie Villeneuve is a genius violinist from the Paris, France branch of Cosmo Academia, who at first did not know what the Command Voicer she had was for. She is in love with Kouhei, and her song is what was able to awaken the Astral Saber from its sleep. She owns the butterfly medal.

B-Fighter Ageha, the "Warrior of Flowers", has white and black armor modeled after a butterfly. The Butterfly Fins on her helmet are actually radar devices that can track enemies. She uses a large gun, the Bloom Cannon, which opens like a blooming flower to fire the Maxim Beam.

Toba Yui

Yui is Kouhei's younger sister who goes to the same highschool. She is his self-proclaimed manager, covering for him when he has to leave school to fight off Melzard and helping out at the Cosmo Academia. She is in love with Kengo, and it seems that he feels the same way for her.

Professor Osanai

Insect Elder Guru

The Insect Elder Guru is the one who first gave the original B-Fighters their powers. He is older now, with a whitened beard and mustache, but he is still able to help the B-Fighters in their times of need. He knows more about the enemies they face than any of them, and can often help them in figuring out what Melzard is planning. Guru died at the end of the series trying to protect the insects of the world from the "Dark Wave Motion" power of Dargriffon. He was buried in the cave where Takuya first found him. Guru has a son named Kabuto who came to visit his grave.


Mother Melzard

Dinosaur Warrior Raija

Raija is a powerful warrior with red dinosaur-like armor. He commands the Melzard monsters based on creatures that live on land. Raija constantly fights with his younger brother Dezzle, each trying to outdo the other. He was seemingly killed by Kabuto's Liner Blast but his body turned to stone and later he returned, revived by the power of the magma deep within the earth, in a new, more powerful form, with reddish-brown armor.

Insect Swordsman Miorla

Miorla is never far from Raija's side, and adresses him as "Raija-sama". She is a female warrior with light green insectoid armor and two red swords. When Raija was seemingly killed, she stayed by his petrified body until he awakened.

Deep-Sea Fish Man Dezzle

Dezzle is Raija's younger brother and wears an elaborate blue costume with fins and a fishlike helmet. He commands the monsters based on water-dwelling creatures and he is the one to often actively sabotage Raija's plans. After his brother is killed, Dezzle gains power from Mother Melzard and becomes Dezzle the Great, but is defeated by the Input Rifle, with only his head remaining. Dord placed Dezzle's head in a tank and Dezzle later returned along with his brother in a new, mysterious form. His new form, given power by the darkness of the deep sea, is almsot nonhuman, with no discernible torso and a white mask.

Rock Chamberlain Dord

Dord is a squat creature whose head resembles an ammonite fossil. He is always near Dezzle and helps to carry out his plans, though he has very little fighting power. Dord looked after Dezzle's head after he was blown to pieces, and remained loyal until Dezzle returned in his new form.



Deathcorpion, the "Deadly Poison Armored General" ("Moudoku Gaishou") is the leader of the B-Crushers. He has red armor modeled after a scorpion, and is an honorable warrior by nature. Unlike his fellow B-Crushers, he prefers to fight fair and has a true warrior's spirit. From his right wrist he can fire the Poison Anchor, a hook on a thick cable that he can use to grab and strangle enemies. He can also outfit his left hand with the Slaughter Scissors, a large red claw he uses for slashing attacks.


Mukadelinger, the "Cold-Blooded Armored General" ("Reiketsu Gaishou") wears dark blue and gold armor modeled after a centipede ("mukade" means "centipede"). He is a very dishonorable attacker, using innocents as bait and fighting unfairly whenever he can. He uses a double-sided trident, the Hundred Feeler,as his primary weapon, but also has an electric gun hidden in his chest, the Mukadenic Bomb. He also can control ordinary humans by placing the centipede legs from his armor on their necks and mentally transmitting commands to them.


Killmantis, the "Evil Sword Armored General" ("Maken Gaishou") has green armor modeled after a praying mantis. He is an expert at using bladed weapons, especially his two sickles, the Felinger Snipes (?), which he can use to cut through anything. He attacks with blinding speed.


Beezac, the "Changing Illusion Armored General" ("Hengen Gaishou") has yellow and black armor modeled after a bee. He can disguise himself as ordinary humans to lure his enemies in for the kill, and like a ninja, is an expert at hiding himself and attacking from hiding. When he attacks in the open, he uses a large stinger-like weapon, the Hardoc (?) Shocker.

B-Fighter Equipment:

Command Voicer

The Command Voicers are the items used to change into the B-Fighters. They are activated by inserting a card into a slot on the bottom of the device and saying "Chou Juukou!" ("Super Heavy Shell!"). The Insect Armor emerges from the device and forms itself around the human, changing him or her into a B-Fighter. The Command Voicers can also be used to communicate with each other like miniature radios. However, they are entirely dependent on the Insect Power within them and should the Insect Power fail, they cannot operate.

Input Cardgun

The Input Cardguns are black and silver pistols that can fire a variety of things depending on which card is inserted into their handles. Each card has a different number and function, as follows:

001: Attack Beam - a standard energy blast

002: Fire Beam - a blast of fire

003: Jamming Beam - a blast of disrupting soundwaves that stun enemies

004: Needle Laser - a blast of small needle-like darts

005: Cement Beam - a blast of cement that hardens when it hits its target

006: Cold Laser - a freezing blst of cold

007: Tornado Shower - a blast of powerful air at high speeds

Input Rifle

The Input Rifle is created when an Input Cardgun is combined with Yanma's Tonbou Gun, Genji's Bright Pointer, and Min's Semission Magazine. This weapon is much more powerful than any other in the B-Fighters' arsenal and is usually wielded by Kabuto, who fires the Kabutonic Buster, a ball of destructive energy. Once, however, Kuwager used the Input Rifle and fired a similar energy ball called the Kuwagatic Buster.

Astral Saber

The Astral Saber is a red and gold short sword with a crystal ball in its hilt. Within this ball is a small mechanical kabutomushi beetle that is actually the giant Kabuterios. The Astral Saber was sleeping in a cave until Sophie Villeneuve's song woke it. Kabuto was able to call Kabuterios forth from the Saber and join with the giant robot, the B-Fighters gaining a powerful ally.

Geist Axe

The Geist Axe is a green axe with a crystal ball similar to the Astral Saber's in its hilt. Within this one, however, is a mechanical stag beetle that becomes the giant Kuwaga Titan. At first, Deathcorpion was the wielder of the Geist Axe and the commander of Kuwaga Titan, but later B-Fighter Kuwager got possession of it and used the power of Kuwaga Titan for good.


Neo Beet Machines

The Neo Beet Machines are the B-Fighters' super machines that they use to fight the Melzard airborne and ground vehicles. They emerge from the Beetle Base and can join together in the Joint Formation, with the Kabutron and Kuwager Tank attaching to the underside of the Stealth Gyro's wings.


Kabutron is B-Fighter Kabuto's Beet Machine, a gold and black 6-wheeled vehicle with a kabutomushi horn on the front. From this horn it can fire a powerful energy blast, the Kabuto Shooter. It can also tilt downward so that its horn can dig a trench in the ground to dig up underground enemies, or open its wings to reveal jets that let it fly.

Kuwagaa Tank

The Kuwager Tank is B-Fighte Kuwager's vehicle, a black tank with two pincerlike horns on the front. The Kuwager Tank can grab enemies in these horns and toss them about. On top, it has a double-barreled gun, the Kuwager Cannon. It can convert to "Battle Formation", the front rising up and folding back, and can fire off its horns to hit enemies at long-range in the Shoot Scissors attack.

Stealth Gyro

The Stealth Gyro is B-Fighter Tentou's vehicle, a small plane with two large turbines on its tail and two large wings with hover turbines on them. The Stealth Gyro can fire a blast of energy from its Stealth Blaster.


The "Great Shell God" ("Daikoujin") Kabuterios is a giant gold and black robot that can change into a kabutomushi beetle form. It normally stays inside the Astral Saber but can emerge and enlarge itself when needed. B-Fighter Kabuto can join with Kabuterios and control it. Kabuterios fights with a large sword and can fire a powerful blast of fire, the Big Flare; or an energy beam from its chest, the Glorious Flare.

Kuwaga Titan

Kuwaga Titan, the "Evil Shell God" ("Jakoujin"), is a green and black robot that can become a mechanical stag beetle. It stays inside the Geist Axe until someone calls it forth, and was originally controlled by Deathcorpion and used for evil. However, Kuwaga Titan was actually not evil and once fought alongside Kabuterios, and in the end of the series allowed B-Fighter Kuwager to use it to fight for good. Kuwaga Titan can fire a blast of energy, the Titanic Flare; or a blast of lightning from its antennae, the Titanic Thunder.

Episode and monster list:

[Monsters are marked either with a R (Raija) or D (Dezzle) to indicate which army they are from]

1. Nidaime wa Koukou Senshi

(The Second Generation is a Highschool Warrior)

Kyozoujuu Erebanmosu (Giant Elephant Beast Elebammoth) - R

Elebammoth, the first of the Melzard monsters, Elebammoth was modeled after a mammoth and could shoot a gas able to freeze anything it touched. He could also shoot a blast of fire from his arm, and charge at enemies to knock them down.

2. Sanyouchuu wa Houkago Sasou

(The Trilobite Invites you After School)

Sanyoujuu Zazanyooda (Trilo-Beast Trilobida) - D

Zazanyooda was a green creature modeled after a trilobite (an ancient sea-dwelling creature). He could absorb the life force from people through his extending tentacles and use it to enlarge himself to giant size. He could also spit trilobite-shaped bombs.

3. Mezame!! Neo Mashin

(Awaken!! Neo Machines)

Kyouryuujuu Dinozaara (Violent Dragon Beast Dinozaura -- "kyouryuu also means "dinosaur" but the kanji characters used to write it are different) - R

Dinozaara was a blue Tyrannosaurus-based monster with three dinosaur heads. He was sent to destroy the power lines and sources int he city but was blasted in two of his heads. He returned with powerful bombs in his heads in a suicide attack, able to detach his central head to attack on its own after his body was destroyed.

4. Chikae!! Atsuku Kuwagata

(Vow!! Heated Stag Beetle)


5. Daigyakuten Sariyuku Kimi e

(A Great Reversal to the You that Departed)

Koukijuu Gamegeron (Shell Turtle Beast Turtle-Geron) - D

Gamegeron was a white turtle monster based on the giant extinct Archelon turtle. Powder scraped from his shell was sold as a calcium supplement, but began to harden people's skin into bone. He could withdraw his limbs and head into his shell and fly through the air to attack.

6. Sakuramatsuri de Dai Ransen!!

(A Great Wild Battle at the Cherry Blossom Festival!!)

Doryuujuu Mogeraado (Earth Dragon Beast Molardo) - R

Mogeraado was a brown and yellow-furred mole monster who wore sunglasses to protect his sensitive eyes from the sun. He could burrow through the ground at high speeds and spit a cloud of dirt to cover his escapes. Weak at first, he gained power once he ate a special fruit, powering-up into a form with a drill on his nose and long claws on his hands. In this form he could use the drill to attack as well as fire bullet from his mouth and use the "Mogeraado Typhoon" attack, spinning around at high speeds and smashing into enemies. He was killed when BF Tentou blasted his sunglasses off, leaving him blinded and vulnerable.

7. Tomo ni Sasagu Ikari no Tekken

(The Iron Fist of Anger Presented by a Friend)

Fukuseijuu Hitodenajiru (Covering Star Beast Starfish-Najiru) - D

Hitodenajiru was an orange starfish beast with multiple eyes and a central mouth lined with sharp teeth. He could split himself into dozens of smaller starfish that could stick onto people and make them go berserk.

8. Kabuto Tsui ni Taigaku!?

(Kabuto Finally Leaving School!?)

Engijuu Baneria (Flame Ant Beast Baneria) - R

Baneria was a black-shelled ant monster with two large egg pouches on its back. It laid its eggs around Mount Fuji and as the eggs neared hatching, they began to rise in temperature, threatening to cause an eruption. Baneria could breathe fire.

9. Deshi Iri Rakugo Kaibutsu!!

(Becoming a Pupil of the Storytelling Monster!!)

Hakaijuu Nezugaira (Tooth Clam Beast Ratclamra -- "hakai" also means "destruction" but the kanji characters used to write it are different) - R & D

Nezugaira was an attempt by Raija and Dezzle to combine their powers and make a monster with both the attributes of a rat and a clam. Nezugaira was powerful with his combined strength, but ended up having a split personality, one side being good and the other evil. He could breathe fireballs to attack, and the evil side eventually took over the good side so he had to be destroyed.

10. Taiketsu Kakutougi Masutaa

(Showdown with the Martial Arts Master)

Choukenjuu Gangaruu (Leaping Fist Beast Gangaroo) - R

Gangaroo was a yellow skeletal kangaroo monster who could absorb people into his pouch and take on their abilities. He absorbed several fighting masters and gained skills like boxing and karate. He could also fire a blast of energy from his nose.

11. Namida no Umi o Koete Ute

(Cross the Sea of Tears and Strike)

Dongyojuu Shiiraganza (Greedy Fish Beast Coelaganza) - D

Coelaganza was a black coelacanth monster who could inject his claws into petroleum tanks and feed off the fuel.

12. Nazo?! Kaseki no Mugen Meikyuu

(Mysterious?! The Fossil's Fantastic Maze)

Kyokugenjuu Zabodeera (Thorn Illusion Beast Cactusera) - R

Zabodeera was a green and brown spined cactus monster who could create and trap people in a dreamworld-like place where everything was under his control. He used a cactus shaped sword and could fire off the needles on his hand as missiles. His dreamworld was destroyed when a special sigil was broken.

13. Chenji! Bakusou Hakase

(Change! Explosive Dashing Professor)

Gokukenjuu Herugaama (Hell Sickle Beast Helltoad) - D

14. Wana no Machi Kesareta Himei

(The Cry that Erased the Trapped Town)

Koumorijuu Zaireen (Bat Beast Zyren) - R

Zyren was a blue-furred bat monster that could spit forth a cloud made of bats that loomed over a city. Whenever anyone below made a noise, the bats fired energy blasts down to attack them. Zyren could also fly and fire an energy blast from his mouth. He was beaten when Kouhei (who was unable to change since he couldn't shout "Choujuukou!") and his friends tricked Zyren into going up a fire escape, chasing after Kouhei's classmates. Kouhei positioned himself directly under Zyren and shouted, so the bats' energy beams locked onto Kouhei's voice but blasted Zyren. He was then left vulnerable to Kabuto's attack.

15. Kyoufu Byoutou ni Sennyu se yo

(Infiltrate the Hospital Ward of Terror)

Keshinjuu Isogirara (Changing Body Beast Anemolala) - D

Isogirara was a red anemone beast that could create clones of people if she had a sample of their hair. She was even able to clone Kouhei and Kengo, leaving Ran on her own to fight her. Isogirara could turn herself invisible, but Ran beat her with the help of a psychic girl.

16. Sukue Gakuensai Aidoru

(Save the School Anniversary's Idols)

Gakojuu Dorafaiyaa (Fang Tiger Beast Dygerfire) -

Dorafaiyaa was an orange-furred and brown armor-plated saber-tooth tiger monster that could breathe powerful fireballs.

17. Tatakau Koi-Uranai Nikki!!

(The Fighting Love-Foretelling Diary!!)

Kaikatsujuu Kaizazoraa (Sea Scorpion Beast Seascorpia) - D

18. Zetsumetsu-bana Ni-okunen no Fukushuu

(The 20-Million Year Revenge of the Exterminated Flower)

Mekkajuu Guroba (Destroyed Flower Beast Groba) - R

19. Natsu no Kanojo wa Ningyo Hime?!

(Is the Mysterious Girl a Mermaid Princess?!)

Nekkajuu Painapuraa (Heat Fruit Beast Pineappler) - R

Pineappler was a monster that looked like a giant pineapple with arms and legs.

20. Kappa Tazunete Sanzenri!!

(Hunt for the Kappa for 3000 Ri!!) (a "ri" is a unit of length about 3.9 km)

Suiseijuu Kapparapa (Water Dwelling Beast Kapparapa) - D

21. Ame o Yobe Nakimushi Hiiroo

(Call the Rain, Crybaby Hero)

Shakufuujuu Zaasuto (Heat Wind Beast Zarst) - R

Zarst was a red and yellow condor beast who could breathe forth a hot, drying wind, the Zaasuto Neppuu (Zarst Hot Wind) that dried up anything caught in it, in an attempt to dry the Earth into a withered hell.

22. Todoroku Shamisen Honoo no Okami

(The Flaming Mistress's Roaring Shamisen) (a shamisen is a Japanese stringed instrument)

Henshokujuu Gamereooda (Changing Color Beast Gameleorda) - R

Gameleorda was a white-scaled horned chameleon monster who could turn himself invisible, even to the Beet Scan. He could fire energy blasts from his horns, but experienced extreme pain whenever he heard the sound of a shamisen.

23. Hokori no Kouya o Hashire!!

(Run to the Wilderness of Pride!!)

Dokubirejuu Okozezeze (Poison Fin Beast Okozezeze) - D

Okozezeze was a gray spined scorpionfish monster who could spray a poisonous red liquid from his fins that made anyone sprayed by it feel a terrible burning in their throats. He could also fire energy blasts from his mouth and spit poison spines.

24. Natsuyasumi!! Kaidan Kyoushitsu

(Summer Vacation!! The Haunted lassroom)

Reimajuu Zanshoo-oo (Spirit Evil Beast Zalamander) - R

25. Kaettekita Aitsutachi

(The Guys who Returned)

Jayoujuu Hebyuuza (Evil Snake Beast Snakyuza)

26. Akumu!! BF Tai BF

(Nightmare!! BF vs. BF)

27. 6 Dai Senshi Zettai Zetsumei

(The Certain Death of the 6 Great Warriors)

Kyoubujuu Dorikeraija (Frightful Warrior Beast Driceraija) - R

28. Kenzan!! Kaze no Konchuu Senshi

(Enter!! The Insect Warrior of the Wind)

29. Abarenbou Mukade Shougun

(The Violent Centipede General) (this title is derived from the popular Japanese samurai drama, "Abarenbou Shougun")

30. Kagayake Genji Daiji no Chikara

(Shine Genji, the Power of the Earth)

31. Gattai Saikyou Juu to Ai Senshi

(The Combined Ultimate Gun and the Sad Warrior)

32. Hibike Utsukushiki Chou no Merodi

(Echo, Beautiful Butterfly's Melody)

33. Tsukame!! Densetsu no Shinken

(Grab it!! The Legendary God Sword)

34. Seiatsu!? BF Haiboku no Hi

(Control!? The BF's Day of Defeat)

35. Yami o Sake Fukkatsu no Kyojin

(Rip Through the Darkness, Revived Giant God)

36. Kirezu!! Makyodai no Gyakushuu

( !! Counterattack of the Evil Brothers)

37. Taose Fujimi no Shin Kaijin

(Defeat the Invincible New Monster)

Ankoku Gattaijuu Arajibirei (Darkness Combined Beast Porcuray) - R&D

Arajibirei was an orange and brown combination of a porcupine and a stingray. Its front had a patch of quills and it had a long spined tail.

38. Akumu no Oo Kuwagata

(The Giant Stag Beetle of Nightmare)

39. Muzan!! BF ga Tokeru

(Merciless!! The BFs are Melting)

Ankoku Gattaijuu Tokasuzura (Darkness Combined Beast Meltzura) - R&D

40. Kakenukero Koi no Meikyuu

(Break Through the Maze of Love)

41. Ruuru Muyou Choujou Kessen

(The No-Rules Peak Battle)

42. Kabuto no Gessekai Ryokou

(Kabuto's Trip to the Moon World)

43. Yami no Musume wa BF Kiraa

(The Girl of Darkness is a BF Killer)

Yami no Ikkakujuu Misutii Hoon (Darkness One-Horned Beast Misty Horn)

44. Akuma Shoujo Kitarite...

(The Devil Girl Arrives...)

Yai no Akumajuu Zadan (Darkness Devil Beast Zadan)

45. BF!! Rekishi ni Chousen

(BF!! A Challenge in History)

46. Choujuukou Sutoraiki!

(Super Heavyshell Strike!)

47. BF no Chichi Roushi Shisu!!

(BF's Father, the Elder Dies!!)

Yami no Hadoujuu Daagurifon (Darkness Wave Motion Beast Dargriffon)

48. Biitoru Beesu Daibakuha?!

(The Beetle Base's Great Explosion?!)

49. Chikyuu Metsubou no Yoake

(The Sunrise of the Earth's Downfall)

50. Rasuto Batoru

(Last Battle)

Song lyrics


(B-Fighter Kabuto Opening)

Sonna toki wa, kobushi o furiagete,

Osorezu tatakai o idomeba ii.

Kibou to iu buki ga, aru kagiri,

Kitto bokura,

Kitto kateru.

Bii Faitaa,

Bii Faitaa Kabuto,

Yarukkya nai ga aikotoba.

Bii Faitaa Kabuto,

Yarukkya nai ga aikotoba.

Bii Faitaa,

Bii Faitaa Kabuto,

Bokura wa erabareshimono.


(B-Fighter Kabuto Ending)

Oogoe de utaeba,

Oozora ga warau yo,

Itsu demo aoi chikyuu wa,

Kotaete kureru.

Massugu na kotoba ni,

Massaki ni kanjite,

Musuu no hana o daichi wa,

Sakasete kureru.

Kono hoshi o mamoru no ga,

Bokura no shimei.

Chiisai keredo,

Kosumo ichi bijin.


Karoyaka ni,


Sawayaka ni,

Sou sa, wakasa, koso pawaa.

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