Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

The planet Earth was destined for certain descruction. The emperor of the M-51 galaxy, Master Vile, alongside his allys, the evil Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, sent his son Rito Revolto to earth to plant the dreaded Orb of Doom. It took some work to do, but once Rito had the Orb down, it immediately turned the Earth back in time. The heroic Power Rangers, who were now children, would be completely powerless against any attacks from Vile due to the inactivity of their Power Coins. However, the young Rangers found their way to the Command Center, where Alpha and Zordon already had the solution. A new set of Rangers. The Alien Rangers of Aquitar!!! With no hesitation, the Alien Rangers came right to Earth and battled against Master Vile's attacks. Vile was no match for them, and in a short while, he ran, and has not attacked Earth since. The Alien Rangers were without a doubt victorius. They made Earth safe once again, and with the Orb of Doom KO'ed, headed back for their native planet, Aquitar.

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