Mighty Morphin Power Rangers -- Frequently Asked Questions

Version 2.00 -- Release 1.1

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to the Document
    1. What's New in this Version
  2. Introduction to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  3. The Cast
    1. Rita Repulsa
    2. Goldar
    3. Finster
    4. Baboo
    5. Squatt
    6. Scorpina
    7. Lord Zedd
    8. Zordon
    9. Alpha 5
    10. Zack Taylor -- former Black Ranger
    11. Kimberly Heart -- Former Pink Ranger
    12. Billy ? -- Blue Ranger
    13. Trini Kwan -- former Yellow Ranger
    14. Jason Lee Scott -- former Red Ranger
    15. Tommy Oliver -- former Green Ranger / White Ranger
    16. Rocky -- Red Ranger
    17. Adam -- Black Ranger
    18. Aisha Campbell -- Yellow Ranger
    19. Katherine Hillard -- Pink Ranger
    20. Guest Stars
      1. Ernie, Owner of the Angel Grove Youth Center
      2. Mr. Caplan -- Principal of Angel Grove High School
      3. Miss Appleby -- Regular High School Teacher
      4. Bulk & Skull
      5. Angela -- Zack's would-be steady
      6. Curtis & Richie
      7. Ninjor
  4. Story Progression
    1. Day of the Dumpster
    2. High Five
    3. Teamwork
    4. Big Sisters
    5. Green With Evil [Mini Series]
    6. Life's a Masquerade
    7. Gung Ho!
    8. The Green Candle
    9. Return of an Old Friend
    10. The Mutiny
    11. The Green Dream
    12. The Power Stealer
    13. The Beetle Invasion
    14. Green No More
    15. White Light
    16. The Ninja Encounter
    17. The Power Transfer
    18. Mirror of Regret
    19. The Wedding
    20. Ninja Quest
    21. A Brush with Destiny
    22. A Ranger Catastrophe
    23. Changing of the Zords
    24. A Different Shade of Pink
    25. Master Vile and The Metallic Armor
  5. The Origin of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    1. Shuki Levy -- Producer
    2. Sentai Japanese Television Series

  6. Explanation to terminology used on Power Rangers
    1. The Command Center
    2. Bladeblasters
    3. Power Weapons
    4. Zords
    5. Rita's Magic Wand
    6. Finster's Monster-matic
      1. The Putties
    7. Lord Zedd's "Z"-Staff
    8. BattleBikes
    9. The Tenga Warriors

  7. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Music
    1. The Mighty RAW
      1. Song List & Lyrics
    2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    3. Lyrics to Zack's love song to Angela
    4. Lyrics to Kimberly's song to Tommy

  8. Monsters
    1. First Season Monsters
    2. Second Season Monsters
    3. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Monsters
    4. Third Season Monsters

  9. Quick Episode List for Season One [1993-1994]
    1. Production Staff [Season One End Credits]
    2. Quick Episode List for Season Two [1994-1995]
    3. Production Staff [Season Two End Credits]
    4. Quick Episode List for Season Three [1995]-[1996]
    5. Production Staff [Season Three End Credits]

  10. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
    1. Production history and Development
    2. Plot Summary [Spoiler]
    3. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

  11. Miscellaneous Information
    1. List of Bandai's Power Ranger Toys!
    2. Published Articles regarding the Power Rangers
    3. How Power Rangers is produced
    4. Is Power Rangers related to or is...
      1. Voltron?
      2. Dynaman?
    5. Saban's V.R. Troopers
    6. Masked Rider
    7. Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad
    8. Power Rangers Zeo
    9. Internet Resources

  12. Conclusion
    1. Contributions and Information Sources
    2. Error Reports

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