Party Crasher

Originally slated to be episode 108, then 114, and then dropped altogether, this is one of six scripts from the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that was dropped when production on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie fell behind schedule.

Mighty Morphin
Power Rangers

"Party Crasher"

Episode #108 114

Second Draft

Written By:
Daniel J. Sarnoff
Ellen Levy-Sarnoff

December 4, 1994

Character List - PARTY CRASHER 12/94-home

  1. Zordon Z
  2. Zedd Z-E
  3. Alpha A
  4. Adam A-D
  5. Billy B
  6. Aisha A-I
  7. Party Crasher Monster P
  8. Jason J
  9. Rangers R
  10. Kimberly K
  11. Father F
  12. Bulk B-U
  13. Skull S
  14. Mother M
  15. Baboo B-A
  16. Squat S-Q
  17. Tommy T
  18. Rocky R-O
  19. Zedd Z-Z-Z
  20. Goldar G
  21. Rocky R-R-R
  22. Miscellaneous M-I
  23. Kid #1 K-K
  24. Kid #2 K-K-K
  25. Rita R-I
  26. Baboo/Squat B-B-B-B
  27. Squat S-S-S
  28. Kimberly/Tommy K-K-K-K


Int. Aisha's Living Room (Sweet Valley Set)-Day


Aisha is curled on the easy chair reading a copy of Miracle Teen, By Cheryl Saban. The book covers her face. From the kitchen we hear voices. It's Aisha's parents.

Mother (VO)

Aisha, honey, we're going to Aunty Perl's now, we'll be back later tonight.

Father (VO)

You're in charge, sugar, so try to keep the house in one piece, okay?

Aisha's book still covers her face.


Okay daddy...I'm just going have a couple of friends over for lunch.


That's fine. But keep it to just a few, and remember, keep them all out of the living room.

Aisha puts the book down, reaches for a granola bar on the table, opens it, wads up the Granola wrapper and attempts to toss it into the fireplace. The wrapper arcs toward the fireplace but lands smack into a Vase which sits atop the fireplace mantle. Aisha stands and crosses over to the fireplace. She picks up the Vase and looks inside it. She turns it upside down and shakes it to extract the Granola wrapper. Her FATHER enters the room (we see only his feet) just as Aisha is shaking the Vase upside down.


Aisha, careful with that Vase you know it's your mothers most valuable and favorite antique. If anything happens to it....let's put it this way, not even the Power Rangers could save you.

Aisha gently puts the Vase back on the mantle.


Uh... got ya dad.

Aisha's FATHER turns and walks to the back door. Aisha rolls her eyes and returns to the couch.

We hear Aisha's Mother say good-bye as the back door closes.

Mother (VO)

Have a good time with your friends, dear. Bye.

We hear the back door close as her parents leave. Aisha jumps out of her chair, clinches her fist and pulls it back hard, giving the YES sign with her hand.


Yes..Party...paaarrrrty time!

Aisha picks up the remote control to the stereo and turns it on full blast as she joyously dances to the hip hop tone, using the remote as a pretend microphone she sings the words of the song.

Int Zed's Palace-Day


Zedd sits in his throne. Rita is stomping back and forth behind Zedd's throne. Baboo and Squat are at her side.


Ohh my queen, can we have a party, too?


Party Shmarty! What do we have to celebrate?


It's going to be my birthday in 2 months, how 'bout that?


None of you will make it to your next birthdays if you don't shut up.

Rita (Sarcastically)

Oh he's such a big man!

Zedd is looking at the Vase through his red eye beam.


The perfect object for the perfect monster. (Beat) Yes, indeed we will have a party!

Baboo and Squatt are overjoyed; they jump up and down.

Baboo/Squatt we love parties.


I told you, there's nothing to celebrate.


Rita's such a party pooper.


My dreariness, there will be a party a big one indeed, as soon as my new monster captures and destroys those rancid Rangers.

They all turns to look at the Vase through the eye beams, as Zedd laughs his evil laugh.

End of Prologue

Act I

Int-Aisha's Living Room-Day


Aisha is still boogeying to the music when the phone rings. Aisha turns down the music (a little) and answers it.


Hello...Hello.....hold on I can't hear you.

Aisha turns the stereo down a little more.

(NOTE: 10503 should be split screen with 10504)

Int. (Mini Swing Set)-Day


Kimberly (who's standing on her head, her face full of cold cream.) The screen splits and we see the two of them on the phone talking, Kimberly is upside down.


Hi...Ish...what are you up to?


Girl it's time to Party, here...noon, you in?

Kimberly falls over and sits in a cross legged position.


I'm there, I'll bring some sodas and call the gang.


Great! Just the team. Dad said to keep it down to just a few people.


Okay, you got it.

Aisha hangs up and begins resuming her hip hop dancing.



Int. Angle Grove High Class Room-Day


Bulk and Skull are in Saturday morning detention-as usual. The blackboard says SATURDAY DETENTION. Skull is wearing headphones that are plugged into a wacky ‘home-made' phone tapper system that is on top of his desk. IT is labeled REMOVE PHONE TAPPER. Bulk is right behind Skull waiting to get a chance to hear for himself what all the ruckus is about.

Kimberly (VO)

Okay, Tommy, you call Billy I'll call the others. The Party starts a noon and don't forget to bring the chocolate chip cookies.


Mmmmm, Yum, chocolate chip. This remote phone tapping system is really working great, Bulkyboy.


Gimme those headphones, you doofus.

Bulk grabs the headphones off of Skulls head and yanks it so hard that the wires come flying off the ‘home made' phone tapping box emitting sparks all over Skull. He reacts by jumping up and down and patting himself where the sparks land.


I think you broke it.


Well, what did you hear?


Something about a party at Aisha's house.


We're looking for Power Rangers, nincompoop, not parties. Who's invited anyway?


Just those friends of Aisha's.

Bulk returns to his desk and starts coloring in his coloring book. He jumps up with an idea.


Wait a minute! What if all of Angle Grove High shows up at Aisha's party, along with a couple of dangerous monsters. Think that'll bring the Power Rangers, Skully boy?


Yeah, but where are gonna find some dangerous monsters?


You just start makin' phone calls; I'll take care of the monsters.

Ext-Angle Grove Park-Day


Kimberly, Adam and Rocky are walking together toward Aisha's house. Each has a bag of food which they are donating to the party.


This is gonna be great!


Yeah, wait 'till you taste the tofu burgers I brought!

Kimberly and Rocky give him a look.

Int Zedd's Palace-Day


Zedd is with Baboo, Squat and Goldar. Baboo speaks to Zedd.


Your greatness, some of the Power Brats are approaching Aisha's house.


They cannot get there before I create my Party Crasher Monster. Goldar, send down your worthless Putties; I only need a little time.


Yes, your worthiness.

Ext. Angle Grove Park- Day


Kimberly, Adam and Rocky are still walking through the park when putties appear.


Oh man, Putties!


Let's waste these claybrains.

A putty fight begins (30 seconds). The Power Teens fend off the putties armed with items from the bags of food, (ie. baguettes, pies, soda sprays, etc.)

Int Zedd's Palace-


Zedd is holding his Z staff


Excellent, just enough time. It's time to party, Party Crasher.

He aims his staff towards Earth.

Int Aisha's Living Room -Day


While Aisha is preparing for the party in the kitchen, the Vase on the fireplace mantle begins to glow and wobble, then sparkle and finally turns into the Party Crasher monster. The Party Crasher starts to put some food into his Vase mouth.

Party Crasher Monster

Ummm...Party time! (Burp!)

Ext. Angle Grove Park- Day


The Power Teens succeed in making the putties disappear via the Z spots. Adam contacts Zordon via his communicator.


Zordon, putties just attacked us, I think they were sent by Zed to stop us from getting to Aisha's.


Aisha's party? I don't get it.

Zordon (VO)

Our sensors indicate that Zedd has located an object for a monster.



Zordon (VO)

I will contact you once Alpha has a confirmed lock on it.


Gotcha, Zordon


Come on guys, let's bag this stuff and get over to Aisha's.

The Power Teens gather the strewn party goods.

Int. Aisha's Kitchen- Day


Aisha is still dancing around, singing to the tunes of the bee bop music which is playing loudly on the stereo in the living room. She is getting things ready for the party.

The Kitchen doorbell rings.



Aisha opens the door and sees Billy, Kimberly, Rocky, and Adam holding torn bags of food with some of the food slipping out of bottom of Kimberly's bag. A bag of marshmallows drops out of Kimberly's bag and Aisha bends down to pick it up.


Guys, what happened?




There's no way Zedd's gonna ruin our Saturday.

The Teens enter the kitchen and put down their bags. Rocky walks toward the living room.


Hey Rocky, I promised my parents, no one would go in the living room. My mom's got a thing for that Vase on the mantle, it's ancient or something.

Int Living Room -Day


Rocky looks around and does not see any Vase.


I'd say it was invisible.

Rocky looks at Aisha as she and the other Teens rush into the living room in awe of the fact that the Vase is not on the mantle any more. Aisha vainly looks up the fireplace flu. Satisfied that the Vase is really gone. She sits down on the couch and holds her head in her hands.


I'm history...ancient history.

Kimberly walks over to Aisha and gently caresses her shoulder.


Don't worry Ish, we'll help you find it.


Yeah, it's not like it just got up and walked away. Maybe your mom hid it somewhere.


She never would have touched it.. It's just gone, and I'm just.....grounded for life.

The Power Teens start to look around the living room, lifting up cushions and looking behind chairs.


Be careful guys, don't mess up the place, I promised my parents I'd keep it neat.

OS we hear the kitchen door bell ring, camera PANS to reveal the kitchen door opening. Tommy and Billy enter the kitchen holding grocery bags and walk into the Living Room.


Ei guys. Sorry we're late, there was a huge line at the super market.


Is this a party? I must admit you all look quit gloomy.


We got attacked by Putties.


And Aisha's mother's priceless Vase is missing.


Which means my life is over.


Other than that I'd say were having a pretty good day.



Party Crasher is jumping up and down.

Party Crasher (Evil Laugh)

You'll be sorry you didn't invite me to your party, Party Rangers.

Ext.Park (Different Location)- Day


Bulk and Skull are heading for Aisha's house dressed as Swamp Thing like monsters. They are holding the headpieces under their arms.


By now everyone in Angle Grove should be at Aisha's party. We'll get there, chow down some food, and make a huge mess. Everyone will think we're monsters then the Power Rangers will show up.


I just love it when a plan comes together.


Once the Rangers are at the party, we'll unmask them.

Skull jumps up and down stepping on Bulk's Swamp Thing tail, causing Bulk, as he starts to walk forward, to trip into the flower bed beside the sidewalk. Bulk looks over at Skull and growls.

Int. Aisha's Living Room - Day


The Teens are sitting on the couch, zombie like...they are in no mood to party when the doorbell rings.


I wonder who that could be?

The Teens look at each other and shrug their shoulders.



Aisha goes to open the Kitchen door. A seemingly endless stream of teens parades through the kitchen door.

Miscellaneous (Teens)

Ei Aisha...great man...where's the food?

The newly arrived teens help themselves to some food in the kitchen and being moving deeper into the house in various directions. Aisha realizes the futility of trying to hold back a crowd as large as this as they randomly disperse throughout her house..


Guys, not the living room! Wait, you can't go upstairs.

The Power Teens join Aisha in the kitchen.


Oh man, I got to get these people out of my house. Where'd they all come from anyway.

CU on Kimberly as she shrugs her shoulders.

Rocky (Good Heartedly)

Look at the bright side...there's no Vase to break.

Aisha (Sarcastically)


The kitchen door bursts open. Bulk and Skull, fully dressed in their Swamp Thing Monster costumes rush in. They head straight for the food.


We're monsters.


And we're here to do some major damage.


Oh man, who invited Bulk and Skull?


Don't blow it for us, geeks. The Power Rangers should be here any minute to save you from us nasty monsters.

The Power Teens look at each and roll their eyes. Bulk grabs a handful of lettuce and shoves it in his mouth. Skull grabs the entire punch bowl and tips it over spilling the contents all over the floor. Aisha grabs the kitchen towel from the sink and begins to wipe up the punch from the floor.

Aisha (To Herself)

That's it, party's over.

Bulk and Skull move into the Living room and start trying to scare the other kids. Aisha, with the help of her friends, continues to clean the mess that Bulk and Skull have left on the kitchen floor.

Int-Living Room-Day


Bulk and Skull are making stupid monster sounds and moves in an attempt to scare the other kids who are dancing and partying. No one seems to be really scared of them; they all know it's Bulk and Skull.

Kid #1

Hey, Skull back off, dude.

Kid #2

Yeah, Bulk. Bug off!




First my mother's Vase, then party monsters. What's next?

Tommy's beeper goes off as zordon tries to contact him.


Zordon, I read you.


Zedd has unleashed a horrific monster. You must teleport to the Command Center, immediately.


Gotcha, Zordon. We're on our way!

They power Teens discreetly teleport out.

Int- Command Center-Day


The six Power Teens land in the Command Center. Alpha is buzzing around as usual.


Aye, aye, aye, Aisha! What a mess, those kids are making at your house.


Tell me about it!


Rangers, direct your attention to the viewing globe. That... is Zedd's Party Crasher

Angle On Viewing Globe:

CU of Party Crasher holding the Vase, the Party Crasher throws the Vase high up into the air.

Aisha my mom's Vase.....oh no....

The Vase lands, undamaged, on the Party Crashers head.


That was close. My moms priceless Vase in the hands of a Zedd monster, my house demolished by a bunch of Party animals. What's next?


Zedd's monster is next. You must battle him, Rangers. However, you must not let him point the Vase at you or you will be sucked into it.

CU of Party Monster holding the Vase.


This day is going from bad to worse.

The Command Center alarm goes off. Alpha is at the viewing globe.


Aye..Aye...Aye ..aye..aye the monster is heading toward Aisha's house.


Oh no.


C'mon guys, it's morphin time!

Insert Standard Morphing Sequence For All 6 Rangers.

Ext.-Park Fight Scene With Party Monster And Rangers.


The six Rangers fight the Party Monster. They use martial arts to no avail. (Combine Japanese footage with American footage).

Red Ranger

Man, this guy's invincible.

White Ranger

Use your weapons.

They aim and fire their weapons at the monster, to no avail.

Yellow Ranger

Careful, don't hit the Vase.

Blue Ranger

Our weapons seem to have no effect.

The Party Monster points his Vase at Billy and Billy is sucked in to the vase. A decal of Billy's Zord appears on the Vase.

Pink Ranger

Oh no, Billy.

Kimberly is sucked in next then Adam and finally Rocky. Decals of their respective Zords appear on the Vase. Aisha and Tommy stand alone.

White Ranger

Aisha, quick back to the Command Center.

Fade Out

Act II

Int-Dimension Vase


The Pink, Blue, Red, and Black Rangers are huddled together, stuck inside an Vase like dimension. Rocky removes his Power Blaster and aims it at the wall. Kimberly prevents him from firing.

Pink Ranger

We can't destroy this Vase. We've gotta think of Aisha.

Black Ranger

Let's try to teleport outta here.

The Rangers try to activate their teleportation devices but it doesn't work.

Red Ranger

Looks like were not going anywhere.

Blue Ranger

I'm afraid we have been effectively incarcerated.

Pink Ranger

Ooh..I hate it when that happens.

Int- Command Center-


Aisha and Tommy are back in the Command Center, helmets in hand. Alpha is watching on the viewing globe the trapped Rangers trying to find a way out.


Zordon, now what do we do? The monster has trapped the others.


You must apply pressure to his abdominal region. This will force him to release the others.


You mean....make the monster belch?


In a way, Tommy. The proper pressure at the exact spot on the monsters abdominal region will force him to catapult the others out of the Vase.


Aye, aye, aye, Zordon, my scanners indicate that the Monster and a band of putties are almost at Aisha's house.


I've got to get the others back without destroying my mother's Vase. This Party Crasher is mine!


Okay, then I'll take on the Putties. We're morphin' back to action!

The two Rangers Teleport out.

Ext-Alley Way-Day


Aisha has teleported right in front of the Party Crasher Monster. She fights it, pounding it in the belly.

Ext-Roof Top Of Alley Way Building


Tommy battles the Putties with the help of his tiger staff Saba

White Ranger

Okay, you wanna party, let's party.

Ext-Alley Way-Day


Aisha is pounding away at the monster's belly. After a rousing number of belly hits Aisha does a running kick smack into the monster's belly, causing it to double over. The monster spits out the other Rangers, Pink, Blue, Black and Red.

Yellow Ranger

Yes, party that you big pot bellied bully!

The freed Rangers give Aisha a high five.

Int-Zedd's Palace


Zedd is very displeased with the results.


Grow, you party poopers.

Ext-Zord Fight Arena


Zedd makes the monster grow. The Rangers call on their Zords. The Zords fight. The Megazord uses the laser sword to destroy the Party Crasher Monster.



Tommy (in WR costume) has finished off the last putty with a roundhouse kick to the putties Z spot.

White Ranger

The Party's over for you, clay brains.

Int Zedd's Palace


Zedd is really mad, Baboo and Squat cower by his side. Rita is shaking her staff at all of them.


Ohh... you give me such a headache.


Well, I guess you can't always have your cake and bake it too.


It's eat your cake and have it too!


Shut up you, worthless migraines.

End of Act II


Int-Aisha's Living Room-Day


The house is a total disaster. Everyone is now gone except Bulk and Skull who are sleeping on top of each other on the couch. They are snoring loudly and still dressed in their costumes, but without the monster heads on. The Vase magically reappears on the fireplace mantle. Aisha and the 5 other Power Teens enter the Living Rom. Aisha looks at the Vase.


Well at least the Vase is safe. But, look at my house it's a total wreck.

Skull awakens.


Bulky boy. Wake up. It's them. The Power Rangers. I hear 'em.

Bulk rolls over and snores. Skull wakes Bulk up by pouring a can of soda on his head. Bulk sits up and sees the Power Teens. He smacks Skull on the head with his Swamp Thing mask.

Bulk (To Skull)

What do you mean, you dimwit? It's only those geekoids. C'mon, let's blow this pop stand.

They run out the kitchen door before Aisha can say a word. Kimberly looks out the living room window.


Say Aisha, does your dad drive a red Station Wagon?




Well, then you parents are about a block away.

Aisha, sits down on the couch and puts her head in her hands.


My life is over. You guys better start looking for a new Yellow Ranger.

Tommy appears from the Kitchen, holding cleaning gear-Buckets, mops, dust rags, garbage bags...Etc.


C'mon guys, let's help Aisha clean up this mess guys, okay?

The Rangers, at fast speed, clean up the entire mess in about 10 seconds.


Thanks guys, I'm saved. The Vase is back and the house looks great!

Aisha grabs the Vase and holds it over her head like a trophy. It slips out of her hands and in slow motion drops to the floor. Tommy leaps over the couch in a touchdown football catching position and snatches the Vase just as it hits the floor. The Vase does NOT break.


That was close.


Too close.

Tommy places it gently on the fireplace mantle.


Thanks, guys. You're the best.


That's what friends are for.

Int Kitchen-Day


Angle on kitchen door.

The door is being unlocked; we see the door knob turning.

Int-Living Room


The 5 Power Teens minus Aisha make a bee line out the back door.


C'mon guys let's split

The Power Teens leave as Aisha jumps onto the easy chair (same as prologue), reaches over to the coffee table and grabs the "Miracle Teen" book. She opens it and pretends to be reading it when her father walk in. We show only the feet of her Father from her POV.


Hi, Daddy.

Father (VO)

Sugar, I'm so proud of you, the house looks immaculate.

We hear the MOTHER as she walks upstairs.

Mother (VO)

Was everything okay, dear?


Of course mom.

We see the FATHERS feet walk toward the fireplace as he bends to pick up a log for the fire.

Father (VO)

Honey, it's a little chilly in here, did someone leave the back door open? I think I'll start a fire.

As he grabs the firewood we notice a small spot of water left over by the cleaning operation right next to her Fathers feet.


Dad, look out!

As the Father moves to place the log into the fireplace his foot steps onto the wet spot. He slips, grabs for the mantle to stop his fall and knocks the Vase over with his hand. (IN SLOW MOTION) The Vase goes crashing onto the floor and smashes into smithereens.

Mother (VO)

Marcus Campbell, what was that?


Dad, I don't even think the Power Rangers can get you out of this one.

Aisha bites her lip waiting for the worst monster of all to come down the stairs. Her MOTHER.

Freeze Frame

The End.