Super Robot Wars Gallery

So, what is Super Robot Wars, anyway? Put simply, it's a series of video games. They have graced every major home console since the 8-bit Nintendo, with the exception of the Genesis. They've even already got one slated for Dreamcast. The basic premise behind Super Robot Wars is that giant robots from different anime series join together to fight evil. The game is war simulation format, with an overview map showing your troops and the enemy troops. Once you send one of your troops to fight an enemy, the game switches to a cool battle sequence in which each robot performs its attack. The pictures in the gallery are almost always going to be from these battle sequences, since the overview maps make for boring pictures.

To start us out, I've taken a bunch of pics using an SNES emulator and the Super Robot Wars Side Story: Lord of Elemental game. This game features the Masou Kishin (roughly "Magical Mechanical Armor God", with an English subtranslation of "Lord of Elemental"), which are robots especially designed for the Super Robot Wars series. Hence the name Gaiden, or Side Story, since the game focuses not on the actual anime characters but on the characters created just for the game. It is also one of only two SRW games to show its robots in normal size, instead of the Super Deformed size. The normal size makes for cooler pictures.

This is the Cybaster, the Masou Kishin of Wind, piloted by Masaki Andou. Cybaster is the main character of the Masou Kishin series. Masaki himself is a great fighter but not such a great thinker (his expressions throughout the game usually show this).

This is the Cybird, an alternate form of Cybaster.

This is the Goddess, the Masou Kishin of Water, piloted by Tootie Noorbook. The Goddess seems to be the weakest of the four Masou Kishin, but it also has healing abilities. Tootie is calm and serene most of the time, and acts like a big sister to Masaki.

This is the Granveil, the Masou Kishin of Fire, piloted by Hwang Yan Long. Yan Long is very calm and reserved, a real thinker. It was hard for him to admit that Masaki had better piloting skills. A philosopher, Yan Long is also a great pilot and utilizes Granveil well.

This is the Zamzeed, the Masou Kishin of Earth. It was originally piloted by Ricardo Silvera, but he was killed in an early part of the game. He was replaced later by Mio Sasuga, pictured. Mio was actually brought into the world of Masou Kishin by accident, but Zamzeed chose her to be the new pilot. She is very energetic and likes to tease people a lot, especially Masaki since he has a lot of girl problems on his hands.

This is Valcionne R, piloted by Ryuune Zoldark. Ryuune is the daughter of Bian Zoldark, who created the Divine Crusaders, the organization that comprises the "bad guys" for the first part of the SRW saga. When Masaki killed Bian, Ryuune came looking for revenge. However, Ryuune ended up getting a big crush on Masaki and followed him back home. Masaki actually has a crush on another girl, who also likes him. This, of course, throws a monkey wrench in Ryuune's plans. The more playful members of the team have made it a sport to tease Masaki mercilessly about his predicament.

This is the Granzon, piloted by Shuu Shirakawa. Shuu is Masaki's archenemy, a Char to his Amuro, a Hakaider to his Kikaider, a Furio to his Leo (you get the idea). Shuu killed Masaki's mentor while storming the city. Masaki actually killed Shuu once, but he was revived. Eventually, though, Shuu resented having his strings pulled once he was revived and turned on his masters, siding with Masaki to bring them down.

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