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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season 3/Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers

Thanks to Amit Bhaumik for some of the pictures. A little bit of the info in the Kakuranger section comes from Anthony Leong. Kakuranger/Alien Ranger individual pictures and the actual Kakuranger group photo above were scanned myself from the "Ninja Sentai Kakurenjaa: Ninpou Dai Zukan" guide from the good folks at Terebi Magajin.

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
(Ninja TaskForce Hidden Rangers)

Many, many years ago, five ninjas sealed the destructive youkais (somewhat like spirits or apparitions) behind a great door. They then planted their five swords to keep the youkais trapped. Now, in the present day, Sasuke and Saizou, two descendants of the ancient ninjas, are tricked by a youkai called Kappa, along with a group of Dorodoros, into breaking the seal to the door and releasing the other youkais back onto the world. A weird guy who rides on a cloud called Sandayu appears and tells Sasuke and Saizou both of their heritage and of the danger they face. A strange castle appears in the middle of the city, and a woman in a white ninja uniform flies out. She is Tsuruhime, another one who was descended from ninja. All three pull their ancestors' swords out of the ground, calling upon the ghosts of their ancestors, who give them their Doron Changers. The three now henshin using the phrase "Suupaa Henge! Doron Chenjaa!" ("Super Transformation! Doron Changer!") They henshin into Kakuranger and their ancestors' swords transform into Kakuremarus. The Muteki Shougun (Invincible General), first of the San Shin Shou (Three God Generals), emerges from the strange castle (or perhaps it is the castle - both look similar) and chases off Kappa.

Now the three Kakurangers must locate the other two descendants. Seikai is found first when he and his friend are tricked by the youkai Rokurokubi. Both Kappa and Rokurokubi team up and attack the Kakurangers. Sandayu appears before Tsuruhime and presents her with the Neko Maru, a cat-like van. Tsuruhime uses it to bring Seikai to his ancestor's sword. His ancestor appears before him, and he transforms into Ninjayellow! Sasuke is brought into the castle and finds a strange scroll. With this scroll, he can call upon his very own Kyoudai Juu Shou (Giant Beast General), Red Saruder. Kappa and Rokurokubi both enlarge thanks to a bolt of lightning from a cloud made of human despair and misery. Ninjared merges with the Red Saruder, and his Saruder Slicer destroys both of them.

A new youkai, Oboroguruma, appears, in the form of a taxi cab. To chase him, Tsuruhime calls upon the Shark Machines: Shark Bridder (?), Shark Slider, and Shark Launcher. When they corner the youkai, a strange man with a gun and roller skates appears and protects it. He then tells off the Kakurangers - in English! Sandayu tells the Kakurangers that he is Jiraiya, the fifth Kakuranger. Even as Jiraiya accompanies the youkai back to his station, he leaves a message for the other Kakurangers (in English - luckily Tsuruhime knows how to translate it for the others). There, Jiraiya discovers the other scrolls used to summon their own Giant Beast General. But, he is found out, and is teleported to Toei's famous gravel pit, where he has been locked up in a cage and should fall to his doom. His ancestor appears before Jiraiya (and mocks his descendant about his English). His ancestor grants Jiraiya his Doron Changer and summons his sword. Meanwhile the other Kakurangers guard the last sword, and when it heads for Jiraiya, they hop into Neko Maru and follow it. They meet up with Jiraiya just as he transforms into Ninjablack, and the team is complete! Oboroguruma enlarges and starts to beat on Ninjared and the Red Saruder. In a hillarious scene, Ninjablack tries to tell the others where the other scrolls are, but the others don't understand him (Ninjayellow even asks him what the hell he's talking about). Finally, Ninjablue spots the scrolls near where Ninjablack is frantically pointing. With the new scrolls, they summon the other Giant Beast Generals and combine to execute the Shinkuu Harikeen (Vacuum Hurricane) to destroy Oboroguruma.

Now a complete team, the Kakurangers seem fit to triumph over the other youkais, even when the new head of the youkais, DaiMaOu (Great Evil King) emerges. His son, Gasha Dokuro (Gasha Skull), also appears (before his father, in fact) to make trouble, and even creates his own team of five evil flower ninjas from five cats. Kakurangers also get the Juu Shou Faitaa (Beast General Fighters), which are more agile and less bulky, which they use when they have a lot of enemies to fight. Eventually, the Kakurangers have to embark on a new quest each by themselves to find their new Chou Nin Juu (Super Ninja Beasts), which they each accomplish. The five Super Ninja Beasts can combine to form the Kakure Dai Shougun (Hidden Great General), the second of the Three God Generals. Tsubasa Maru, the third of the Three God Generals, also debuts during this time. It is around now that Tsuruhime's father, whom she previously thought dead, appears - as Hakumenrou (White Masked Man), a servant of DaiMaOu! Later, Tsuruhime unlocks the warrior Ninjaman, a pupil of the Three God Generals, from his sleep inside a blue bottle, and he happily joins in the fight against the youkais.

DaiMaOu finally creates a new youkai called Dara Dara, who was created from DaiMaOu's essence. He steals Ninjaman's powers and connects to him. When the Three God Generals attempt to combat him, DaiMaOu shows that Dara Dara cannot be hurt, for his power is drawn from Ninjaman. To demonstrate, he brings Ninjaman out, held captive by Hakumenrou. Every time someone hits Dara Dara, he seems not to suffer, but Ninjaman does. Bravely, Ninjaman cries out to his masters to kill him so Dara Dara can be put down, but the Kakurangers refuse. The good guys pull out of battle to plan. Meanwhile, Bun, a mysterious boy always surrounded by his two dogs, introduced a while ago, accidentally gives away a bit too much information about Dara Dara, and the Kakurangers become suspicious of how he knows all this. Tsuruhime insists that Bun must have learnt this from her father, though Bun frantically denies it. Tsuruhime realizes that her father must be a spy for the humans, instead of a traitor. Finally, she convinces Bun to take the Kakurangers to their usual meeting spot.

When they get there, Sasuke believes there is a trap, though Tsuruhime insists she's not leaving until she sees her father. Hakumenrou is, in fact there, but he sees the flower ninja team approaching them, and he must continue his ruse of being the enemy, attacking the Kakurangers. Finally, he protects them from the flower ninja team and tells them to run. DaiMaOu intercepts them and reveals that he knew about Hakumenrou's betrayal all along. He then proceeds to apparently kill Hakumenrou, but Hakumenrou throws something away first. In the ensuing fight, four of the Kakurangers are captured, and only Sasuke escapes. Beaten severely, Sasuke must be rescued by Bun and his two dogs, who transform into twin ninjas. Taking refuge in a cave, the two ninjas reveal the truth - they are Tarou and Jirou, twin protectors of Tsuruhime. They accompanied Tsuruhime's father to stop DaiMaOu years ago, but the two of them were trapped. Tsuruhime's father had to work for the youkais to prevent them from being killed. In response, the two of them were turned into dogs. They have been with Bun ever since Hakumenrou found him. They also reveal that Bun is actually a rebelling youkai that Hakumenrou helped free. Tarou and Jirou give Sasuke the object that Hakumenrou threw away - a small object that reveals the location of the other Kakurangers and Ninjaman, as well as how to defeat Dara Dara.

Meanwhile, Dara Dara has been wreaking havoc on the city. The Three God Generals arrive, only to find that the other Kakurangers have their lifeforces linked to Dara Dara as well. To defeat this youkai, Ninjaman and the four Kakurangers must die. Sasuke charges the fortress where his friends are hidden. When he gets there, he strikes DaiMaOu down, forcing Dara Dara to break the link with his captives - since Dara Dara was made from DaiMaOu's essence, what hurts DaiMaiOu must hurt Dara Dara. The Kakurangers climb aboard the Hidden Great General as Ninjaman enlarges into Samuraiman, and they defeat Dara Dara. DaiMaOu unleashes his Skull Castle, and Hakumenrou, who apparently survived, is turned into stone.

Yamamba and Daidarabotchi, DaiMaOu's younger siblings, appear to aid him in defeating the Kakurangers. Yamamba poses as an old lady running a humble inn. Her plan is to capture the Kakurangers one at a time and replace them with duplicates. Saizou is taken in the middle of the night and replaced. Later, when trying to find out the mystery of the inn, the fake Saizou attacks Seikai and Jiraiya, and the two of them are also replaced with fakes. Finally, the three of them attack and replace Tsuruhime. Sasuke figures out the plot, but his attention is diverted to a huge Daidarabotchi, who is wreaking havoc. Now Ninjared, he calls upon the God Saruder to fight. Since the remaining Kakuranger is occupied, Yamamba decides to kill the four Kakurangers she has captured immediately. At the last instant, she is stopped by - Ninjared? Ninjaman has given his aid in stopping Daidarabotchi, allowing Ninjared to focus on Yamamba. Kakure Dai Shougun is formed, and Daidarabotchi is killed, though Yamamba retreats for now . . .

The stone Hakumenrou is given life, along with incredible powers. He goes to the city and wreaks havoc. Meanwhile, Yamamba and the flower ninja team arrive, and their remarks that Tsuruhime's father is the one responsible riles up the humans in earshot. Their anger contributes heavily to the cloud of despair that fuels the youkais. Tsuruhime is forced to run away or suffer the wrath of the mob. While running away in the woods, she encounters Yamamba. Yamamba tells her that Hakumenrou is now too dangerous to live, and gives Tsuruhime a dagger to kill her father with. At first, she refuses, but after Hakumenrou kills one of Tsuruhime's child friends, she is forced to take action.

She leaves the Kakuranger team after leaving a note in Neko Maru, and sets off to the cave where her father resides. The other Kakurangers desperately race to the cave to try and stop her, but Yamamba and the flower ninja team block her way. Tsuruhime cannot work up the strength to do the deed, but eventually she recalls the destruction Hakumenrou has caused, and tearfully takes up the dagger. Bun and the dogs that are Tarou and Jirou attack Yamamba and the flower ninja team, and Sasuke runs for the cave, barely stopping Tsuruhime from doing the deed. Furious, Yamamba enlarges and attacks the cave, waking up the stone Hakumenrou. Tarou and Jirou reappear and stop Hakumenrou from killing Tsuruhime, but in the process fall off a cliff, along with Hakumenrou. While in the midst of grieving, Tsuruhime must transform and attack Yamamba. But, the cloud of human misery and despair has grown so huge that Yamamba can simply take strength from it and survive the usual Youkai-disposal methods. The Kakurangers are despodent that so much misery exists. But, Ninjared spots a lone flower growing, and he realizes that so many good things arise out of the bad, and they must never lose hope. With the power of love, bravery, and hope behind them, the Kakurangers destroy Yamamba. Tsuruhime flees to the bottom of the cave, where Tarou and Jirou give their last farewells before dying. But it was not in vain - their lifeforces have healed Tsuruhime's father!

There is no time to celebrate, as DaiMaOu attacks furiously. Just as the Kakurangers prepare to do battle, the Three God Generals appear in a vision and tell them that they cannot fight him in the way that they are doing. They cannot rely on the strength their Doron Changers give them alone. DaiMaOu splits into three and go around the city in secret, causing bad things to happen. As humans, the Kakurangers stop the bad things from happening, such as catching babies that DaiMaOu caused to fall. When the three DaiMaOu projections remerge, Sasuke figures out that they cannot fight DaiMaOu with hate in their hearts, because he is made from such evil emotions. Instead, they must fight with the power of love, bravery, and hope in their hearts. As one, the Kakurangers bring DaiMaOu back to the place where Sasuke and Saizou broke the seal of the youkais. Ninjared resummons the door, and DaiMaOu is forced back inside. All five Doron Changers are used to seal the door. Now that all the youkais are trapped again, the Kakurangers have succeeded. Now, they go off, exploring the world in their Neko Maru. But inside the seal, the youkais are plotting . . .

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season 3/
Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers

Rito Revolto, Rita Repulsa's brother, comes to the moon, where he greets his sister and her new husband Zedd. Finster recreates four of his best monsters - Fighting Flea, Lizzinator, Stag Beetle, and Octophantom, and Rito agrees to lay out a trap for the rangers. He goes to Earth and intentionally triggers the Command Center alarms. When the Power Rangers go to investigate, Rito enlarges. The Thunder Megazord and the Tigerzord combat him, but the other four monsters ambush them. In the process, Rito destroys the Megazord and Tigerzord. The resulting overload also destroys the rangers' powers, and all connection to the Morphin Grid.

In the midst of despair, Adam asks where the Power Coins originally came from. Zordon believes that Ninjor created them, but it is only a myth. Alpha mentions a map found with the Power Coins, and the rangers decide that they must find Ninjor and receive new powers from him. Ninjor is supposedly located in the Desert of Despair. While making their way through the desert, a sudden fire burns the map. The Power Rangers must depend on Billy's memory of the rock formation near Ninjor's temple to guide them.

Rito reveals his wedding present to Rita - a group of Tenga warriors, bird-like creatures who, for the most part, fly around and squack. Once the rangers arrive at the place that Billy remembers, the Tengas are sent to fight them. The rangers must retreat into one of the cracks in the rock formation. There, they discover a hidden portal that sends them into Ninjor's temple. The Tengas place Rito's other present, a Vampirus egg, at the front of the crack. Inside, Ninjor is initially uncooperative, but that changes once the rangers prove that they don't want the power for personal gain. Ninjor grants them the power of ninja, unlocking their animal spirits and giving them Ninjazords.

The rangers return to the city and promptly defeat Rito and his goons. After a chewing out from both Zedd and Rita, Rito reveals that his Vampirus egg has hatched and is trying to destroy the temple. Ninjor comes out and enlarges. After he and Vampirus fight a little bit, he reveals his "Warrior Mode" (I don't believe it was ever given a name on the show, so I'll use the generic "Warrior Mode" expression). The rangers come back and trash Vampirus.

Kimberly's mother reveals her new fiance (Kim's parents are divorced). She wants Kim to go with her to France. Kim realizes that if she leaves, the Power Rangers will be down a ranger. Kim convinces her mother to let her stay until the school year is out. She will be staying at Aisha's house for the time being.

Katherine Hillard, a new transfer student to Angel Grove, is put under a spell by Rita, and gains the ability to turn into a cat. Kat befriends the rangers at school even as she plots against them. Kat traps Tommy inside a car and sends it into another dimension, where Golder keeps watch over him. The rangers manage to free him, though. Later, Aisha adopts Kat in her cat form, naming her P.C. (Park Cat).

Rita and her gang discover the lost Shogunzords which have laid dormant over the centuries. Kat grabs Kimberly's Power Coin from her backpack while they are fighting Tengas, and she uses the coin to gain access to the Falconzord and steal it. Ninjor is captured as well. With the power of Ninjor and the Falconzord technology, Zedd and Rita plan to activate the Shogunzords. Kat manages to trick Kim, captures her, and places her in another dimension where she is actively losing her lifeforce. Zedd appears to the rangers and blackmails them into piloting the Shogunzords for evil. The rangers discuss their options and decide that the best idea is to send Tommy into the dimension where Kim is in a wild, unplanned kamikaze attack (well, they probably didn't put it quite that way). Tommy fights Lord Zedd and breaks his staff. Kim is rescued. Meanwhile, the other rangers have gone inside the Shogunzords to keep the other bad guys occupied while Tommy made the rescue. Billy hotwires them and changes them to the side of good.But, not all is well as Kim is beginning to grow weaker and weaker without her Power Coin.

Even as Kim grows weak, her gynastics ability catches the attention of coach Gunthar Schmidt, and he offers to coach her upon finding out that she has no coach. Kimberly doesn't know if she should accept since undergoing such training would mean sacrificing some of her ranger duties. Meanwhile, Kat's inherently good nature is fighting Rita's spell, and though Rita tries to strengthen it, Kat breaks free. However, she does it a little too late, as Kim, weakened by the loss of her Power Coin, slips on a balance beam routine and injures herself.

Now a good person, Kat goes to the hospital and reveals to the rangers all that has been happening. Kim reveals that she wants to get out of gymnastics, citing a bunch of obviously half-assed reasons. Kat guesses correctly that Kim is now slightly afraid of the balance beam, and relates her own story about screwing up on the Pan Global games in diving, and how even now she hates the water. However, Rita won't let Kat go that easily. She wants a trade - Kat for Ninjor. Kat wants to go, but the others won't let her. Billy comes up with a plan, and when the trade comes, a force field is put into place around Kat by Billy's device so the forces of evil cannot get her. The effort is in vain, though, since the bad guys were planning on double-crossing them anyway. A Tenga breaks the device, and Kat is captured. However, Kat tricks Rito while she is imprisoned, and her impromptu act gets her the Pink Power Coin. Kim recovers her powers. Kimberly decides to pursue gymnastics after all after seeing Kat conquer her fear of the diving board, and she gets a great score in a local competition. Coach Gunthar Schmidt believes she is the best athlete he's ever coached, and offers her the chance to go back to his facility in Florida to train for the Pan Global Games. While at first, she chooses not to go, her friends change her mind. She chooses Kat as her replacement.

Master Vile, Rita's father, arrives on the moon and takes over. He unleashes his own monster, Globber. Meanwhile, Zordon presents the rangers with the Metallic Armor, which looks like sparkly versions of their original costumes for the kiddys at home to enjoy watching. What Master Vile is after is the Zeo Crystal, a crystal of unimaginable power hidden beneath Earth's moon. Rita claims that it is the Zeo Crystal that caused Zedd's current form when he tried to retrieve it a number of years ago. Billy creates the Falconzord remote control device to activate the other Ninjazords without the Falconzord. Tommy goes out to grab the Zeo Crystal, while Kat accompanies him. Meanwhile, Globber has taken Ninjor's powers and is using it against the rangers. Tommy recovers the Zeo Crystal, but Globber is so strong that their zords fail them (the fact that they were holding back due to Globber's connection with Ninjor probably contributed quite a bit, too). Master Vile takes the Zeo Crystal, which Tommy had kept inside the Falconzord. Beaten and battered, only the Metallic Armor protects the rangers enough to allow a retreat.

The rangers locate their zords in a section of M51, Master Vile's own galaxy. They go in and retrieve them, and the battle with Globber comes again. After retrieving the Zeo Crystal again, the rangers break Master Vile's link to the Zeo Crystal, freeing Ninjor. They destroy Globber and defeat Master Vile for now. The rangers split the Zeo Crystal up and send them to different time periods so no other villain can use it for evil.

Master Vile creates the Orb of Doom has Rito plant it on Earth. The Orb turns back time, leaving the rangers as kids (again - this is the same plot as in a Season 2 ep). The kid rangers make their way back to the Command Center, where they call on the help of the Aquitian Rangers (AKA Alien Rangers, though the name implies that they are the only alien rangers, which is obviously wrong). The Aquitian Rangers bring their Battle Borgs, given to them by Ninjor 1,000 years ago. The Battle Borgs have no cockpit, and the AR control them through telepathy. But, the AR must rehydrate often since they are a water-based species. Billy invents a device that draws on the powers of the Power Coins to make him his right age again, but Goldar and Rito destroy the Power Coins before he can make the others their right ages again. The five kid rangers must go through time and find the Zeo Crystal shards, since it is the only force that can return time to its normal state. Each of the rangers succeeds, though Aisha decides to remain in Africa to help out a local tribe with a plague destroying the animals. She sends a girl named Tanya in her place instead. Rito and Goldar, who have been making their way into the Command Center structure all this time, plant an implosion device to blow the place up. Rita tells them to grab the Zeo Crystal, which has now been completed. They teleport in while the other rangers are busy thanking the Aquitian Rangers, and grab the Zeo Crystal. Once the rangers realize what happened, the implosion device sets off, and the Command Center is destroyed. The other rangers are teleported out by Alpha, though Billy seems like he's been taking in a bit too much of that negative proton junk while protecting Alpha from an exploding console. Outside, the rangers see their base destroyed, and possibly Alpha and Zordon as well . . .

NOTE: My Season 3 collection is not the biggest set in existence. Any corrections would be gladly appreciated, especially concerning the Kim/Kat saga and the Master Vile 3-parter.

Conversion Guide

Kakuranger --- Power Rangers

Ninjared, Sasuke --- --- Red Aquitian Ranger, Aurico

Ninjawhite, Tsuruhime --- --- White Aquitian Ranger, Delphine

Ninjablue, Saizou --- --- Blue Aquitian Ranger, Cestro

Ninjayellow, Seikai --- --- Yellow Aquitian Ranger, Tideus

Ninjablack, Jiraiya --- --- Black Aquitian Ranger, Corcus

Ninjaman --- --- Ninjor

Samuraiman --- Ninjor, Warrior Mode

DaiMaOu --- --- Master Vile

Gasha Dokuro --- Rito Revolto
Dara Dara --- Globber

Shark Machines --- Shark Cycles (sort of) *See Interesting Facts*

Kyoudai Juu Shou --- Shogunzords
Red Saruder --- Red Shogunzord
White Kark --- White Shogunzord
Blue Rougan --- Blue Shogunzord
Yellow Kumard --- Yellow Shogunzord
Black Gamma --- Black Shogunzord
Muteki Shougun --- Shogun Megazord

Juu Shou Fighters --- Battle Borgs
*See above chart - change the colors on the Kyoudai Juu Shou to the word "Battle" and the word "Shogunzord" to "Battle Borg" and you have this chart right here, sans the Megazord part of it*
ex. Battle Saruder --- Red Battle Borg

Chou Nin Juu --- Ninjazords
*See above chart - change the colors on the Kyoudai Juu Shou to the word "God" and the word "Shogunzord" to "Ninjazord", and add the animal name to the PR equivalent, and you have this chart right here*
ex. God Saruder --- Red Ape Ninjazord

Tsubasa Maru --- Falconzord
Super Muteki Shougun --- Shogun MegaFalconzord
Shinkuu Hurricane --- Shogun Megazord Tower Formation
Super Kakure Dai Shougun --- Ninja MegaFalconzord

Interesting Facts

  • The order of introduction for the zords was reversed for Power Rangers. The answer is actually quite obvious: 6 rangers, 5 zords. Kimberly needs a pink zord. Thus, the God Kark was turned into a pink Ninjazord and Tsubasa Maru was changed into a pilotable zord. Part of the reason for the whole "Kim gets weaker" plotline (besides the obvious one that the AJJ fans would slaughter Saban if Kim got a weak exit like Trini, Zack, and Jason) is to explain why Kim can't pilot a Shogunzord - she shares the White Shogunzord with Tommy. The capture of the Falconzord is put in to explain the Falconzord remote control device, allowing the remaining Ninjazords to be activated without the Falconzord, thus explaining the footage of the Chou Nin Juu without Tsubasa Maru (Tsubasa Maru was not part of the group, so it did not appear when the Chou Nin Juu were summoned - watch any Season 3 ep with the Ninjazords, and you'll see that when they are first summoned, the shot is always of the five Ninjazords running, then a cut to the Falconzord, never of all six at the same time). And Ninjor's capture is put in to explain the Kyoudai Juu Shou fighting without Ninjaman - Ninjaman was intro'd well after the Kyoudai Juu Shou stopped being the primary mecha.

  • For no good reason, the White Kark was repainted pink for the Shogun Megazord toy. Some may argue that the colors have always been red, black, blue, yellow, and pink, so every toy should reflect this (never mind that the Lion Thunderzord was green). But, if it was white on the show, it should be white on the toy!

  • The Shark Cycles are loosely based on the Shark Machines from Kakuranger. The Shark Launcher, based on a sawfish, is used by Seikai and Jiraiya, and is the basis for the Pink and Yellow Shark Cycles. The Shark Slider, based on a hammerhead, is used by Tsuruhime and Saizou, and is the basis for the Blue and Black Shark Cycles. The Shark Bridder, based on a great white shark, is used by Sasuke, and is the basis for the Red and White Shark Cycles. Of course, the sidecars on the Launcher and Slider were removed.

  • Ninjor was considered a myth by Zordon, a wise intergalactic being. Obviously, if Zordon didn't know of the existence of Ninjor, surely most of the known universe must not have know either. Yet, the Aquitian Rangers were well aware that Ninjor was real, as they received powers from him only a thousand years ago (I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that one thousand years isn't a long time for Aquitians - the Foutain of Youth in Zeo only supports this claim). So, either Zordon isn't as smart and influential as we are normally led to believe, or Aquitians normally block off all communications with the outside universe.

  • Rito Revolto and Rita Repulsa have different last names. This could be due to two reasons. The first is that both Rito and Master Vile originally had the last name of Repulsa, like Rita. When Rita was placed in a time warp, Vile was disgusted by his child's performance, changed his last name, and had Rito change his. This is rather unlikely since Rita did put Zordon in a time warp, an act that would no doubt please her father and would probably overshadow her own defeat. The second possibility is that Vile and Rita originally had the last name of Revolto, but Rita married and had her name changed to Repulsa. Of course, this is dependent on marriage being the same in other civilizations, but with MMPR, it's easy to make that stretch. That would mean Rita was originally Rita Revolto, and Vile's full name is Vile Revolto. This is the more likely scenario. Of course, that raises the question of whether or not Rita took on Zedd's last name when they married. Zedd apparently has no last name, yet Vile doesn't appear to have one either, yet he must or his children would have no last name. Has Rita claimed her title as Rita Repulsa since the marriage? If she hasn't, it could mean her last name is different now. If she has, it could be that Zedd's race simply has no last name. Of course, that also raises the question of where Rita's first husband is now. Most likely, he is dead (she was caught in a dumpster for 10,000 years). But, some may consider the fact that her brother and father are still alive. Hey, maybe he was killed. Or they got divorced. Wouldn't that make a nice story? Revenge of Rita's Ex. Or, they could still be married, and her civilization condones multiple marriages. The speculation could go on and on.

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