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  • Captain Mitchell showed the teens a video of scientists in protective suits handling a top-secret fuel cell, loading it into a device or case.
  • The fuel cell was extremely powerful, and sensitive to high temperature, so they had to keep it away from high heat at all costs; at this point, the video showed a scene of a nuclear blast laying waste to surrounding land, alarming the teens.
  • Mitchell assigned the teens to meet Dr. Hanson at the airport and accompany the fuel cell safely to the Aquabase.
  • fuel cell As the city's temperature rose, Earl (disguised as a fisherman and escorted by Dana) noted it was getting too hot, and when a crash made him spill the ice from his box, he scrambled to pack more ice around the fuel cell which was hidden inside.
  • The fuel cell was a silver rod device roughly nine inches long with a blue window-like strip down the side.
  • When Vypra's blasts made Earl drop the tackle box, breaking it, he fled with Dana after collecting the fuel cell and some ice in his jacket.
  • After Earl and Dana had leapt off a dock into the water below and been taken to the Aquabase by submarine, the fuel cell was safely delivered to the Aquabase, although its ultimate purpose was never mentioned (possible candidates include the Max Solarzord and Omegazords).

    812-TDis Lightspeed robot (background)

  • In Transport, a little green and silver robot, perhaps a foot and a half to two feet tall, would regularly be seen in the area, usually near the Rover lift, although it would never be shown animate; its face was modeled after the Lightspeed sigil.


  • Miss Fairweather used a white scanner which shone a green light to examine Ryan's tattoo.


  • Near the control booth in Transport was a yellow submersible robot.


  • In a simulation room, Carter flew the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle in a sky simulation before leaping out and landing on the invisible floor; the sky background then faded away with static, revealing the test room where Miss Fairweather and Joel stood nearby, and a tech took notes through a booth window.


  • In a holographic Western simulation in the mountains, Chad fought solid Batlings and Olympius with the new Thermo Blaster until the backdrop and opponents vanished, revealing Miss Fairweather and techs at a tented command setup.


  • Stricken with amnesia (see Memorase), the four teens had their arms strapped to vertical sections on a large machine which apparently had spaces for four people.
  • The machine was apparently set up in place of the Rescue Rover area in Transport, with the controls in front of the doorway to the jackets.
  • At the controls, Miss Fairweather explained that Memorase had blocked certain brain paths, but this program was designed to free the memory paths by triggering thoughts of the teens' lives as Rangers; luckily, Miss Fairweather's team had compiled a huge archived library of the teens' experiences which they'd saved for just such an emergency.
  • To begin, Miss Fairweather closed four disc drives which contained four DVD-like discs, each bearing a respective Ranger crest; as the machine hummed and the teens were unconscious, they twitched as their memories began to reawaken, beginning with their recruitment by Lightspeed's men in black; by this point, four brain bar displays hovered around 25%.
  • Rushed by Mitchell, Miss Fairweather warned if they stopped the process before it was finished, the teens could lose all their memories.
  • Soon, at 50%, Miss Fairweather reported they were feeding in memories as fast as they could, and she then swapped the discs out for identical-looking versions to try something more personal.
  • When the new discs were inserted and knobs were turned, it triggered the teens' memories of personal experiences and interactions which had mostly occurred away from the Aquabase and were removed from any Lightspeed activities (although how such videos might have been obtained is unknown); after these memories, the reading was 90%.
  • As the indicators went from 99% to "Complete," Joel's lights shut off, and he awoke with his memories; Kelsey and Chad then awoke, but the machine's alarm buzzed as it began to overload and spark; Carter's indicators oscillated between full and empty with an "Overload" warning, and as it shut down, Carter awoke with a headache, stunned in confusion before he eventually recalled his Ranger history.
  • When the Rangers later returned from battle in the Rescue Rover, the memory apparatus was no longer present.


  • When the base's air began to thin, techs in Ops distributed miniature air masks which consisted of a mouthpiece attached to a small canister.


  • Finding an emergency maintenance shaft flooded with water, Chad opened an "Air Station" wall panel and removed six sigiled silver mouth canisters for himself and the others to use during their underwater escape.

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