Phantom Ranger's access tunnel
tunnel beneath Angel Grove used by Phantom Ranger (527-OLHo through 529-ClMz)
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First Appearance: 527-OLHo
Last Appearance: 529-ClMz
See Also: Turbo holding bay


  • Once the Rangers had agreed to come with him during Metallasaurus's attack, Phantom Ranger pointed his hand at the ground, and a square opening in the concrete downtown opened up; Phantom and the Rangers leapt down into a tunnel which led beneath Angel Grove.
  • As the Rangers followed Phantom through the tunnel beneath Angel Grove, Alpha couldn't locate the Rangers, but their communicators still worked.
  • To get past a wall (which Phantom called rubble) at the end of the tunnel, Phantom summoned a laser weapon which, when the Rangers joined in with their Auto Blasters, blasted a hole through the wall; the next time the Rangers would be seen, they would be in the Rescuezords in Artillatron.


  • Phantom's ship was now hovering inside the tunnel beneath Angel Grove as Phantom collapsed nearby.


  • After using a Turbo Navigator to locate a spot directly above Phantom's "access tunnel" (a spot near a parking lot by the woods somewhere), T.J. and Cassie had Alpha teleport them down into the tunnel.

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