- former student, teen martial artist; current stunt man? (502-SIT2)
- former Black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (228-PTr2 through 336-CEvF, also 625-AACh)
- former Zeo Ranger Four (402-AZB2 through 500-TPRM)
- former Green Turbo Ranger (500-TPRM through 519-PTT2)
Adam, circa season 2
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Full Name: Adam Park (427-GHnr)
First Appearance: 222-NjE1
Last Appearance: 625-AACh
Pictures: Adam circa season 2 (shown at right), Adam circa season 3, young Adam, Adam circa PRZ, Adam circa PRT
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  • Having met while rescuing baby Jacob, Tommy asked Rocky, Adam, and Aisha (see teens) if they were in town to watch the ninja competition; Adam replied vaguely, "Yes, you could say that."
  • Adam wore an earring.
  • Participating in the ninja competition alongside Rocky and Aisha, Adam landed seven successful attacks against his opponent(s) and had only one landed on him; Aisha and Rocky, however, had ratios of 7 to 5 and 3 to 2, respectively.


  • Having been captured by Goldar, Rocky and Adam were pessimistic as the Serpent of Darkness approached, but Mr. Anderson reminded the three teens that they'd always been optimistic, and Aisha noted that the Power Rangers might save them, but Rocky and Adam didn't appear to take heart; they would later be rescued by the Rangers and learn their identities (see teens).


  • Adam's number in the Stone Canyon Triathalon was 368.
  • In the park, Tommy and Adam taught martial arts to Pablo, a member of the World Teen Summit.


  • As Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were walking down the hall during their first day of school at Angel Grove High, Rocky began listing the classes they had together, but Adam pointed out that it was lunchtime and had Rocky put their school materials away to check out the cafeteria.


  • When the three teens were chained to a tree, Adam thought for Rocky to move around to the other side of the tree and then trick the Putties to coming near by shouting out in support of Rocky as if he were running away; when the Putty with the keys approached, he kicked a soccer ball into its Z, causing it to shatter and drop the keys near him.
  • While fighting Putties, Adam demonstrated considerable skill at soccer.
  • Adam took Zack's place as the Black Ranger.
  • Zordon told Adam he was watchful and intelligent.
  • After being told of his Thunderzord, Adam placed his fist on his chest and bowed, thanking Zordon and telling him he wouldn't let him down.
  • Following the Rangers defeat of Silverhorns and Zedd's retreat in Serpentera, Zordon warned the teens that Zedd and Serpentera would be back, more powerful than ever; Adam said they could handle it.


  • Rocky and Adam sparred in the Youth Center as part of a demonstration.
  • Adam was feeling down since no one had yet asked him to the vice-versa dance.
  • At school, Aisha told Adam that Sarah Diaz, a girl on the volleyball team whom Adam thought was beautiful and really smart, thought Adam was cute; he didn't initially believe her.
  • Adam destroyed six Putties by himself; once he was finished with the fight, Sarah had left the volleyball court before he could meet her for her to ask him out.
  • After giving a martial arts demonstration in the Youth Center, Sabrina (actually Scorpina in disguise) approached Adam and Aisha and asked if she could join Adam since she was new in school.
  • Sabrina told Adam she'd heard he was one of the best martial artists at Angel Grove High, and she asked to see a few of his moves.
  • Adam was later planning on going hiking with Sabrina the next day, and he invited Aisha along for her to get to know Sabrina better.
  • When asked on the hike why he'd brought Aisha along, Adam said she was one of his best friends, and that he just wanted them to get along, but Sabrina cheerfully told him not to hold his breath.
  • Yellow energy from Goldar's sword tied Adam and Aisha to a tree; neither Adam nor Aisha could then reach their Morphers; Blue Ranger later freed them.
  • Adam had made plans to work out with Tommy and Rocky after his hike with Sabrina.
  • Adam went to the vice-versa dance alone; Sarah went alone as well, hoping Adam would be there, and the two danced together.


  • Rocky and Adam taught a martial arts class full of white belt children.
  • Adam said he was once the weakest kid in his class and that he'd gotten picked on a lot when he was young.
  • When he was a child, Adam was always getting teased about being small, but a teacher got him interested in karate, giving him self-confidence.
  • Adam gave young Shawn, a karate student who was being picked on by a bigger student named Biff, personal lessons in the Youth Center and the park to help him improve his kata.
  • The Mirror of Regret showed Adam a scene of a coach picking everyone in the group but young Adam for a soccer game in a park, then of a kid telling young Adam as he retrieved the ball near Adam, "We don't want you on our team, Adam. You're a pipsqueak."
  • After showing Adam several demeaning scenes from his youth in the Mirror of Regret, Goldar accidentally showed Adam an image of young Shawn doing well rather than poorly while practicing, and Adam regained his confidence.


  • Adam gave a report on light refraction in Miss Appleby's class, and he used a kaleidoscope as an example of refraction of light "into a million pieces" (like other descriptions of a kaleidoscope in this episode).
  • Tommy, Kim, and Billy were walking through the park looking through Adam's kaleidoscope while Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were at the Youth Center doing school assignments.
  • Adam thought to use prisms to reverse Scatterbrain's amnesia-inducing ray.
  • Adam agreed with Billy that Billy's lab was amazing.
  • Adam asked Billy where he kept his prisms, but Billy had amnesia at the time and didn't know.


  • Adam was nervous about the Rangers' upcoming appearance on the Harvey Garvey Show; he said he'd never liked being in front of cameras.
  • When Goldar retreated from the Rangers, saying he'd be back, Adam was perplexed by Goldar's remark for some reason.


  • Tommy went to the park to meet Rocky and Adam for a run.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to bring in a childhood photograph, Adam showed the class a photo of himself, near seven or eight years old, helping his dad work on a car; his dad loved working on cars, and Adam enjoyed doing things with him.
  • When the Rock of Time turned back time, young Adam had a buzz-cut. vWhile the six kids were in the park, young Adam helped young Billy test a kite for which Billy's dad had helped Billy draw up the plans at home.
  • When the six kids were confronted by Putties in the park, young Adam innocently asked the Putties if they wanted to play dodgeball with them.


  • Adam knew the name of Oysterizer, a monster which had not faced the Rangers since 160-OySt, before the power transfer.


  • Pondering Miss Appleby's assignment to write about a time period in which he would like to have lived, Adam said he couldn't make up his mind on which time period he liked; Kim told him not to be shy, and he defensively replied that he wasn't.
  • Adam eventually decided on the Renaissance time as his choice since everything seemed romantic during that period.


  • In 1790's Angel Grove, Marissa was attracted to Adam.
  • At one point, Adam held Marissa's hands to try to comfort her.
  • When the five teens in 1790's Angel Grove were confronted with three rat monsters and were unable to morph, Adam suggested fighting without powers, but Billy said it was too risky, as they didn't know what the monsters were capable of, so the teens fled with Ben and Marissa.


  • When the teens were heading back to the present with White Ranger, Adam asked Marissa to come with them (a potentially colossal modification in the timestream), but she said that Angel Grove Township was her world and that he must save his, but that she would always remember him; she then kissed him on the cheek before he left, and as he swirled away, he told her he would never forget her.
  • Back home with everything back to normal, Adam was thoughtful; Billy reminded him that at least they knew everyone in Angel Grove Township was okay now; immediately afterward, a girl who looked identical to Marissa dropped her books right beside Adam and smiled as he helped her pick them up.


  • Adam had bought a book of poetry earlier at the Angel Grove High book fair.


  • Adam was familiar with the plot of Grumble the Magic Elf.


  • Playing in the Annual Volleyball Championship against Stone Canyon, Adam did an unnecessary flip.


  • Getting in touch with his roots was important to Adam, and both Billy and Aisha knew this.
  • Adam's family had given him a family lantern at his family reunion; Adam said that apparently it had great powers.
  • A lantern keeper was chosen for each generation in Adam's family, and Adam was honored to be chosen, as it was a big responsibility.
  • Adam didn't know what the Oriental inscription on the lantern tag said; he was supposed to discover it for himself.
  • To help Adam discover the meaning of the inscription on his family lantern, Billy took Adam to see Ko, Billy's friend, an old Asian man who took care of a huge garden. Adam, circa season 3
  • When Ko read Adam an inscription on Ko's own lantern which read, "The dragon you fear is only as potent as your imagination," Adam asked what it meant but knew when Ko asked him what it meant to him; Adam asked if he was right in his interpretation that fear was only as powerful as you make it in your mind, and Ko told him, "If you believe it, then it is so," which could have been another translation of the message or a reply to Adam's question of whether it was right.
  • Ko translated the message on Adam's lantern: "The lamp may light the path, but the soul must light the way."; Adam didn't understand the message, and when Ko said that they were wise words but that like all others, they were only words, Adam didn't understand that either; Ko said that, as before, Adam must discover what this meant to him.
  • When Squatt and Baboo had stolen most of Ko's lanterns, and Adam's with it, Adam was upset, having sworn in front of his family that he wouldn't let anything happen to the lantern.
  • While the other four teens remained in the Command Center, Aisha accompanied Adam as he looked for his lantern, even though Alpha had promised to call if anything happened.
  • As the Rangers fought Lanterra, whom Adam believed had been created from his family lantern, Adam wanted them to try to find a way to stop the monster without destroying it (although usually, destroyed monsters reverted back to their undamaged source objects).
  • Adam figured out that the inscription meant that the power was inside himself and not the lantern, that it was just an object, and it could only remind him of the strength he possessed; after this realization, Adam began to pummel Lanterra.
  • When Kim told Adam they were proud of him for destroying the lantern (actually not his lantern), Adam said that what mattered most was that they were all safe.
  • Bulk and Skull eventually returned Adam's lantern to him unharmed.


  • Adam and Tommy were lab partners in Mr. Wilton's chemistry class.


  • At the museum to learn about the Kahmalan Face Stealer with the other teens, Adam showed a bit of excitement as he helped Billy recount the tale of the Face Stealer.
  • The Face Stealer stole Adam's face and soul; he was freed when the other Rangers used ancient Kahmalan masks against the monster.


  • While under a hate spell, Adam thought he was a better fighter and potential leader of the Rangers than Tommy; once the spell was broken, Adam later apologized, but Tommy told him it was forgotten.


  • Adam appeared to be alone at the Junior Police Ball; he offered Tommy a stick of celery after Kim had left Tommy to have a friendly dance with Skull.


  • When Rocky hoped after their Ninja Ranger fight that his sandwich was still at the outdoor cafe, as the fight had made him even hungrier, Adam raced him back to the outdoor cafe, and Billy followed them.


  • When Tommy was captured by Rita and Zedd, Billy and Adam went to Billy's garage, where they designed a device to get through Rita and Zedd's shield; Billy installed it under one of the Command Center's control panels, allowing Billy to get Tommy's coordinates.


  • During the fight with Vampirus, Artistmole, Rito, Goldar, and Tengas, Adam mispronounced Artistmole's name as "Artisi-mole."


  • When Kat said Ranger business was a lot to learn and that she was still worried about her communicator going off, Adam said he could remember how that felt.
  • Seeing Tommy uncharacteristically devouring large amounts of junk food, Adam reminded him that the food was really bad for him.

    333-RIRv young Adam

  • When the Orb of Doom turned back time, young did not have a buzz-cut.


  • After school, young Billy and Adam walked to Billy's house to finish the regenerator Billy was near completing.
  • Despite young Billy's lack of confidence in the regenerator, young Adam was sure it would work.


  • Corcus sent young Adam off on his Zeo quest, telling him to let his spirit guide him.


  • For his Zeo quest, young Adam found himself in the Diamond Mountains in Korea, where his grandmother had been born; he presumed he was in the past.
  • Young Adam knew a small amount of Korean.
  • Young Adam told a Korean woman (who spoke English) that he was looking for a wise man, and that he was told he could find him here.
  • After young Adam had frustratedly acknowledged Kai-Ogi, the old man following him, Kai-Ogi seemed to have known Adam's name ahead of time; he was able to sense within Adam the spirit of the frog.
  • After Kai-Ogi had pestered him while he tried to speak with an old Korean man he thought was Kai-Ogi, young Adam grew incresingly annoyed with the real Kai-Ogi, not knowing his identity.
  • Later sitting by a waterfall, talking with young Adam, Kai-Ogi warned Adam of running past his true goals while chasing what he sought; after recalling that he had been searching for Kai-Ogi but had only found this old man, Adam realized that Kai-Ogi was the old man, at which point Kai-Ogi performed a slide-teleport (see "Ninja Rangers") into a standing position on a rock at the bottom of his waterfall.
  • As young Adam anticipated, the green subcrystal was sticking out of a rock, hidden behind Kai-Ogi's waterfall.
  • When young Adam held his subcrystal, green energy flowed down his arms.
  • Kai-Ogi said that it had been Adam, not himself, who had found the subcrystal.


  • When the kids and Billy thought of young Aisha on her quest, young Adam said that Aisha could take care of herself.


  • When the teens and Billy were asking a large number of questions about the Machine Empire, Adam's only question was to ask about Rita and Zedd.
  • The green subcrystal suited Adam up as Zeo Ranger Four.


  • Tanya told the teens she had a problem, and Adam comforted her that they were her friends and wanted to help.


  • After Rocky had tried but failed to ask his science partner Jennifer to a dance, Rocky and Adam were later walking through a residential area, with Rocky insisting he didn't like Jennifer; Adam, however, wasn't convinced.


  • Adam played second base on the baseball team.
  • Adam batted right-handed.
  • Some time after the baseball practice at which Tanya had struck Shawn out, Adam's smile vanished when Kat casually told Shawn that Adam had been telling her about Tanya's tryout.
  • After Kat and Tanya left in response to Shawn's putting down Tanya's pitching ability, Adam invited Shawn to meet him and Rocky at the batting cages the next morning before the game, and Shawn accepted, saying he needed practice after the way he'd batted that day.
  • The upcoming big game was against Stone Canyon.
  • After People Pitcher had captured Rocky, Adam dodged the monster's blasts and then fought Cogs, all without morphing.
  • After Tanya had broken up with Shawn for telling her she'd nearly blown the game by not striking out Stone Canyon's record-winning batter, Adam congratulated the unsure Tanya for standing up for herself.
  • Adam told Tanya that Shawn didn't deserve her, and she hugged Adam.


  • Adam gave Tanya martial arts lessons on a hill overlooking the lake, and she was doing quite well.
  • Adam told Tanya that teaching her helped him prepare for his upcoming match; she replied that that was really sweet but that she didn't believe a word of it.


  • Rocky, Adam, Bulk, and Skull were in the Angel Grove Junior Botanical Society Greenhouse; Adam was growing a plant of his own.
  • Adam suggested taking a sample of Rocky's mutant, metal-eating plant to Alpha to ask about it, and then Rocky, apparently not having heard Adam, got the same idea, and they left to take a sample to Alpha.


  • Adam was doing schoolwork alone in a biology classroom at Angel Grove High, presumably after school, when he discovered Cogs going after a mysterious piano player (actually Skull) in the music room.
  • The next day, Miss Rodriguez had been going through Adam's class schedule and noticed that he'd taken creative writing twice; she wanted Adam to have more of a challenge, and for him to strive to be a more well-rounded student, so she handed him a schedule assigning him to take a classical music class.
  • When Mr. Hamms told the class to experiment with their new instruments, Adam, playing "Chopsticks," was the only person playing.
  • Adam's family had a piano when Adam was little.
  • After school, Kat asked Adam to go to the Youth Center with her and Tommy, but Adam was dedicated to his piano practice.
  • In both the US and sentai footage, morphed Adam used boxing moves, but Adam wouldn't take boxing lessons until 419-Chal.
  • During the fight, morphed Adam danced briefly with a Cog as Skull's classical music played in the background.
  • Later, Adam was practicing on the music room piano, and he was fairly good.
  • Adam opened the piano to discover the source of a blocked key, and he found a large note inside, reminding someone of piano lessons that day, apparently just a few minutes from that time, at the Angel Grove Symphony Hall.
  • Adam morphed in the middle of a midair frontflip after running to catch up to the mystery pianist outside Symphony Hall.
  • Although Adam told the other Rangers that they all needed to call the Zeozords, Adam didn't teleport up to his Zord along with the others; giant Fortissimodo soon picked him up, forcing Tommy to use the Defender Wheel on Fortissimodo's leg to free Adam.
  • Once the two had teleported away from the fallen Fortissimodo, morphed Adam inexplicably followed morphed Tommy around (as if injured) as Tommy fought off all the Cogs around them.
  • Later that same day when the mystery pianist was playing in the music room again, Adam sneaked up behind him and pulled back his hood; he was startled to discover that it was Skull.
  • When Skull was embarrassed by his secret, Adam encouraged Skull, saying he should be proud of his talent and that people would respect him rather than laugh; he added that if Bulk were really his friend, he'd be proud of what Skull could do.
  • At the recital when Skull came onstage, Adam clapped for Skull when everyone else was merely chuckling and murmuring; his applause started a few other people clapping.


  • In the resource center, Raymond taught Adam and Tanya about using the world-wide web; the two were novices at using the Internet.
  • Adam went to a website called "Media Central" and then followed a link to a "Groovin' Waves" page, which may have been either the site's music page or an individual band's page.
  • Adam and Tanya had joined a computer club.
  • Later, Adam was excited about finding a martial arts chat room; he showed it to Rocky.
  • Kat noted that Adam, who was still in a chat room, was really getting the hang of the computers and the Internet, and that maybe they'd have to tell Billy he had a new rival.
  • When Adam's communicator went off after Raymond had had Adam pull the computer's plug to prevent a virus from shorting out the other computers, Adam told Raymond that he and the other teens would go check and see if there was a power outage (yet the lights were on, and it was Adam who had pulled the plug).
  • Morphed Adam briefly fought Cogs with one hand voluntarily behind his back.
  • When the Rangers couldn't use the Zeo Megazord against giant Mean Screen because of the virus in the computer system, Adam, still morphed, went into the resource center and told Raymond he'd heard Raymond might be able to help and that he was an expert on computers; Raymond give him an as yet untested antivirus.
  • When the teens were working in the Power Chamber after the battle, Zordon commended Adam for his quick thinking and decisive action.


  • Tommy had Adam read Tommy's letter from Kim aloud while he did his last benchpressing set.
  • After reading that Kim had found someone else, Adam suggested that Tommy read the rest some other time, but Tommy took it and read the rest aloud.


  • Morphed Adam again used boxing moves before he'd taken boxing lessons in 419-Chal.


  • Adam incorporated techniques from various fighting styles into his own style of martial arts; intrigued by boxing, Adam signed up for Lt. Stone's free class.
  • During the boxing class, Adam jumped rope fairly well, seeming to have a good time, but he messed up once.
  • After the lesson, Adam told Lt. Stone he'd see him next week.
  • Walking beside a road somewhere, Adam was lured into an area where industrial supplies were kept, where he was forced to fight Punchabunch.
  • Morphed Adam fought Punchabunch with boxing moves.
  • Immediately after Adam had knocked Punchabunch down with a flying one-handed punch and called Zordon for help, Adam vanished with green energy flames.
  • After giant Punchabunch had smashed his own glove while pounding the Red Battlezord, Sprocket demanded a rematch, summoning a trophy, with the miniaturized Zeo Ranger Four on it, with green energy flames from his fingertip; if Tommy won, Adam would return to normal, but if Punchabunch won, all of the Rangers would all become his trophies.
  • After Tommy in the Red Battlezord had defeated giant Punchabunch in their rematch, Sprocket left and allowed Adam to return to normal.


  • After Defector had run away, telling the Rangers he'd escaped from Mondo and didn't want to fight, Adam doubted that one of King Mondo's robots could be good, but Rocky pointed out that the monster hadn't wanted to fight.


  • Adam and Tanya studied alone at the resource center one night.
  • Tanya, tired, had had enough studying for the night, but Adam wanted to ace tomorrow's exam, and he kept studying, even though Tanya said he knew every page in the book.
  • Adam insisted he would be okay when Tanya told him that he needed rest.
  • After Tanya left at 8:05 PM, Adam studied until 9:00, at which point he needed a break.
  • Adam loved the movie The Bride of Hackensack, and he fell asleep watching it.
  • In Adam's dream, a black cat woke him up, and when he followed it into the hallway, Rita and Zedd were there; they proposed that Adam joined forces with them to defeat the Machine Empire.
  • Adam was missing his communicator and Zeonizers in his dream.
  • In Adam's dream, Rita and Zedd told him that while Adam had been asleep, Mondo had conquered the Earth and was threatening to take over the rest of the galaxy, not leaving much room for Rita and Zedd.
  • In the dream, Rita and Zedd told Adam that Mondo had transformed the other teens, but that there existed a sorceror so powerful that he might be able to stop the Machine Empire once and for all, but that only a being of good could stand before him; if Adam followed the black cat and collected the cape of a vampire, the hair of a werewolf, the wrapping of a mummy, and the eye of a cat, the sorcerer would do anything he asked.
  • Adam opened a closed door and went through it, but he was supposed to be following the cat, which probably hasn't closed the door behind itself.
  • Adam's dream switched to black and white once he'd gone through the door, entering a spooky version of the Juice Bar.
  • In Adam's dream, he met a vampire form of Tommy, Tommacula, who wanted to drink his blood, and a zombie version of Ernie, who coughed up drinks for his patrons.
  • In his dream, Adam saw a vision of Mondo and Machina by the Juice Bar, then he fought Cogs while unmorphed.
  • Adam stole Tomacula's cape and then ran away, climbing up a rope after hearing Rocky's voice from above; Rocky, in the form of Lord Henry, master of Henry Hall, was actually in the countryside, looking for a werewolf while the other villagers were combing the woods; after Adam and Henry had fled from some wolves, Henry himself turned into a werewolf and attacked Adam.
  • After the werewolf had fled from the hounds belonging to the Burgermeister, played by Lt. Stone, Adam collected some hair left behind, then recognized the characters as belonging to The Bride of Hackensack.
  • The Burgermeister sent Adam to speak with a visiting university professor working in a cave; Adam assumed it was Billy, but it was actually Skull, awaiting his assistant whom he thought was Adam; Skull was about to cast an immortality spell from the scroll they'd found in the carophegus of Prince Bulkenhotep, a mummy played by Bulk.
  • Next in his dream, Adam found himself in the laboratory of the mad William Von Hackensack, played by Billy, with frayed white hair; Alpha, with three eyes on his visor, was Eye-gor, William's hunchbacked assistant, and Tanya played William's artificial bride.
  • Electricity from machinery nearby spontaneously disintegrated William and his bride in the dream, and the black cat then turned into the witch Valencia, queen of the witches, played by Kat; Adam took the cat's eye pendant on Valencia's neck, making her melt.
  • The color returned to the dream as Adam found himself in what looked quite like the Power Chamber, with the five other teens in the gallery in back, like mannequins.
  • Zordon was red, and there were flames shooting up around him; he called himself Zordonicus, the great and powerful, and he made Adam select one of the teens to fight Drill Master; Adam inadvertantly selected Tommy while wondering what Tommy would do in such a situation.
  • Then in the dream, Tommy was morphed in the quarry, wondering how he'd gotten there; Drill Master and a Quadrafighter attacked Tommy.
  • Tommy had Drill Master and the Quadrafighter shoot each other, then destroyed Drill Master with his Zeo Five Power Sword, after which the Quadrafighter fell over and exploded.
  • Adam dreamt that Tommy fought Drill Master and destroyed him by impaling him from above with his Zeo Five Power Sword; Mondo's reviewing of the destruction of his monsters in 435-MLSt would confirm that Drill Master actually was destroyed in this matter, so Adam apparently dreamt about a battle which had actually happened but had never been shown.
  • Zordonicus vanished and was replaced with Mondo's head; Mondo told Adam that Adam had been helping him destroy Zordon and the Earth, and as the dream came to a close, Adam was confronted by Cogs, as well as monsters which included Fortissimodo, Robocupid, Boohoo, Mean Screen, People Pitcher, and Silo.
  • The other four teens woke Adam up in the morning; he'd spent the night sleeping in the resource center.
  • The black cat was real; it had presumably been in the resource center that night and had been incorporated into Adam's dream.
  • Adam declined Tanya's invitation to the teens for them come over to Kat's house to watch a movie; Adam told them he'd had enough of monster movies for a while.


  • Tanya and Adam played basketball together on a basketball court.


  • Adam had directed Tanya's music video of her song "Stick Together."


  • Under the effects of the Bias Blaster around Christmastime, Adam reminded the teens that a lot of countries, such as Korea, didn't even celebrate holidays that time of year.


  • To help Adam prepare for an upcoming kung fu tournament, the four teens dressed as ninjas and sparred with him in the forest.
  • Adam found a small, gold, gear-shaped medallion, and the teens took it to Billy in the Power Chamber for analysis.
  • Later, Adam practiced at the beach with swords up on a tall rock formation as Tanya happily watched him from below.
  • Just before Adam was supposed to be in the final round of the kung fu tournament, the teens had to fight Admiral Abominator, but they returned in time for Adam to participate in the final round.
  • Tanya called Adam "Sweetie."
  • Competing against Shawn, Adam won the final round of the kung fu tournament with three points.
  • In the final found of the kung fu tournament, Adam beat Shawn 3 to 2.
  • Adam's last name was Park.
  • After Adam had won, Tanya hugged Adam twice, rubbing his back as she did so.
  • When Tanya hugged Shawn as friends after Shawn had apologized to them, Adam was jokingly jealous.


  • Adam and Tanya sparred in the Youth Center; they also had many other things to do that day.


  • Tommy and Adam went mountain biking together; Tommy was excited that it would get them in shape, but Adam was exhausted.
  • Adam considered that he should go back and help out Zordon, but Tommy joked that he wasn't getting out of their biking that easily.


  • Adam and Tanya were doing a kata with some kids in the park when Pyramidas flew overhead, being blasted by Varox fighter ships.
  • After Pyramidas had gone down on Aquitar, Billy and Tanya scanned for Pyramidas in the Power Chamber; Adam soon rushed in from the western double doors, saying they had to help Gold Ranger.


  • When Jason was turned into gold by the giant Midas Hound, shorthanding the team, Zordon had Adam remain behind to ready the Zeozords, while the other Rangers used the Super Zeozords.
  • Before going to the Zord Holding Bay, Adam returned to the park with the others, told them where he would be (though Tommy was the only one who hadn't heard Zordon's instructions to Adam), and then before teleporting to the Zord Holding Bay, he joined the others in summoning the Super Zeozords; his never came.


  • Waiting for the other teens to arrive at the Juice Bar, Adam teased Tanya that green was a better color than yellow.


  • For Detective Stone's whodunit party, Adam was dressed as an explorer.


  • When Tommy's telepathic link was altered by Machina's singing spell, making him unable to pilot the Red Battlezord, Adam volunteered to pilot the Red Battlezord, and Alpha reprogrammed it to respond to Adam.
  • Adam had full control of the Red Battlezord as he piloted it.
  • Giant Mechaterpillar shot green energy waves from its mouth, breaking down Adam's telepathic link and making the Red Battlezord move uncontrollably.


  • When Billy told the teens that he was staying on Aquitar, most of them were stunned, but Adam smiled faintly, and Jason chuckled while looking away.


  • Adam smacked Tommy and sarcastically called him "Cassanova" when Tommy hadn't been able to follow up on his attempt to ask Kat out.
  • After the Zeo Ultrazord had blasted giant Gasket and Archerina, Adam wanted to fire again, but Tommy had them wait, and the couple soon fell over and exploded, returning to their original size.


  • Tommy and Adam were teaching a class of blackbelts in the Youth Center; Jason was a teacher in the class as well, but he was late.


  • Adam's hair was longer than it had been in 450-Good.
  • Adam became the Green Turbo Ranger.
  • As the Ghost Galleon approached Muiranthias, Adam told the others that Zordon had said Maligore's volcano was inside the Serpent's Temple (although Zordon hadn't been heard mentioning a volcano or a Serpent's Temple during his debriefing in the Power Chamber).
  • Once the galleon was closer, Adam volunteered to drive up to a nearby cliff to look for the temple, since Desert Thunder was up first.
  • Adam referred to Desert Thunder as "her."
  • Maligore clawed each of the Rangers, making them spark; Adam, unlike the others, was momentarily paralyzed from the attack.
  • In the national championship, Adam (using equally brutal techniques to Tommy and Jason) backhanded a Stone Canyon opponent in the face, then tried to heel-kick another in the face, but the opponent successfully blocked.


  • When Adam, Tanya, and Kat noticed during their graduation that Justin was late, Adam left the ceremony to call Zordon; after learning that Justin was supposed to call if there had been trouble, Adam soon called Kat and Tanya away as well, and they rushed off to take care of "an emergency," as they told Mr. Caplan.
  • When the three teens were delayed by Divatox and Piranhatrons, Adam had the girls go ahead while he took care of the Piranhatrons.
  • As Adam had heard, Tanya told Kat at the party in the Youth Center that she was a new trainee at KAGV.
  • That summer, Adam was working as a stuntman at the Angel Grove Amusement Park.


  • When Tanya noted as the Rangers were forming the Turbo Megazord that Justin was sure having a good time with this, Adam replied, "He's a kid with a new toy! Let him have some fun! You did, remember?"
  • After Tommy had completed the Turbo Megazord docking sequence and joined the others in the cockpit, Adam clapped and congratulated Tommy, then nudged Tommy and held up his index finger, goofily telling him, "You're number one!"


  • Adam told Tanya he liked working at the stunt show.
  • After being knocked down by the Green Shadow Ranger, created from his stolen Turbo powers, Adam said he'd had no idea that they (the Power Rangers) were so strong while morphed.


  • Adam was in a fifties stunt show in which he played a member of a gang called the Bad Dogs who initially tried to split up the fight between the Bad Dogs and the Wild Cats, but his character soon got caught up in the fight.
  • Outside after Tanya had called it a day due to the actors' bickering over who should lose in the fight scene, Adam tried to talk Tony and Rob out of having a drag race to determine which side should lose; he reminded them that it was illegal and dangerous, and that they should be working together rather than trying to win; Adam then left when Tanya arrived to pick him up, but the guys were undeterred.
  • Tanya drove Adam away from the Youth Center, but they returned some time later, and the Youth Center no longer looked like a diner.
  • Surveying the Youth Center's exterior with a Turbo Navigator, Adam morphed after seeing Demon Racer run from the building, and he chased after Demon Racer's Jeep with his Turbo Cart.
  • Demon Racer wanted to race Adam, and Adam agreed on the condition Demon Racer would tell him where the detonator was if Adam won.
  • After Demon Racer had been destroyed during the race, Adam said the Rangers would find the detonator with or without the monster's help.
  • After the Turbo Megazord had caught Tony and Rob's cars as they'd driven off a cliff, morphed Adam teleported into Rob's car with a Turbo Navigator, located the detonator in his fuzzy dice, and threw it out the window, where it exploded far below.


  • As the teens set up the Racing Technologies garage for Justin's surprise party, Adam told someone (presumably Justin's dad) over the phone that it would be great if he/she could make it; Justin had been expecting a call from his dad; Mr. Stewart would later show up for a surprise visit.


  • At Lt. Stone's volunteer car wash, Adam playfully chased after Tanya with a wet sponge after she'd flung some soap from her sponge at him.
  • In the fight against the Piranhatrons, Adam wielded a mop like a bo staff.
  • While the girls took Justin to the Power Chamber, Adam stayed behind in case there was any more trouble.
  • While they were both reeling from punching each other in the ribs, Adam distracted the Piranhatron he was fighting by pointing to Elvis; Adam foot-swept it, and it melted.


  • Adam was in an Egyptian stunt show in which a pharaoh-like protagonist tried to steal the "Staff of Power" to conquer Egypt, but Adam and two other people were defenders of the staff who defeated the would-be thief.
  • The staff of Pharaoh, a creature from ancient Egypt who had left Divatox at the altar a thousand years ago, looked identical to the one Adam had designed for the Egyptian stunt show from wood and papier mache (and glass).
  • After the show, Adam had been looking for his staff to take it home and touch up the paint, but Mr. Peabody, the man in charge backstage, made him sign for it as he took the staff from Pharaoh, who was pretending to be a mannequin; having taken the wrong staff, Adam's presence caused all writing around him to turn into hieroglyphics.
  • To dispose of the detonator among the props backstage at the stunt show, morphed Adam aimed his Turbo Thunder Cannon at it while it was only approximately five feet away.
  • Another day, Adam was off to his stunt show again.


  • At 3 PM, Adam and Justin measured changes in the tide for Justin's science homework.
  • Adam smiled and waved at a girl in a bikini walking by, ignoring Justin, but he turned Justin's head aside when Justin was looking and waving at a girl his age with the girl Adam's age.


  • With his hair pulled back, Adam was doing katas with Tanya in the Youth Center while Tommy was nearby working on his punches.


  • Adam, wearing a magician's costume, was annoyed that the stunt show was having him dress up like this for the magic spectacular.
  • When Tommy mentioned what Blue Senturion had called himself, Adam told the teens that Zordon had told him about them (presumably the Intergalactic Police), and that they were the most reliable form of robotic law enforcement in eight galaxies.


  • Adam was the soccer coach for the Angel Grove High soccer team, of which Carlos was the star player.
  • Adam wanted Carlos to try passing to a teammate named Barry, but Carlos explained that they couldn't afford to blow the Stone Canyon game and that if they got the ball to him, he'd score every time.
  • Adam tried to explain the value of teamwork and that he wanted everyone to get a chance to play, and when Carlos asked whether he wanted them to win, Adam replied that winning was great, but it wasn't the only thing that was important; as Adam and Carlos walked away in separate directions, Carlos remarked, "Man, I can't believe this guy."
  • After the Piranhatron had attacked the soccer field, primarily focusing their attacks on Carlos and Ashley, Adam sent the two home in case the Piranhatron came back, saying they should also rest up for the game tomorrow.
  • During the game the next day, Adam's communicator beeped, and he had his assistant coach cover for him.
  • When the Rangers performed spin poses to fight Elgar and Electrovolt, Adam continued spinning after the others had stopped; he asked, "Who said green guys can't dance?" then stopped, and as he went to the center of the group, he said, "Sorry, guys, guess I got a little charged up. Let's ground these guys!"
  • In their fight with Elgar and Electrovolt, the Rangers did their hitchhiking gesture, with a green lightning bolt striking behind Adam.
  • Adam grabbed Electrovolt and his bike in midair and threw them both down before their electricity attack could be activated.
  • As the other Rangers joined him by his side again, Adam exclaimed happily that he loved this job.
  • Back at the soccer field, after Carlos had passed the ball to Barry to let him score the winning goal, Adam congratulated Carlos on playing a great game, and Carlos replied that he had a great coach.


  • Excited about Angel Grove Cleanup Week's reward of a donation to the charity or special program of their choice, Adam said they could end up with enough money to fund the soccer camp he and Carlos had been talking about; when Justin reminded him that Ashley had seemed pretty serious about cheerleading camp, Adam said they might split it between both.


  • As the shrunken Rangers were riding the torpedoes to the beach, Adam nearly got blown off by waving one arm, yelling "Yeehaw!" and pretending to ride the torpedo like a horse.


  • At the teens' campsite, Adam and Tanya mildly bickered over putting up a hammock.
  • Tanya had the Putrapod blocking their path run into the hammock and knock itself over, after which the two teens rushed to help Justin against Flamite.
  • When Adam and Tanya pulled out their keys to morph, Flamite kicked them from their hands before they could use them.


  • When the Rangers' Turbo Weapons were ineffective on Flamite, Adam had Tanya hold his Thunder Cannon and then splashed the monster with a bucket of water; Adam then wanted to blast Flamite, but he retreated too soon.
  • Adam knew that the creature that had taken Tommy had been a Putrapod, just from Kat's description of it being "some creature covered in slime."
  • As the Rangers helped evacuate the city during giant Flamite's attack, morphed Adam asked Carlos, who was helping with the evacuation, to help the Rangers and make sure everyone got to safety, calling Carlos by name.
  • As Carlos sat with the kids who were on cots in the Youth Center after Flamite had been destroyed, morphed Adam momentarily stood in a hallway, watching Carlos.
  • At the power transfer ceremony, Adam had selected Carlos to become the new Green Ranger, due to his decisiveness and intelligence.


  • Adam was no longer the coach of the soccer team.


  • At a compound somewhere, Professor Phenomenus, Bulk, and Skull were chased from their RV by Lizwizard.
  • Carlos, having been on a rooftop nearby in civilian clothes, plagued by guilt over having accidentally injured Cassie in battle some time earlier, approached a ledge to watch the chase below.
  • After intense internal struggling, Carlos forced himself to morph, then leapt down and had the three run, then proceeded to fight Lizwizard, doing poorly against the monster's tongue attack and invisibility.
  • Suddenly, Adam, wearing black and white with brown pants, and with his hair as long as it was in 519-PTT2, flipped onto the scene and flying-kicked Lizwizard away from Carlos, then helped the startled Carlos to his feet.
  • Adam and morphed Carlos fought Lizwizard together, with Adam fighting expertly, and the monster soon retreated.
  • Carlos was pleased to see Adam and thanked him for his help.
  • Adam, perhaps having been told about Carlos's troubles, told Carlos, "Everybody needs a hand now and then, even the Black Ranger."
  • Carlos was frustrated by needing more help than usual lately, and Adam agreed to help; later, they talked at a park area.
  • Carlos said that ever since he'd hurt Cassie, he worried about his every move, fearing he'd make a wrong move; Adam told him, "You know, when you're fighting as a Ranger, nothing's for sure. You've gotta be willing to take chances, even if you mess up now and then."
  • Carlos was still discouraged, so Adam added with a chuckle, "Come on, man, don't worry about it. I had the same doubts. Every Ranger does!"
  • Adam started Carlos on an intense training session lasting numerous days, with them shown in four different wardrobes; the workouts included martial arts training and general workout exercises.
  • Adam wore his hair pulled back on some days.
  • On another day, Alpha was quietly cheering Carlos on as Adam circled a blindfolded Carlos on a mat in the park.
  • Adam strongly attacked Carlos, not letting up until Carlos had been swept to the mat.
  • Adam firmly told Carlos to try again; Carlos got back up in a bit of a daze, and Adam confidently dodged and then elbowed him in the chest.
  • Carlos swung wildly, coming nowhere near Adam, and when he attacked again, Adam flipped him, and Carlos was furious.
  • Adam coached Carlos to focus and let his intuition take over, but Carlos furiously got up and threw off his blindfold; he shouted, "I can't do this! You're wasting your time! I'm no... Power Ranger!"
  • Startled, Adam put a hand on Carlos's arm as he was about to leave, but Carlos glared at him and then ran away.
  • Alpha wondered what they were going to do, and Adam wasn't sure as he drank some water; Alpha asked whether he thought Carlos would be all right, and Adam replied, "Saving the world's not an easy business. He's gonna have to make his own decisions now, just like any other Power Ranger."
  • Adam thoughtfully remarked that he sometimes wished he were still a Power Ranger, and he reached into his black bag and pulled out a charred Power Morpher with the equally charred Mastodon Power Coin in it; a diagonal black crack appeared to run all the way through the front of the Morpher and coin.
  • Adam asked Alpha whether he thought the thing still worked, and Alpha gasped and held it, telling him he must never use it, as the Power Coins had been destroyed, which meant morphing could destroy him.
  • Adam smiled, took the Morpher back, and told him it had just been a thought; he was then contemplative as he put the Morpher back in his bag and sipped his water while Alpha walked off worriedly.
  • In the park another day, Alpha was telling Adam that what he was doing was really great and that he should keep it up, when Carlos walked up.
  • Adam planned to start with three miles around the lake, but Carlos somberly told him he'd already decided he wasn't the Black Ranger anymore, and he felt his bare wrist where there was no longer a communicator.
  • As Carlos walked away, he was blasted by explosions, and Lizwizard then appeared and attacked him; meanwhile, Quantrons attacked Adam, who fought back expertly.
  • When Adam saw Carlos sent reeling back from being struck by Lizwizard, he took his Power Morpher out of his bag.
  • As Adam, with fierce determination, held the Morpher around his right fist, Alpha told him it was too big of a risk, and Carlos shouted in protest, but Adam called and morphed into the Black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger.
  • On Adam's insistence, despite Carlos's warnings that Adam would be destroyed, Carlos ran off while morphed Adam fought Lizwizard; Carlos soon stopped and looked back.
  • Winning, Adam remarked about it being just like old times, but he suddenly dropped to his knees in pain and said he was losing power; with sparkling, flickering orange patches, he demorphed in spots while clutching himself in pain.
  • Adam said he had to keep it together, and his demorphing stopped briefly.
  • With a wave of the orange specks, Adam demorphed fully, but then remorphed, then demorphed and remorphed once more before getting back up with determination.
  • Lizwizard struck morphed Adam twice, then grabbed him, at which point Carlos ran up and tackled Lizwizard, pulling him off Adam until being thrown back.
  • The other four Space Rangers arrived, and as they fought off Quantrons, Cassie threw Carlos his Astro Morpher; morphed Adam, clutching his chest, told Carlos he could do it, and Carlos morphed.
  • After fighting the Quantrons with his Lunar Lance, Carlos saw Lizwizard grappling morphed Adam with his tongue, and he leapt through the air.
  • Lizwizard switched places with Adam, just as he'd done to cause Carlos to injure Cassie, but Carlos leapt off Adam's shoulders and struck the monster twice with the Lunar Lance, freeing Adam, after which the two Black Rangers clasped hands.
  • When Lizwizard was enlarged, Carlos stepped forward, but Adam again dropped to his knees and demorphed painfully, this time for good.
  • Carlos helped Adam up, asking if he was going to be all right, and Adam, breathing heavily, told him he was okay and to go on; Carlos, leaving him, told Adam to get some place safe, and the five Space Rangers then summoned the Astro Megazord.
  • After the monster's destruction, unmorphed Carlos (trailed by the four other teens) and Alpha attended to the weakened Adam; Carlos exclaimed that morphing could have destroyed him, but he replied, "Worth a shot. Besides, with you around, I knew you were on my side."
  • The four teens rushed up to Carlos and picked him up, nearly pushing Adam aside without paying any attention to him.


  • According to a FAQ page featured for a time on the Fox Kids website, Adam pursued a career as a stunt man.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • As the teens prepared to skydive, Adam appeared thrilled, and he and Tommy shook each other in excitement on the plane.
  • During the fight with the ooze beings, Adam was punched in the face by one of the beings, then later sent spinning through the air and crashing into the sand near the other teens.
  • The dark, unfinished building into which the Rangers pursued the ooze beings gave Adam the creeps.
  • Adam was disappointed that his spirit animal was a frog, but Dulcea kissed his forehead band and alluded to the frog one kissed to get a handsome prince; Adam then smiled shyly.

    PRZ comic book

  • Adam was described as quiet and determined, dedicated to spiritual growth through his martial arts training.
  • Adam had centered his life on the culture of his Far East forbears, especially the study of martial arts; he pursued his goals with "quiet determination and an abiding spirituality."

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