Adam's relatives
- relatives to Adam Park
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  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to bring in a childhood photograph, Adam showed the class a photo of himself, near seven or eight years old, helping his dad work on a car; his dad loved working on cars, and Adam enjoyed doing things with him.


  • Adam's family had given him a family lantern at his family reunion; Adam said that apparently it had great powers.
  • A lantern keeper was chosen for each generation in Adam's family, and Adam was honored to be chosen, as it was a big responsibility.
  • Adam didn't know what the Oriental inscription on the lantern tag said; he was supposed to discover it for himself.
  • Ko (Billy's friend) translated the message on Adam's lantern: "The lamp may light the path, but the soul must light the way."


  • Young Adam used the present tense for his grandmother, indicating that she was still alive, either in the time-regressed present (see "Orb of Doom") or the actual present.


  • Adam's family had a piano when Adam was little.


  • Adam's last name was Park.

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