- kind-hearted owner of Surf Spot
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Full Name: Adelle Ferguson (607-ARAT)
First Appearance: 603-SOSh
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2


  • Upon returning to Earth, the teens took Andros to the Surf Spot, which impressed them all; based on the identical layout to the Youth Center and the very similar exterior, it might be inferred that some time shortly after the ex-Turbo Ranger teens' departure from Earth in the Astro Megashuttle, Adelle bought the Youth Center from Lt. Stone and remodeled it into the Surf Spot.
  • Adelle, the owner of the Surf Spot, jovially rushed to put a surfboard back up when Andros accidentally knocked it off the wall, and when he asked what it was, she jokingly asked what planet he was from; he excitedly replied, "KO-35. Do you know of it?", causing her to chuckle and call him a smart alec, and after a bit of thought, he called out after her that his name was actually Andros.
  • Adelle claimed her french fries, which she soon gave the five teens without their ordering them, were irresistable, and she then told them her name.


  • At the Surf Spot bar, Adelle told two police officers about her stolen delivery van, a big white van with "Surf Spot" on the side; it had been stolen around ten that morning after someone had taken her keys.
  • Another day, Andros wanted to speak with Adelle, but David and Susie, sitting at a table looking guilt-ridden, were already waiting to talk with her, so Andros backed off and let them speak with her instead.
  • Susie apologized to Adelle, saying what they'd done was so stupid, and David gave her back her van keys; Adelle was initially delighted but then realized that they'd been the ones who had stolen it.
  • After some thought, Adelle told them that any fool in the world could make a mistake but that it took someone with a big heart and a truckload of courage to admit it.
  • Susie told "Mrs. Ferguson" they'd make it up to her, and David said they could wash dishes or clean or whatever she wanted; Adelle happily told them to make the deliveries for her, not to speed, and to check the map before every trip and not to forget the napkins, then added, "And never call me Mrs. Ferguson. My friends call me Adelle."


  • Discovering that Cassie was working on a diary one morning, Adelle told her she was too charming for words.
  • Adelle told Cassie she'd had a diary that she wrote everything in every night under her covers until her brother had found it and tortured her relentlessly, but she eventually outgrew him and repaid him tenfold.


  • At the Surf Spot bar, Ashley's grandmother showed an unenthused Ashley photos of various young men in hopes of setting her up with a future husband, with Adelle looking at the pictures as well.
  • When Ashley lied to her grandmother that she and Carlos had been dating for a year, Adelle walked off, saying this was where she made her exit.
  • Outside the Surf Spot another day, the teens brought Mrs. Hammond's bags out to a taxi; Mrs. Hammond was with Adelle walking out, making a list of the things Adelle liked in a man (she mentioned appetite, loving a man who appreciated good cooking).
  • As Mrs. Hammond drove off, Adelle called out to her to tell her not to forget that appetite.


  • One day, the five teens were in the Surf Spot, and as Adelle served them fries and burgers, she remarked that she'd thought maybe they'd fallen off the edge of the Earth.
  • As the teens ravenously grabbed their plates from the tray, Adelle observed that wherever they'd been, they'd sure brought back an appetite.


  • When Astronema, having conquered the Earth, planned to let the destruction of Earth begin since the people hadn't brought her the Rangers, Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus called out that they were Power Rangers; equally determined, Adelle joined them and called out that Astronema could call her the Pink Ranger; the real Rangers then interrupted by revealing their identities.

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