Angel Grove Fire Department
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  • Firefighter Newman (whom Kimberly and Aisha thought was cute) talked to Miss Appleby's class about the upcoming Fire Safety Week; he selected Aisha to be Fire Safety Captain because, among all of the students' essays, hers was the best.
  • Bulk interrupted Aisha's fire safety demonstration, wanting to show slides that proved his dad couldn't operate a barbeque, since the 1993 Bulkmeier family barbeque was supposedly known across the country to firefighters as "The Big One."
  • The day after Aisha had been selected as Fire Safety Captain, Bulk and Skull came into the class dressed as Wanna-be Firefighters and walking a dalmation puppy, having joined the "Wanna-be Firefighters Club."
  • The fire department was baffled by the mysterious fires which had broken out all over Angel Grove, secretly started by Flame Head; the media reported that the fire department had nearly reached its limits.
  • Bulk and Skull were kicked out of the Wanna-be Firefighters Club (and their puppy revoked) for hiding in the lake during a fire.


  • Two firefighters found that the fire alarm at Angel Grove High, pulled by Reggie and Junior, had been a false alarm.
  • Divatox had Piranhatrons set off alarms all over Angel Grove.
  • A fire truck was parked outside a building due to an alarm; on the side was written: "Class 1 / Fire Department / City of Angel Grove"; the truck's number was 64308; Elgar and Rygog planted a detonator shaped like a fire extinguisher on this truck.
  • The detonator transformed the fire truck into a giant fire truck monster, which the Rangers eventually shot down and destroyed with their Auto Blasters, depositing the firefighters within on the street below, their truck destroyed.


  • While army officers helped evacuate people from the area, firefighters were also at work fighting a fire caused by giant Flamite's attack.
  • The Piranhatrons attacked the firefighters of truck 42, with one man's name being Hartman and another's Barr.
  • On the door of the fire truck was the same "Class 1" and other writing that had been on the fire truck in 512-Al&D.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • At the Angel Grove Jump-a-thon, tickets to see the approaching Ryan's Comet at the old observatory were available at the fire department booth.
  • The Angel Grove Fire Department had a team in the Angel Grove Jump-a-thon skydiving contest; their banner was red, and their jumpsuits were orange.

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