Angel Grove High School
- high school in Angel Grove attended by Ranger teens and Bulk and Skull (103-Tmwk through 608-ARAT)
Angel Grove High School (aerial shot)
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First Appearance: 103-Tmwk
Last Appearance: 608-ARAT
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  • Angel Grove High had baseball and football fields.
  • If the set of stairs at one end of Angel Grove High's main hallway were designated as "north," then the "south" wall bore the Angel Grove High Crest; these (arbitrary) directions will be used throughout this page.
  • In an alcove just west of the southern wall was a trophy case; just east was another hallway.


  • Mr. Caplan was the principal of Angel Grove High.


  • The students of Angel Grove High, or at least of Miss Appleby's language arts class, participated in Hobby Week.


  • The home economics teacher was a woman with large blonde hair.


  • The alcove in the northeast was now a hallway which ran east for a short distance before turning to the north.


  • Mr. Barts, Trini's science teacher, was upset that she'd lost almost all of the insects he'd let her borrow for her and Billy's attempt to save the Forest Spirit Statue (although the loss was due to Bulk and Skull's antics; Trini would later search for replacements.
  • Trini had a workbook titled, "English Fundamentals."


  • Angel Grove High's marching band and drill team were in the Flower Power Peace Parade; they wore red suits.
  • Kim's float for the Flower Power Peace Parade was an award-winning entry from Angel Grove High; it had competed against hundreds from all over the country.


  • Miss Appleby's room was the only classroom on the east wall of the main hallway; the two green doors on the east wall both led into the one classroom.
  • In the class play of "Rumpelstiltskin," featuring Kim as the protagonist, Jason as the evil king or prince, Bulk as Rumpelstiltskin, Skull as a court jester, and Billy and Trini as directors, the plot was that Rumpelstiltskin spun the straw into gold for the girl in exchange for the promise of a kiss (rather than her firstborn child).
  • Unless the scene began near the middle or end of the class play (which is not as the case appears to be), the entire play, as performed, was under two minutes long.


  • According to the pep rally plans Kim had intended to show to Mr. Caplan (but on which she had gotten mud and water), one of the two colors for the pep rally was gold; at 3:30 the band would play the school song, at 3:45 Mr. Caplan would speak, at 4:00 the coach would introduce the key players, at 4:15 the cheerleaders and the band would perform, and at 4:30 everyone would be dismissed and invited to the Juice Bar for (what seems to be) "cake"; the pep rally plans also mentioned that banners could be obtained at whatever location offered school supplies.


  • The teens were in Miss Appleby's class with Bulk and Skull, a class in which they all had to turn in video projects.
  • On Miss Appleby's chalkboard was, "Pick up your immunization forms from the office this week," "Concert band sign-ups in the gym today," and "Detention will be held in Coach Baldo's room this week."


  • Due to the emergency with the Rangers apparently having turned evil, no one was allowed to leave the school until further notice; the emergency was declared over when the real Rangers eventually saved the day.


  • Jason most likely walked to the Youth Center from school after school had let out.


  • Only students with top grades would be invited to join the Young Scientists of America club; Billy was eventually among them.


  • Opposite the northwestern exit doors of the main hallway was an alcove with a trophy case on the southern wall of the alcove; on the western wall was a classroom door.


  • As they were announced, the new members of the football team emerged through a large tiger's head; a tiger would later be revealed to be the school's mascot.
  • The football players wore blue jerseys with white numbers, white pants, and silver helmets.
  • The cheerleaders wore gold shirts with various colors of shorts.
  • The football team was composed of Jason (#66), Billy (#99), Zack (#48), Bob, Matthew (#17), Ryan (#18), Michael (#49), Thomas (#55), Paul (#56), Bulk (#76), and Tommy (#12), the star quarterback.


  • After leaving to get the notebook he'd left at home, Tommy later came down the steps of Angel Grove High's main hallway, his notebook in hand.


  • Mr. Caplan organized a club signup day; some of the signups were in the Youth Center, while others were in the auditorium.
  • Mr. Caplan had accidentally put the wrong location for Kim's club in the school paper, but the members eventually found Kim in the Youth Center.


  • Richie and Curtis headed down the northeastern hall for lunch.
  • At school, Billy referred to the parking lot of the Youth Center as "outside," as though it were supposed to be outside Angel Grove High.


  • In the Juice Bar after the Rangers' battle with Turbanshell, Tommy's last battle as the Green Ranger, Tommy said he'd miss the teens while they were on school break.


  • On Halloween, the Youth Center held a community outreach program as a school project whereby teenagers chaperoned kids' trick-or-treating.


  • The Angel Grove High art class had sculpted for the World Teen Summit a four-headed figure as a symbol of international peace, its faces representing wisdom, beauty, strength, and vitality.
  • The members of the World Teen Summit would be interviewing students from Angel Grove High to travel to Switzerland as teen peace ambassadors.


  • The same day Jason, Trini, and Zack had been selected to attend the Peace Conference, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had their first day of school at Angel Grove High after being transferred there.
  • Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had math and chemistry together.
  • While the six Ranger teens were off searching for the Sword of Light, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Bulk, and Skull were in school at Angel Grove High; apparently the Ranger teens missed that day of school because of Ranger duties.
  • The south-blowing wind blew the sleeping gas cloud from the sleep machine in Angel Grove Park to Angel Grove High, where it infiltrated the building and put everyone inside to sleep.


  • At this point, Aisha was still the most recent girl to start attending Angel Grove High.


  • Skull was casually holding an aluminum baseball bat over his shoulder while sitting at his desk during Miss Appleby's class; this received no administrative attention.


  • The six teens won the annual Angel Grove Scavenger Hunt as "the team from Angel Grove High."


  • Shawna seemed annoyed that Aisha had transferred to Angel Grove High; Aisha reminded her that she'd been unable to do anything about being transferred.
  • While Aisha and Kim were in the Youth Center, the guys were in a shop room; Adam was making a birdhouse, and Rocky, a coat rack.


  • There was a fairly busy road in front of Angel Grove High.
  • When time was regressed by the Rock of Time, Angel Grove High became an elementary school (although see below).


  • Still back in time, Angel Grove High still bore "High School" on its school crest.


  • Mr. Caplan announced to Miss Appleby's class that they had been selected as teen exchange speakers to represent the United States in Australia; they later took a flight there for a trip which included some sightseeing.


  • Apparently near the end of the teens' sophomore year, the Angel Grove High Student Elections were held in the Youth Center; when Tommy withdrew from the race, Kim became the class president, but during what would have been her junior year, Kim would probably have been far too busy training for the Pan Global Games.


  • Angel Grove High had a book fair in the main hallway; students donated all books to be sold, and all profits went to the school library.
  • Miss Appleby seemed to be in charge of the book fair.


  • Miss Appleby said the book fair had been a big hit.


  • Mrs. Binks was the art teacher at Angel Grove High.
  • Mrs. Binks had the students leave their projects in the room to finish the next day and present them to the class (although some, notably Kim's, were nowhere near completion).
  • Adam told Billy that Violet stared at him all day during class, as though the art class had lasted the entire day.
  • When Violet had mentioned meeting Billy at "the gym," they apparently both understood that she was referring to the Youth Center rather than Angel Grove High's gymnasium.


  • Rocky was chosen for the "Teacher for a Day" program, in which he switched roles with Mr. Wilton for a day.
  • Mr. Wilton was a chemistry teacher at Angel Grove High.
  • Inside Rocky's locker was a flyer which read, "Angel Grove Tigers Are Champions!"
  • Aisha, Billy, and Rocky (replaced for the day by Mr. Wilton) were in a history class taught by a female teacher.


  • Athletes on Angel Grove High's sports teams could be suspended from the team if their grades were poor.


  • Adam said it would be great when Kat started school in the fall.


  • Kat was taking a drafting class, probably at Angel Grove High.


  • Miss Appleby gave the class their last assignment of the year.


  • Aisha and Kat were a team in the contest to decide Angel Grove High's new school song, as were Bulk and Skull; both groups practiced in the school's music room (which looked like Miss Appleby's classroom, but with glass doors).
  • Bulk and Skull inadvertently shattered both doors of the music room.
  • The school song contest was held in the Youth Center and hosted by Mr. Caplan.
  • One band's song for the school song contest was as follows: "Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, drivin' you insane!  Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, makin' you deranged!"
  • At the song contest, Aisha's and Kat's song was "Angel," performed with the same equipment as before, but without the headphones.
  • The lyrics to "Angel" were as follows: "Here we fly at Angel Grove High, and here we rise at Angel Grove High-y-igh. And we'll take on all the limits, and we'll take on all the limits, and the obstacles of the roads ahead, the ways ahead, are always, they're always bright. Angel Grove High-y-igh-y-igh-igh. Angel Grove High-y-igh-y-igh-igh. Angel Grove High-y-igh-y-igh-igh. An... gel... Gro... ove.... High."
  • The judges chose Aisha and Kat's song for Angel Grove High's new school song.


  • Four cheerleaders (apparently high school cheerleaders) at Master Vile's End of the World Party in the Youth Center wore purple and gold cheerleading suits.


  • Some time prior to the six teens' gathering at the outdoor cafe, Kat and Tanya had enrolled Tanya at Angel Grove High, and she would start school the next day.


  • Angel Grove High now had a new resource center, apparently where Miss Appleby's classroom had been located.
  • This episode appeared to take place near the beginning of the school year (or perhaps merely the semester).
  • Shawn had somehow obtained a cheat sheet for an upcoming algebra exam, a sheet which contained all the answers for the test; the test was marked as "Test #65."
  • Shawn was captain of Angel Grove High's baseball team.


  • Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to hand out textbooks at Angel Grove High; the issuing of textbooks suggests that it was still early in the school year (or the semester).
  • Mr. Toggle was a teacher at Angel Grove High.
  • The computers in the resource center were connected to the Internet.
  • Baby Joey's amplified crying caused the ground to quake in Angel Grove, or perhaps just Angel Grove High.


  • The baseball team's coach was wearing a yellow Angel Grove jacket with purple letters on the back and a purple cap with a yellow "AG" on it.
  • Adam, Rocky, Shawn, and another player named Emmett were on the baseball team.
  • Adam seemed to be playing second base at practice, Shawn was playing first base, and Rocky was playing in the outfield.
  • Batters on the baseball team wore a yellow helmet.
  • The baseball team was the Tigers.
  • The hallway leading to the east of the staircase in the main hall was now simply an alcove, yet before the addition of the resource center in the area just east of the hall, this area had been a hallway which took a left turn to head north; in 440-TJOB, this area would be shown to be a hallway again.
  • The Angel Grove uniform colors were yellow and purple; they would always be these colors in the future unless otherwise noted.
  • On the Angel Grove baseball team, Tanya was number 11, Shawn was 37, Adam was 9, and Rocky's number wasn't shown.
  • Rocky's catch in the outfield won the game for Angel Grove, apparently 1 to 0.


  • Mr. Caplan called Billy into his office, having reviewed Billy's academic record and found an alarming mistake; due to a computer error, Billy had taken more credit hours than any other student at Angel Grove High and maintained a 4.0 grade point average.
  • Mr. Caplan handed Billy his diploma, saying he'd exceeded Angel Grove High's requirements, even though he still had another year to go.
  • In Mr. Caplan's office was a bulletin board with a "Detention" side and an "Honor roll" side; Bulk and Skull were the only names on the "Detention" side.


  • Hearing the piano music of a mystery pianist (actually Skull) and then seeing Cogs outside the window, Adam rushed out of the empty biology classroom he was in and then ran down three empty hallways with orange lockers on the wall, looked out the window of a room labeled "Detention," then out the window of another biology room, then finally rushed into the music room.
  • The hallways shown in Adam's encounter with the mystery pianist and the Cogs had never been shown as a part of Angel Grove High, and they wouldn't appear again after this episode; they appeared to look more like an actual high school than the customary shots of Angel Grove High's hallways.
  • On the wall in the hallway was a baseball poster for a game between Angel Grove High and Stone Canyon.
  • The next day, a new semester was apparently beginning at Angel Grove High: Miss Rodriguez went through students' schedules and gave some of them new schedules which she felt would be more appropriate; they went to their new classes that same day.
  • Mr. Hamms was the scatterbrained classical music teacher who accidentally inverted word order in his sentences.
  • There was a music recital that night at the Youth Center featuring the advanced music students, and there was extra credit for attending.
  • A banner in the hallway announced school play tryouts.
  • After the Rangers had chased Cogs down the hallway to the left of the music room, they ran into the familiar, main hallway from the hallway to the west of the main hall's southern end.
  • After finishing his classical music, the cloaked Skull emerged from the door on the southern end of the west wall of the main hall; this was the first time this door was shown in use.
  • Mondo turned the piano at Angel Grove High into Fortissimodo (although Fortissimodo was black, while the piano was brown).
  • The piano in the music room was intact some time after Fortissimodo's destruction.


  • Adam and Tanya studied alone in the resource center one night; Bulk and Skull were in the hall, sleeping on their guard duty.
  • Adam accidentally slept the night in the resource center, and the other teens woke him up in the morning.


  • The drama teacher wouldn't let Kat and Tanya use props for the King Midas ballet the girls were putting on in the Youth Center.


  • Miss Rodriguez, apparently an assistant principal, was in charge of the school while Mr. Caplan was on vacation.


  • Tommy had an upcoming solo in his music class.
  • During Tommy's singing practice in the resource center, he and Tanya were the only people shown in the school; the hallways and resource center were empty.
  • Tommy had later reportedly earned an "A" for his solo (although his general singing ability could be debated).


  • Adam, Tanya, Kat, and Rocky had been seniors and were now, as the graduating class of 1997, helping set up for their graduation at the Angel Grove Botanical Gardens; Tommy had already picked up his diploma and was spending his time racing.


  • At the graduation, the girls wore gold robes, and the guys wore purple robes.
  • A girl, not one of the teens, was the class president; she gave a speech at graduation.
  • The senior class's gift to the school was a sign in front of the school with the mascot (a tiger) on it.
  • Stalling for time until Kat returned to give her commencement speech, Mr. Caplan talked about the senior class trip to the botanical gardens, where they'd had a problem with poison ivy, and a trip to the recycling center.
  • There was a party in the Youth Center after the graduation.


  • Kat was going to be working with the incoming freshmen at Angel Grove High.
  • Mr. Caplan told Justin that, based on his test results, he was a prodigy, and as of that fall, he'd be attending Angel Grove High (although numerous instances in the future suggested that Justin and other students attended Angel Grove High during the summer).


  • In his bookbag, Justin had some homework papers dated 6/9/97.


  • One day, Kat said she and Justin were off to class.


  • At 3 PM, Adam and Justin measured changes in the tide for Justin's science homework.


  • In Miss Appleby's class in the resource center classroom area, Justin, Reggie, and Junior took a science test with the rest of the class.
  • Kat was Miss Appleby's student teacher.
  • An unscheduled fire alarm went off at Angel Grove High, secretly having been triggered by Reggie.
  • After another alarm went off and stopped, Miss Appleby told everyone they could go home, as school was dismissed until they could figure out what kept triggering the fire alarms.


  • Adam was the soccer coach for the Angel Grove High soccer team; on his team were Carlos (the star player) and a guy named Barry (whom Carlos didn't think was any good).


  • Jenny was spending the summer with Lt. Stone until school started, wherever it was she attended school; since Justin and other students had been attending classes at Angel Grove High before this point, Angel Grove High apparently had summer classes.


  • Ashley was in a design class at Angel Grove High when Cassie came in, and they left together for a break.


  • Cassie was attending Angel Grove High, despite her plans in 518-PTT1 to go to Stone Canyon, where some of her relatives lived; if she'd been living in Stone Canyon, it seems she should have been attending Stone Canyon High.


  • There was a resource center sign on a wall on the opposite end of the main hall from where the resource center actually was.
  • While the other four robot teens were at Angel Grove High taking the places of the teens, robot Carlos was in the Youth Center when robot Justin fled there.


  • Mr. Decker was the auto shop teacher at Angel Grove High; when Ashley was having trouble in the class, he let her come in after school to work on her car.
  • Bulk and Skull, working for Angel Grove Towing, dropped off a car frame for Mr. Decker's auto shop class at Angel Grove High.
  • Sixth period, the last class of the day, let out at 3:30.


  • There was a park and a bicycle stand outside the resource center window.


  • When Mr. Caplan caught Bulk and Skull in Angel Grove High (hunting Carlos), he told them he thought they'd graduated, and they nodded affirmatively, but he sent them to detention anyway.


  • Despite their frequent voyages into space, apparently often for days at a time, the four teens still attended Angel Grove High and had math midterms, for which they'd been studying.
  • The main hallway had been redesigned a bit, with new paint on the walls and lockers, and what had been Miss Appleby's classroom was now a full classroom again, no longer an open resource center.


  • The teens were again at school; this was the last time they would be shown attending school, though they probably continued attending at least through 609-CrIn, since the school year would last at least through that point.
  • Setting up a date between Lenny and Cassie, George had them meet in the park at 2:00 (although that seems to imply school let out before 2:00).


  • Silvy's mom, a teacher, said that Carlos had been one of her best students at Angel Grove High.


  • Cassidy Cornell, a journalist student at Reefside High, told her partner Devin that she'd called Angel Grove High for information on their teacher Tommy Oliver but had been told nothing, as if his private records had been sealed; Devin, however, noted the term "private" records.

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  • The teens represented Angel Grove High in the Angel Grove Jump-a-thon skydiving contest, winning the contest and setting a new record with their six perfect landings.

    Angel Grove High School: Doors
    - notes pertaining to various doors seen in the halls of Angel Grove High
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  • Immediately to the west of the northern stairs were green double doors with an "exit" light above them (see top for directional reference points).
  • At the south end of the hallway on the west side was a door labeled "Mathematics"; on the east side was "Social Studies."


  • The "Social Studies" and "Mathematics" doors were now on opposite sides of the hall from each other.


  • The northern door on the west wall was "Spanish," with the door across from it being "English."


  • The southern door on the east wall was "Social Studies."


  • The northwestern exit doors were labeled "Gymnasium."


  • The door in the west wall of the alcove opposite the northwestern exit doors was "Computer Lab."


  • The two doors by the stairs in the main hall were labeled "Gymnasium."
  • The northern door on the west side of the hallway was "Language Arts", and across from it was "Science"; the doors were the same in 240-RBT2 during the Rock of Time's time regression which turned Angel Grove High into an elementary school.


  • The southern door on the west side of the hallway was "Mathematics."
  • The northern door on the east side of the hallway was "Science."


  • On the south side of the hallway which ran east from the south end of the main hallway was a "Library" door.
  • The southern door on the east wall was "History."


  • The northern door on the east wall was "Science."


  • After finishing his classical music in the music room (which was in a different hall), the cloaked Skull emerged from the door on the southern end of the west wall of the main hall; this was the first time this door was shown in use.


  • The physical education office door, number 176, was near the trophy rack near the bottom of the stairs in the main hall.
  • The northern door on the western wall was "Language."

    Angel Grove High School: Lockers
    - notes pertaining to lockers seen in the main hall of Angel Grove High
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  • None of the featured characters was ever shown with a bottom locker.
  • Bulk's locker was third from the left on the "west" wall of Angel Grove High's hall, if the staircase at one end of the hallway were designated as "north"; he would be shown with the same locker in 145-SFsh.
  • Skull's locker was fifth from the left on the west wall.
  • Trini's locker was fourth from the left on the east wall; she would be shown with the same locker in 145-SFsh and 156-OF&N.
  • Zack's locker was fifth from the left on the east wall.


  • Kim had the sixth locker from the left on the east wall; she would be shown with the same locker in 117-GWE1, 131-CKim, and 156-OF&N.


  • A guy had the locker second from the left.


  • Tommy's locker was eighth from the left on the west wall; he would be shown with the same locker in 158-FbSe and 159-MMMu.


  • Jason's locker was second from the left on the east wall.


  • Billy's locker was third from the left on the east wall; he would be shown with the same locker in 205-POTB and 233-LiCA.


  • Bulk's locker was second from the left on the west wall.


  • Jason's locker was now first from the left on the east wall.


  • A girl's locker was second from the left on the west wall.


  • There were a total of twenty-six lockers on the east wall: thirteen on the top row and thirteen on the bottom.


  • Angela's locker was last on the right on the east wall.


  • Zack's locker was the leftmost locker on the east wall.


  • There were thirty lockers on the west wall: fifteen on top and fifteen on bottom.
  • Aisha's locker, on the east wall, was ninth from the left, or seventh from the right.
  • Aisha let Bulk look at the card containing her locker combination so that he could try to open her locker for her when he offered; Bulk ended up accidentally pulling the locker door off, and what looked like a large assortment of fruit fell out.
  • Rocky's locker was third from the right on the west wall; he would be shown with the same locker in 310-WFAD.
  • Adam's locker was fourth from the right on the west wall; he would be shown with the same locker in 229-GoVV.


  • Skull's locker was fourth from the left on the west wall; he would be shown with the same locker in 233-LiCA.


  • Tommy's locker was sixth from the right on the west wall.


  • Adam's locker was near the middle of the lockers on the west wall.


  • In the northern-oriented hall around the corner from the main hallway's northern east hallway, there was a set of lockers on the east wall.
  • Kat's locker was third from the right, in the aforementioned new area of lockers.


  • One guy's locker was ninth from the right on the west wall.
  • Kat's locker was now sixth from the right on the west wall.


  • Justin's locker was fifth from the right on the west wall.


  • Cassie's locker was ninth from the right on the west wall.


  • T.J.'s locker (used by robot T.J.) was sixth from the right on the west wall; he would have the same locker in 542-RivR.


  • Ashley's locker was seventh from the left on the west wall; she would have the same locker in 540-C&TC and 542-RivR.


  • Owen's locker was fourth or fifth from the right on the lockers to the east of the main stairwell.


  • Carlos's locker was fourth from the right on the west wall.

    Miss Appleby's classroom
    - classroom at Angel Grove High used by Miss Appleby
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    First Appearance: 111-FWBT
    Last Appearance: (in original form) 328-Chmp, (as resource center) 536-Conf
    See Also: Resource Center


  • If the chalkboard of Miss Appleby's classroom were designated as "north," then the "east" wall would have windows along it, with doors to the hallway in the "north" and "south" ends of the "west" wall.


  • The audition for an Angel Grove Karate Center commercial was held in Miss Appleby's room.


  • The teens, Bulk, and Skull sat in different seats nearly every time they were shown in Miss Appleby's room, but for the most part, the teens sat near the front of the room, while Bulk and Skull sat in the rear, most commonly in the rear window corner.


  • Miss Appleby's room was used as the room for detention.
  • The desk which Bulk had claimed earlier by writing his name on it was the front seat next to the windows.


  • The teens sat in the same seats as they would in 143-RSOE and 144-CrON.


  • In Miss Appleby's first period class, Tommy sat in the back row beside Bulk and Skull.


  • There was a computer in the front window corner of the room.


  • The art room at Angel Grove High looked remarkably like Miss Appleby's room.


  • Mr. Wilton's chemistry room, with the same general layout as Miss Appleby's room, was shown to use the door which should have led into Miss Appleby's room.


  • Angel Grove High now had a new resource center where Miss Appleby's classroom had been located.


  • Miss Appleby's classroom was now in the middle of the resource center, with the computer area in the front of the classroom and the reading area in the back.


  • Angel Grove High had been redesigned a bit; what had been Miss Appleby's classroom was now a full classroom again, no longer an open resource center; the interior, however, wasn't shown.

    Parent's Day
    - student-parent get-together hosted by Angel Grove High
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    See Also: Relatives


  • Angel Grove High celebrated "Parent's Day" [sic] at the Youth Center.
  • Everyone attending Parent's Day, with the exception of the six teens, was captured after the room was filled with Dramole's gas; they wandered around the Dark Dimension in a zombie-like manner until being freed by Dramole's destruction in 150-ROF2 with no memory of their ordeal.


  • Bulk and Skull started a food fight at the resumed Parent's Day.

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