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  • After the Rangers' battle with Goatan, a police officer brought the mud-covered Bulk and Skull to the Youth Center to see if someone could positively identify them after they'd been swimming in the pond at Angel Grove Park to escape from Goatan.


  • The real police officers attending the Junior Police Patrol graduation wore black uniforms, while the graduating Junior Police cadets wore blue shirts with black pants and hats, as would be their standard uniforms.


  • The police department sponsored a horse trek for Nature Appreciation Week, and the six teens, Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone went riding; it was interrupted by an earthquake and moment of darkness caused by Master Vile's arrival.


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), police officer with a megaphone was yelling at the people in the carnival parking lot to clear the area and return to their homes, as Angel Grove was now under mandatory curfew following the attack of Zedd, Rita, Goldar, and Rito, all giant.
  • Two officers took young Bulk, Skull, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Billy to the police station for violating the curfew.


  • The five kids were walking together through the Angel Grove Warehouse District, where a megaphone from a police van told them and others there that the city was under attack and under a mandatory curfew; at the time, Professor Longnose and five monsters were attacking the desert.


  • In the Youth Center, Kat present her finished civics project, the German Shepard Smokey, whom she had trained for the police and then gave to Lt. Stone.
  • Smokey was Angel Grove's first specially trained rescue dog.


  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull pick up trash in the park left over from the police academy picnic, and he would be back within the hour.


  • Bulk's badge read "Police Officer," "Metropolitan," and "3226," before Rocky's mutant plant took a bite out of it.
  • Following the Cogs' theft of Rocky's and Skull's plants, a woman on Lt. Stone's radio reported, "Command Central to Lt. Stone. We have a report of a break-in at the Angel Grove community greenhouse. Several rare species of plants have reportedly been taken."


  • The police horticultural society was having its final judging on what seemed to be a Sunday afternoon, and Lt. Stone's "American beauties" had never lost.
  • At the judging, the judges discovered that Lt. Stone's plants were plastic; Bulk and Skull had used plastic plants to replace the ones which had been killed by Defoliator.


  • The Native American arts festival in the Youth Center was the first event sponsored by the police cultural committee that year.
  • Since the Native American arts festival had to be a big event, Lt. Stone put Bulk and Skull in charge of sales.
  • Bulk and Skull didn't seem particularly impressed by the job of selling raffle tickets, until Lt. Stone mentioned that the prize for selling the most tickets for the silver and turquoise arrowhead was an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii.
  • After encountering Main Drain at the playground, Bulk and Skull rushed into the Youth Center, with Bulk telling someone to call 911, as there was a monster on the playground.
  • Delmar, the son of the chief of police, sold a large number of raffle tickets and almost certainly secured the trip to Maui.
  • Delmar had Bulk and Skull buy fifty tickets each from him; this would have greatly increased Bulk and Skull's chance of winning the silver and turquoise arrowhead.


  • Lt. Stone said he'd wanted to introduce Connie to two of his best officers, but since they were on assignment, Bulk and Skull had to do.
  • Chief Crandall fired Lt. Stone for the unacceptable behavior of Bulk and Skull; Bulk and Skull, then the chief's daughter Connie, quit the Junior Police as well.


  • Mrs. Filler, a woman whose dog, Princess, had run away when frightened by the landing of Pyramidas, went to The Private Eyes Have It Detective Agency and hired Bulk and Skull to find the dog, since the police were too busy.


  • Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull were doing security jobs at the baseball stadium in black uniforms which looked like police uniforms.
  • Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull that he didn't have to remind them of their luck in getting re-hired.
  • Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to relieve him of his duties at the International Dance-a-thon at 1900 hours; they apparently never made it, having been abducted by Divatox.


  • Bulk and Skull were now wearing their normal uniforms again, with their shirts light blue rather than black.
  • Lt. Stone had told Bulk and Skull that the only way they'd get back to the force permanently was if they put tickets on fifty cars by the end of the day, but they'd gone to a parking lot near the lake, where there were no cars.
  • Captain Crandall had decided to give Lt. Stone one final chance, making Lt. Stone decide to give Bulk and Skull one final chance as well.
  • Lt. Stone sent Bulk and Skull to the Angel Grove Energy Center to take over for the private security company that had been let go; he said this was their last chance.
  • When Elgar confronted Bulk and Skull at the energy center, saying he'd blast them if they didn't step aside, they boldly did a choreographed sequence with their batons, having learned it in their last class at the academy.
  • Bulk and Skull had a police small radio with them.
  • When Bulk tried calling for help after he and Skull had been turned into chimps, two police officers in a patrol car only heard chimp squealing; when one officer asked the other, Bob, what he made of it, Bob replied, "Just some kids messing around.  Turn that thing off.  Nothing ever happens on this shift anyway."


  • As Adelle told two police officers about her stolen Surf Spot delivery van, stolen around ten that morning after someone had taken her keys, Chuck listened, amused; then, back at his pool table, Chuck told fellow car thieves David and Susie that the police didn't have a clue.
  • Driving David, Susie, and Andros in a stolen car, Chuck spotted his friend Mikey and pulled up to a curb near some shops where a guy in ragged jeans ran up and grabbed an old woman's purse; as Mikey was running, Andros jumped out, grabbed the purse, and struggled with the thief until a police officer ran up and restrained Mikey.
  • Another day, two officers caught Chuck trying to hot-wire a red Jeep and took him away.
  • David and Susie later returned the stolen van and keys to Adelle and apologized; as compensation for the crime, they voluntarily began working for her; the police were not involved.


  • On the steps leading up to the apartments with his mom, young Patrick told Officer Hemming, who was walking by, that he'd seen a bank robbery happening back some distance; the officer gave a skeptical look, but Patrick remained insistent; Officer Hemming replied that his tall tales would get him into trouble one day.
  • That night after thousands of Craterites had parachuted down from the Megaship, Officer Hemming was among the Angel Grove citizens to be tied up by a Craterite and then replaced; while being impersonated by a Craterite the next day, he was tied up in the back seat of his patrol car, with his uniform but without his hat.
  • Some time after the Craterites' destruction, the real Officer Hemming saw Patrick at the Surf Spot, and Patrick apologized for telling lies, having learned his lesson; Officer Hemming told him it was a hard lesson to learn.
  • Officer Hemming was alarmed when Bulk and Skull shouted for nobody to move, but he laughed with everyone else when the two accidentally dissolved their own clothes with their "space alien stripper."


  • As people were rushing through a rubble-filled area during an alien termite attack downtown, a police officer told Ashley and Mrs. Hammond they needed to clear the area; Ashley left, telling her grandmother to go with the police, but Mrs. Hammond, thinking Ashley was in trouble, struggled with the officer and then flipped him onto the ground and drove off with his car, promising to bring it back.
  • Mrs. Hammond used the stolen patrol car to ram the Termitus monster and was then saved from hitting a wall by the Yellow Ranger; no punishment was shown for her actions.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • The Angel Grove Police Department had a team in the Angel Grove Jump-a-thon skydiving contest; their banner was black.
  • A TV reporter later announced that Angel Grove police had been fielding hundreds of calls from concerned citizens as the number of missing parents continued to grow; the "missing" parents could actually be seen walking in a zombie-like manner down various public thoroughfares at the time.

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