Angel Grove Racing Technologies
- auto racing company; garage was apparent home of Tommy Oliver and Justin Stewart (501-SIT1 through 508-BBFB)
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First Appearance: (garage) 504-Shad
Last Appearance: (garage) 508-BBFB


  • As the teens helped set up for their graduation ceremony, Kat wished Tommy could be there, but Tanya reminded her that working on his uncle's stock car crew wasn't something he could pass up; Kat agreed, admitting she was happy for him.
  • Tommy raced a stock car, numbered 87, around a track quite well after only having been driving the car for a month; since it doesn't seem that the teens would have waited a month after 500-TPRM to tell Rocky about their adventure, Tommy must have begun racing before 500-TPRM and the introduction of the Turbo powers and Zords.
  • Jeff, a guy wearing a headset connected to Tommy's headset and timing Tommy, had told an older man, also there, that Tommy had a lot of potential, and the older man was surprised Tommy had only been in the car for a month.
  • KAGV appeared to be a sponsor of the 87 stock car.


  • Tommy and Justin worked on a stock car (not the same one from 501-SIT1) in the Angel Grove Racing Technologies garage.
  • Tommy had Justin start the car and give it some gas while he monitored the diagnostics, but Justin's shoelaces got stuck beneath the gas pedal, preventing him from easing back on the gas; Tommy saved Justin from the car just as its engine blew up; Tommy then remarked he should've checked the accelerator to make sure it wasn't still sticking.
  • In the garage was a CD player and a stack of CD's among which Justin expected to find a new CD he wanted Tommy to hear; Tommy and Justin had both noticed a lot of things disappearing in the last few weeks; it appeared that Tommy and Justin lived together in the Racing Technologies building.
  • There were several Corvettes outside the building.
  • Tommy referred to the Racing Technologies garage as his and Justin's garage.


  • Justin worked to repair his soapbox racer, True Blue, in the Racing Technologies garage.


  • The four teens set up a surprise birthday party for Justin in the Racing Technologies garage.
  • A set of stairs led up from the garage to a higher floor.
  • Across the street from the garage was a shop called "Carskins."
  • In the front side of what appeared to be the Racing Technologies building was a car dealership with the name "Corvette Connection."
  • During the party, Justin's dad came down the stairs of the garage, telling Justin he wouldn't miss his birthday for the world.


  • Tommy was racing the same stock car as from 501-SIT1 through 503-SIT3.


  • When Tanya mentioned the upcoming Stone Canyon game, Tommy, working out in the Youth Center with the girls, began to explain that he would go but that he had to go to the race track, but Kat flipped him mid-sentence and finished his sentence for him, knowing he had to go to the race track.


  • It was explained that Tommy had studied archaeology at university after graduating high school (502-SIT2), apparently indicating he eventually abandoned his interest in stock car racing.

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